Have You Ever Seen A Baby Giraffe This Cute?

a baby giraffe
Zoological Society of London/YouTube
Zoological Society of London/YouTube

This baby giraffe was born in 2013 and might be the cutest baby giraffe we've ever seen. Staples at zoos worldwide, we always gush when a new baby is born, and from this photo, it's clear why. Honestly, we didn't think "love at first sight" was real until we saw this pretty lady!

Now that you know how cute these animals are, let's lay out some facts. After a 15 month pregnancy, a female giraffe gives birth to a baby that can weight up to 150 pounds! After about an hour of life, the baby giraffe is able to run and keep up with the herd, which is important when a lion can be hiding in the brush.

Of course, this cute baby doesn't have to worry about any lions. She was born in privacy the Zoological Society of London, where she was described as vivacious and curious.

The next steps this baby giraffe took were fast, too. After a year she doubled in height, with her neck growing longer and longer so she could begin to forage for her own food. Now a full-fledged adult female, this special giraffe is having the time of her life in London.