Toddler Comforts Scared Golden Retriever During A Thunderstorm

I have always believed that there is a special connection between children and their pets. There is something undeniably pure about the way they love and care for each other, especially when they sense danger for the other.

One toddler, noticing that their furry friend wasn’t handling a thunderstorm very well, decided to help them out.

Dogs Being Afraid Of Thunderstorms Is Nothing New

Photo Credit: Scopio / Niyana Khamouli
Photo Credit: Scopio / Niyana Khamouli

Many dogs often feel scared and distressed when hearing turbulent and unruly weather. The bizarre and unpredictable sounds associated with the storm often visibly upset them and drive them to try and hide away in a safe spot.

This one family’s golden retriever was no exception to this type of behavior.