Dog Starts Car Wash With Huge Success

dog washing car
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Best Dog Names/Reddit

This dog had no idea how big her car washing business would be when she started. Her aspirations were humble - make enough money to pay for some nice treats. She never could have imagined just how many nice treats she'd be able to buy!

Let's be honest, if you saw a dog working at a car wash, you'd stop in for a treatment. It doesn't matter how clean your car was, some things are just too novel of ideas not to try. And you're not just paying for a wash either, you're paying for the whole package - vacuuming and detailing included.

Now what started as a small scale business is becoming a huge, multi-million dollar industry, and it's all thanks to this innovative pup!

Of course, we're kidding. This dog didn't actually start a car wash It's owner just saw the perfect opportunity for a hilarious photo and went for it. For that, we have nothing but respect. And a slight pain in our side from laughing so hard.