Do You Love Cake As Much As This Dog?

a dog who loves cake

How much do you love cake? Probably not as much as this dog. We're guessing this good boi just celebrated a birthday. Sure, there's no candle inside the cake, but why else would his owner be giving it to him.

Pet birthdays are special, and this pup deserves every present coming his way. Give him all the tennis balls and dog treats he wants! We just want to know how old he's turning. And we do mean in dog years.

We guess there's also the chance this pup has no idea it's his birthday. He looks pretty surprised. Ground beef with some kind of frosting is a special surprise! That might not be an ideal cake for people, but it's perfect for hungry pups.

Now all he needs is a whipped cream cup to really make it the perfect day. That and a nice long walk in the sun. Now that you've seen how this pooch celebrates his big day, it's time to start thinking about to cheer on the good boi in your life!