This Otter LOVES Lettuce


Find someone who loves you the way this otter loves lettuce. This absolutely adorable otter is named Toby, and he was filmed enjoying the leafy green recently. The Instagram post immediately went viral for obvious reasons.

Toby loves lettuce. From the look of satisfaction and joy on his face, lettuce might just be Toby's favorite food of all-time. Responses to the post ranged from "OH MY GOD" to "all my friends need to see this!"

Fear not, lettuce isn't the only thing Toby loves eating. This voracious boy also loves to munch down on standard food pellets and other otter approved treats. The love of food for this furry otter is inspiring to so many, especially those who believe salad to be an underrated lunch item. One look at Toby, and now we want a salad, too!

Toby isn't the only otter who seems to love lettuce, though. Since this video went viral, other otter lovers and rescuers have been posting their own videos of these lettuce fiends. Who needs clams when you have lettuce?

One such otter is named Sakura and when this cute creature sees lettuce, he can't help but howl in joy. Calm down Sakura, your salad is on the way!