The Nerdiest Dad Inventions Ever Created For Kids

Dads have their own unique way of showing their love. Some engage in rowdy playtime that scares mom and some take their kids out on daddy-daughter or father-son dates. These dads showed they cared by combining their nerdy love of comics, sci-fi, fairytales, and other geeky experiences with things they knew their kids would find entertaining and fun.

From a life-sized At-Act playhouse to a 3D-printed bionic arm for a newborn amputee, these dads created some of the geekiest presents we’ve ever encountered.

The Little Tikes Ghostbusters Car

Remember the Little Tikes plastic car that you couldn’t stop riding as a child? This Ghostbuster loving dad converted his kid’s car into something Dan Aykroyd would be proud to drive around in. From a new paint job to sirens and an eco-plasm gun, this is one cool toy from an obviously nerdy father. If you’re looking to update a classic just follow his inspiration and buy some Ghostbuster stickers on the internet. I’m not going to lie, I want to drive this or convert my own kids Little Tikes car on my own.

Now This Is How You Convert A Baby Carrier

Babywearing has become a big industry in recent years. Moms, dads, grandparents, they all wear their children around town and it’s incredibly convenient. I have worn all three of my kids and I wouldn’t trade it for any other type of transportation method. This dad decided to make a killer Halloween costume by designing the entire outfit around the carrier their kid was already sitting in. Topping this Halloween costume won’t be an easy feat in the years to come.

Dad Programs His Little Son Into A Video Game

Nerdy dad Ben Stirling was attempting to find the perfect way to celebrate his son’s first birthday party when he decided to focus on a video game. His son was the focus of the game, having been inserted directly into a surreal digital work. Imagine showing this off to your own kids one day, explaining to them that it’s just part of your childhood scrapbook. The graphics look beautiful which only adds to the lengths a nerdy dad will go to make gifts for their children.

Is That You Princess Leia?

Rocking horses are not the choices of toddlers from a galaxy far far away. A more battle friendly option is obviously the way to go. This creation was the work of Instructables user Tez_Gelmir. Who wouldn’t want to be playing on a rocking speeder bike that is both gender-neutral and way better than an old-fashioned rocking hour that kids have been playing on for many years.

Her Very Own Fan

It was either a hot day or he needed to discipline his daughter with an intense air blow to the face. The other daughter seems to be getting a kick out of this. The one getting the air to the face might either be enjoying it or hating it but you would never be able to tell by her facial expression because it is blown away. Does this look like more of a punishment, a dad doing something wrong or a daughter wanting to have a good time? Whatever the answer we’re sure you’re not supposed to be blowing pressurized air on your daughter.

In A Galaxy Near By

The amount of time this to create this doesn’t matter. Just look at how happy the little girl is. Physical labor is on the back burner when it comes to making the kids happy. We do wonder what this is all made from and how long it did take to create. The details are amazing and the size of it is perfect for this young girl. This is why dads are awesome.

Dad Creates Bionic Limb For His Son

Dad Ben Ryan had no design experience when he created a pretend bionic prosthetic limb for his young son. Baby Sol was born with an undetected clot in his upper left arm which required amputation at just 10 days old. Surgeons said Sol could not be fitted for a prosthetic until at least the age of one so his dad came up with this temporary solution. Judging by the look on little Sol’s face it was a huge hit created with love by an amazing dad.

Can This Dad Adopt Me And Then Build A Bed For My Room?

If you’re going to sleep a bed shaped like a race car you are only catching some Z’s on the second coolest sleeping option on the planet. That’s because this dad created a flying space race bed for his kid. The bed looks like it’s floating off the floor thanks to some cleverly placed lights. Not everyone has this type of craftsmanship skills or free time on their hands but it’s something their kid will never forget. Is it wrong that I want this bed for myself?

Doctor Who And The Tardis Before It Grew Up

So this is what the Tardis looked like before it grew up and traveled through time and space. Actually, the Tardis might just be a giant baby, nobody really knows. This dad found the cutest way to show off his nerdy love of Dr. Who while sharing an adorable and super geeky moment with his little baby. If anybody else ever wears a Tardis costume again they are just going to look silly compared to this adorable little toddler and their costume made with love.

A Car Turned Into Cars

If you’re a parent and you have children there’s a very good chance you have watched Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3 way more times than you care to admit. This dad didn’t seem phased by the movie when he had a paint job finished on his car. His Ford Mustang now looks like a nearly exact replica of the movies main character, Lightning McQueen. Can you imagine showing up for a business meeting while rocking out to some music behind the wheel of this Disney-inspired vehicle?

Adding To The Family – Video Game Style

If you make video games for a living why not announced a new family member using your already considerable skills? This dad wanted to announce the arrival of his second child and created a four-player game to debut the big reveal. With a speeding baby stroller headed right towards his 8-bit family, the announcement was a viral success and original way to show off that baby number two was about to arrive any day now.

A Star Wars Themed Treehouse

Colin Furze has been building over-the-top stuff on YouTube for years. He is best known for creating true-to-life versions of classic movie and comic book gadgets. One of his most impressive creates was a full-sized At-ACT. The playhouse, once completed, was filled with nerf guns, action figures, and stormtrooper helments. Imagine being this guy’s children and inviting your friends over to play in your life-sized Star Wars themed playhouse. I want to live inside of this playhouse.

The Geekiest Bookends Ever Made By A Dad

This dad wanted to house a collection of books and he made this Thor hammer inspired bookend. Made from scratch, he obviously put a lot of work into the engravings, woodwork, and cloth wrappings that he put together by hand. The bookends are being used to house a geeky collection of graphic novels which makes it even more endearing. I want to walk around this guys house and see what other nerdy items he has built for his children.

A Diagon Alley Remake In The Backyard

Seattle-based dad Jonathan Chambers knew his daughter absolutely adored Harry Potter and he wanted to do something really special for her. His idea was to create this amazing life-size replica of Diagon Alley from the Harry Potter books and films. Chambers spent the early part of 2017 making this attraction which was a huge hit with the neighborhood kids. He allows the public to visit the creation for the Halloween and Christmas seasons. The design was actually created at the suggestion of his little girl.

A Calvin And Hobbes Wonderland

Finland-based dad and Redditor pellari. He created this amazing Calvin & Hobbes themed room by combining his love of comic art with a self-made bed that rises up like a treehouse. The bed even features a slide which probably brings hours of amusement to his kid. Pellari leaned on help from his sister to create this magical bedroom that is surely the envy of all his child’s friends.

Photoshopping Makes In The Star Wars Realm

Anthony Herrera didn’t use his amazing hardware or video game skills for his kids but he did wow them with photoshop. After visiting an area covered in trees, Anthony told his children Ewoks lived in the area. This clever Star Wars loving dad then showed them photoshopped photos with Ewoks hiding in the background. If you really want to get your child’s imagination firing in overtime this is one clever dad hack to try out on your own if you’re good with digital manipulation.

An Amusement Park Made With Love

Grandfather Steve Dobbs is a big fan of Disney and he wanted to recreate the magic of the theme park for his grandkids. It took eight years for this grandfather to create a theme park in his own backyard. With various rides and attractions, it was a labor of love that went over great with his own kids and grandchildren. None of the rides parodied Disney’s own attractions but the spirit of what he did certainly captured the imagination Disney delivers on a regular basis.

The Millennium Falcon On Earth

The Millennium Falcon bed created by this dad was accompanied by an entire bedroom that includes a Star Wars theme. The ceiling was even painted to look like outer space. The front of the bed features a sitting area where his son can fight the dark side. The massive undertaking was created from scratch. If your goal is to make sure your children never go outside to play and constantly have friends sleeping over this is what you should create.

A Stroller That Must Be Destroyed!

This little kid might not be old enough to appreciate what their dad created but it’s the geekiest stroller I have ever seen in my entire life. All you need for this fun creation is some cardboard and a good artistic eye. If you have multiple kids and need to push one of them around on Halloween the At-Act stroller could be the solution you have been looking for. Nerdy dads will do whatever it takes to show off how much they love sci-fi.

A Lavish Fairytale Getaway

Reddit user radamshome spent 2016 created a bedroom his daughter would fall in love with. Spending 350 hours and $4250, he used concrete and rebar to create a magical reading nook that looks like a real tree! After painting the bedroom walls, his magical creation was completed. Radamshome is an artist in the video game industry and his geeky vision led to the creation of the final product. He’s not even worried that his daughter will grow older and might want the tree removed from her room. Fun dad of the year? Possibly.

The Video Game Culture Is Starting To Have Kids

It was only a matter of time before dads who grew up playing Atari, Nintendo, Xbox, and Playstation started having children of their very own. This dad doesn’t just play Nintendo with his son, they dress up like Mario and Luigi. This might be the most realistic version of Mario Kart that I have ever seen. Throw in some virtual reality goggles and we might never be able to pry this father-son gaming team away from their favorite gaming pastime. He might not have invented the characters but his costumes are on point.

No Need For A Theme Park

A trip to Disneyland or Disney World can easily cost thousands of dollars. This dad figured out the perfect way to avoid those costs while still giving his kids the time of their lives. We’re not sure if this dad ride will pass federal safety regulations but their kids don’t seem to mind. His wife may not have seen the funny side of this “ride” but the photo has gone viral on several occasions. Dads have their own unique view on the world and that just means their children discover new and exciting ways to try stuff in a different way.

The Dresser Crib

If you want to play on the computer and your baby is in desperate need of a nap, you might want to take some advice (or not) from this dad. He prepared a sleeping area in the drawer of his desk. His little child gets to sleep and stay close to dad while he plays on the computer. This dad definitely has a different take on what it means to be a responsible parent but he still manages to keep their child safe. This might be a dad fail in the eyes of some people but everyone is happy and healthy so that’s good enough for us.

Can’t Do Hair, No Problem

When dads are asked to do their daughter’s hair it can be a real struggle. There are so many hairstyles to choose from and so many products that can be used for creating the perfect hairstyle. This dad decided to skip all of the mainstream products and go right for the simple tie. While it might not be the most attractive option, his daughter’s hair was likely to stay in play throughout the entire day. Perhaps someone should actually invest a better-looking product specifically for this reason.

The Plunging Carry

There are certain daddy moments that make us question whether certain people should be raising children — this is one of those moments. This dad was in a supermarket when he decided to see if a plunger could be used to pick up his young son. First, the plunger totally worked and the child was lifted off the ground. However, the dad didn’t stop to think whether or not the plunger might leave a mark. he also didn’t consider that the suction might give way and send his son flying hard into the supermarket floor.

The Tie Down

Any parent knows that if you leave your baby alone when they’re learning how to crawl or walk, they will get themselves into places you hope not to find them. That is why we have baby gates and play pens so that you can let your baby roam freely within a confined space. Well, this father may not have known how to unlock the baby gate to move it or where Mom put the play pen, so he came up with the next best thing. He tied the ends of his baby’s onesie to the leg of the crib so that this little guy couldn’t get too far!

The Daddy Swing

This picture isn’t so much of a “dad fail” as it is a “dad win!” On the one hand, it’s pretty funny that this dad didn’t just take his daughter to park to go on a real swing and instead made a makeshift one instead. But on the other hand, kudos to this dad for trying to give his little girl the full experience! Luckily she isn’t that heavy so that her Dad can have her swing on his shoulders like that. This must have been a pretty hilarious sight for Mom to walk into.

The Finger Swing In Action

This dad wanted to have some quality time with his child but he also wanted to enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot day. Using some out-of-the-box thinking he devised a simple but effective way to do both. The baby is having fun in its child swing and the dad is getting some rest and relaxation. This is one of the most popular dads fails online but is it really a fail? Dad solved a problem that helped him out and made his kid happy — we consider this a daddy success.

The New Floatie

This dad clearly does not care about ridicule or being made fun of because he already has things figured out. Not having two life jackets doesn’t bother him, he’ll just create his own version of a life jacket. His little girl might have questioned his motives but she is probably thankful she didn’t have to wear the created version. Kudos to the dad for making this flotation device and also not forcing his little girl to wear it. We still call it a fail because look how silly he looks wearing that thing.

Rock-A-Bye Baby

The dad that came up with this must be a handyman. That, or he was forced into this position because he was so fed up with rocking the baby. The baby seems relaxed and appears to be enjoying the rock. Not only is this a genius idea but you shouldn’t be too surprised if you were to see this happening in real life. Just hope that thing doesn’t explode or anything else dangerous.

Roadmap Back

Ring the alarm. This man is a genius. This is the best invention for dads who are tired. If you have this map on your back then you are able to get some rest while the kids play on you. If you can see, this dad is laying on a pillow. He’s probably taking a power nap as his children have at it playing with the cars. This dad deserves a medal of some sort.

Controlling The Streets

When it’s time to teach the young ones how to drive then you are in for some good or bad times. Unless the kid is the spawn of Vin Diesel from the Fast films then the times are going to lean towards bad. There’s never one set way to help teach driving. These papers that scream “NO!” are a step in the right direction. You don’t want your kid going over 60 mph when they’re attempting to learn.

Hair Done Quickly

As if parents don’t have to worry about a lot. Worrying about getting your child’s hair done can be a hassle. Luckily for this dad, he made doing his son’s hair easy. All he had to do was put his head down and let the vacuum do its work. The little boy is even having a good time while it’s happening to him. That’s a good sign that things are going well.

Give Me The Cereal

When it’s time to eat then it’s time to eat. This dad went out of his way to create a magical device. We’ll call it the cereal feeder. With the flick of a wrist, one can have cereal fed into their mouths. It sounds simple because it is. The only downfall is that its a little messy as you can see from the hairnet the boy is wearing. Who else wants one in their room?

Advanced Bottle Holder

At last, we present the advanced bottle holder. When the days are long and you’ve been up all night this invention comes in and saves the day. Completely equipped with a foundation system to ensure that the bottle does not fall down. The only variable here is the child. The best time to use this would be when the baby is about to fall asleep. That way, he or she won’t be messing with the rest of the creation in any way.

Making Dreams Come True

With some wire and two fake birds, Nephi Garcia made this dress into an unforgettable Disney princess dress. In real time, the birds are flapping their wings so it looks like they are really holding up the veil. Garcia said, “I altered the birds’ wings to make them look like they were flying away.” This girl was ecstatic that the father of three was able to make this for her.

Another Hair Trick

With a hair tie wrapped up on the end of this vacuum, this might be one of the more clever inventions on this list. Doing a young girls hair when you’re a man is not an easy duty. It is more of a chore than anything, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. This dad put it all together when he figure out this would work. Now a ponytail is all this child will ever wear.

Batter Up!

If you want your kid to make it professional then the least you can do is help them practice. This dad pulled out the lawn chair and made light work of helping his kid practice. With each successful swing, all he has to do is reel in the ball that he connected to the end of his fishing rod. Genius to say the least. And the son probably will never get tired of this.

One Big Pirate Ship

This kid must have been the luckiest kid in the world. To be able to come home to this every day is like a dream. This giant play structure resembling a pirate ship is the epitome of dad inventions. This automatically makes your son or daughter the coolest kid in class. Every friend probably wanted to come over after school every day. We need more dads like this who are willing to open up the young child’s imagination.