Sweetest Animal Friendships – Then And Now

When animals develop relationships they tend to prove that they are incredibly loyal creatures of nature. A pack can stay together for life, protecting each other from danger while forming some pretty incredible bonds.

What might be most amazing is that many animals will form attachments to animals that are not even of their own species. From dogs growing up with cheetahs to an adorable kitten and puppy relationship, we’ve found amazing before and after photos of animals growing up together. Relationships are hard but these animals will inspire you to work on your own.

A Cheetah And Their Puppy

This cheetah met their long-time dog friend when they were both babies. The two animals spent so much time together that they remained very close. In nature, this odd pairing may have never occurred but thanks to their early contact this pair still live together and play every day. Sadly, our dog friend probably never wins a race against their friend.

If only all humans could get along as well as this cross-species pairing the world would be a better place. It’s not the strangest odd animal pair we have seen but it’s definitely one of the cutest on record.

Two Peas In A Blanketed Pod

These cats met when they were just tiny little kittens. They have remained close over the years, even if their favorite blankets have failed to grow alongside them. When animals have a friend to grow old with they usually find themselves in a close bond that isn’t easily broken.

Some animals have even been known to grow depressed if their significant other passes away. At least for now, these adorable cats can hang out and just be silly felines who apparently still take naps with their comfort blankets! Cats are so easy to care for which is exactly why we suggest getting two when you visit your local pet adoption agency!

Outgrowing His Best Friend

Within a few years a puppy becomes an adolescent and then an adult dog. This adorable little retriever was standing in the shadow of their best friend but it didn’t last long. Our friend on the left eventually experienced a growth spirit and outgrew his bigger best friend.

You really don’t have to pose your pet for these type of before and after photos, most of the time they are attached at the hip as they grow older and decide to form their small pack. Animals are instinctively protective and loving of their own kind, something you can all learn from to make the world a much better place for everyone who lives on it.

A Raccoon And Their Puppy Buddy

A raccoon and a puppy? We’re almost certain this spectacularly weird relationship would never have occurred if this pair met in public. Raccoons will hiss at you and even attack if cornered but they can be raised without those traits. We can’t blame them for their attacks, after all, they are wild animals! However, this raccoon and puppy grew up together.

Forget the hissing and attacks, this wild animal literally grabs their dog friend by the face to pull them in for a loving kiss. Animals really are amazing! Now if only we could get them to stop knocking over trash cans and spilling garbage everywhere!

Growing Up With Their Best Kitty Friend

There are a lot of people who are afraid of big dogs. We say they get a bad rap because of a few poorly trained or abused dogs that lash out at people and animals. A quick look at this giant dog meeting their newborn kitty friends shows just how loving our family pets really are! Their own decided to keep capturing photos of their pet’s friendship over the years and some things never change.

Dog cuddles and cat cuddles are the best and these cross-species friends get the best of both worlds from each other! As an owner of three dogs and two cats I highly approve of this awesome family pet friendship!

Growing Closer With Age

When a new puppy is introduced into the home the older dog may be a bit standoffish but over time the bond between them can grow. Surprisingly, it doesn’t typically take long for the older dog to form their very own pack with their new family member. This pair has been together for a while and they went from standing next to each other to using one another as pillows.

Everything is right in the world when you have pets that will cuddle with each other and spend time together when you have to go to work, take a business trip, or just generally be away from the home. These two are definitely friends for life!

They Grow Older But Some Things Never Change

We love the exactness of these two photos. Just like any human relationship, the baby in the group might grow into an adult, but the older generation is always going to comfort them. We have to wonder if adult dogs have the same concerns about their young puppy friends that human adults have for their children.

In any case, this pair seems very content just lounging around together and basking in the sun. Some things never change and it sure makes for adorable before and after photos.

Our Technology Documents Our Pets Growing Up Together!

Log into Facebook and you might just find that technology is also celebrating the pet friendships our animals develop inside our homes. These kittens loved to cuddle and that didn’t change when they grew older. As we look over all of these before and after photos we’re realizing cats can be fickle with their human owners but they sure love to share cuddles with their own kind.

We agree with the slogan of this collage: “Time Goes By: Things Never Change.” Once you’ve earned the love of a family pet they will spend the rest of their life maintaining that love.

The Best Way To Celebrate The Holidays

Is it just me or does the adult dog on the left look really concerned about protecting their new little puppy friend? As the years go on they apparently fell into a rhythm and became best friends. We’re not really sure how their owner managed to wrap them in Christmas lights to snap this amazing photo.

Perhaps both of the dogs, after spending so much time together, developed the same laid back temperament. We have a feeling this animal couple is inseparable. Although, judging by the photo on the right they probably really are hard to separate given their literal attachment to the Christmas lights.

Cats Growing Old While Doing What Cats Do

These cute little kittens grew up to be big plump cats but their routine hasn’t changed. As humans, we can all learn something from our feline friends. The simple things in life oftentimes bring us the most joy and bring us together. Don’t be afraid to just be there with your best friend, your lover, your family, and your friends. If only we could all live as simply at cats our world would be a much better place for everyone.

These cats have probably had the same routine for a very long time and they are still together and sharing their time doing what they love the most — probably watching for birds and wishing they could get outside!

Kids Will Always Be Kids — Remember That!

When a new puppy is introduced to a home they will oftentimes immediately attach to their own species in the house. This little puppy found comfort by laying on top of their much bigger doggy friends. Years later and the “puppy” is still finding the same comfort they discovered at a young age.

We have to hand it to the adult dog for their ability to play it cool as their small friends turned into an adolescent and continued to find comfort on top of their friend during naps. Animals may just have the most amazing protective genes for their own species.

They Don’t Need A Bigger Cat Tree, They Need Each Other

As kittens, this adorable pair perfectly fit on top of their cat tree. As they grew older and bigger they continued to share the top of a cat tree. Funny enough, you might notice that the cat trees are different. We have a feeling these kittens turned into full-grown cats and refused to spend time alone on top of their own sleeping area.

The bond that our household pets find with each other last a lifetime and they will do whatever it takes to keep their bond strong and always growing. We have a feeling if there were three cats they would all still be piled on top of each other on the cat tree.

Outgrowing The Adult

It’s always fun to watch a tiny little puppy grow into adulthood and tower over their older friend as the years go by. As the owner of a puppy who outgrew their elder, I can say with certainty that this little dog probably still tries to be the protector for their bigger friendly giant.

The “parent” in the pack of house pets tends to still view themselves as the leader and protector. Here’s to hoping that unlike other puppies turned adult dog in our photos, that this big guy doesn’t still try to sleep on top of their older dog friend!

We’re Going To Need A Bigger Love Seat

When this puppy was introduced to their new older friend they perfectly fit on the family’s love seat. As the golden retriever pup grew into their own skin they didn’t change up their routine. The biggest change is perhaps the fact that the loves seat is now completely “owned” by the two dogs.

There’s something truly comforting about cuddling with a dog and that apparently holds true even if you are a dog! If these big guys sleep in their owner’s bed we have a feeling they take over. If the puppy grows and bigger they are going to need a bigger couch.

When Are You Coming Home?

When this dog and puppy first met they would wait for their owner to come home from work or a night out on the town. As they have grown older that same routine is still in place. The same applies to these pups when they hear the word “walk” or when a sound is heard outside the door.

Dogs are creatures of habit and these two developed the same routine because they grew up and learned from each other. This is why we highly recommend having a puppy friend for your older dog if you’re out of the home a lot and they are left by themselves.

Cuddles For Life!

You may notice a common theme around the photos we’re sharing. Dogs and cats love to cuddle with their furry friends and that comfort is a life long experience for many household pets. This puppy started by cuddling on top of their bigger friends. As they grew older they cuddled up next to their buddy.

Apparently, some bigger dogs have realized that continuing to lay on top of their elder dog friend probably is not all that comfy for the senior dog in the family. Either way, look at how adorable this pair is as they share the couch together.

It’s Playtime All The Time

If you’re going to adopt two dogs at the same time, it’s probably a good idea to make sure they have the same energy levels. We say that because these puppies loved to play when they were adopted and it hasn’t stopped since they arrived at their new home. Their own has captured hundreds of photos of the dogs playing with each other and wearing similar smiles on their face.

Dogs who play together are healthier thanks to their constant exercise routine and that means longer lives they can spend together in puppy bliss. Do your dogs play with each other all the time? If not you might want to consider adding another puppy to the

All Wrapped Up In Their Love

We’re a bit surprised that several of the kittens and cats we discovered for our list decided to cuddle up under blankets. This adorable pair were very close and playful with each other when they were born. As the years have gone on they still snuggle up to one another as they take their numerous cat naps.

A quick look at their faces as adults show just how in love they are with spending time together. We do wonder if they take turns being the little spoon and big spoon, or if they always cuddle face to face. Either way, they are super cute!

The Three Musketeers Growing Older Together

We have to applaud this family for adopting three big dogs and raising them into adulthood. That’s a lot of tugging on leashes and running around to keep these big dogs healthy and active. Of course, if you bring them to a dog park or release them in your fenced in back yard, these dogs will wear each other out with hours of playfulness.

We are big supporters at GiveItLove of multiple pet adoption because they love to be together in packs, just like they would be in nature. This is definitely one super adorable pack to have in your home.

A Puppy And His Hoppy Friend

A puppy and a bunny? Yes, please! This adorable pair started out about the same size but our dog friend quickly outgrew their furry little buddy. Despite the size and species difference, they have managed to stay friends over the years. This may be one of the only times you will ever see an adult dog nuzzling a bunny with their nose.

This is just one more reminder that inner-species animals have figured out how to get along better than many humans. If we owned this adorable pair our dog would be dressed up like a rabbit every single Halloween.

Cheetah And Puppy: Unlikely Friends

At the Cleveland Zoo in Ohio, a seven-week puppy named Cullen and Emmett, a 10-week old cheetah cub, were introduced in 2016. Emmett, the cheetah, was battling pneumonia and had to be transported to the zoo for medical care. To everyone’s surprise, the two became best friends.

The zoo made this post about the friendship to its Facebook account: “Cullen will help Emmett to be more confident and calm as cheetahs are naturally skittish animals. Emmett will travel with Jungle Jack Hanna’s team and be an ambassador for his cousins in the wild, and Cullen will be with him every step of the way!”

Koko and Her Kittens

Koko, a western lowland gorilla adept at sign language, is one of the most famous animals in the world. One of the traits she’s best known for is her ability to make friends with just about everyone she meets. For Koko’s 44th birthday in 2015, she was presented with a box of abandoned kittens to play with.

As an extra treat, she was allowed to choose two to keep! Koko selected two of the teeny creatures and named them “Miss Gray” and “Miss Black.” The gorilla’s love of kittens is so great that some of the people who work with her have even jokingly called her a cat lady.

Juniper and Moose, A Dog And A Fox

Have you ever seen the Disney animated classic film The Fox and the Hound? Well, this adorable real-life pair of pals must have. The fox you see here is Juniper and the dog, an Australian Shepherd, is named Moose. They were both rescued as young pups, so that might have been the reason they bonded so closely.

Juniper’s rescuer brought Juniper home when she was only about five months old, and the two animals became immediate BFFs. They sleep together, eat together, play together, and share a more unique hobby as well. Apparently Juniper loves to sit on Moose, who happily allows it!

One Unusual Animal Pairing

This is one of the craziest animal friendships ever! This dog and squirrel look to be the happiest of friends, despite the initial hesitation in the dog’s eyes when she first met the squirrel. Dogs and squirrels are typically enemies, so it’s especially surprising to see them together calmly relaxing in the same bed.

The dog, Callie, and the squirrel, Stewart, met as a result of tragedy but have made the most of it. Stewart fell out of a tree when he was a baby. Luckily, Callie’s human family took him in. The rest, as they say, is history.

An Elephant Never Forgets

When it comes to friends, we are usually able to overlook a lot of differences. This pair of pals had to ignore a whole lot of differences to make their friendship work, but it was worth it! Meet Bubbles, who is an African elephant, and Bella, who is a Labrador retriever.

Bubbles was rescued as an orphan and transferred to a sanctuary in the U.S., where she met Bella. The two became best friends, probably because they both enjoy a refreshing dip in the water so much! Here’s the real kicker – Bella was left at the sanctuary by the man who built the pool that the animals now enjoy together.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Well, now we have seen it all. There is just so much cuteness in this picture it’s almost unbearable! Here are four close pals, posing together in the bathtub. The dogs are named Pikelet Butterwoll and Patty Cakes, and those adorable creatures atop their heads are ducks!

Their human family fosters a number of dogs, but this was the first time they’d brought ducks home and weren’t sure how the pups would react. As you can tell from these then-and-now photos, they all got along together just great and even enjoy a relaxing dip in the tub at times!

Suryia And Roscoe, Who Grew Famous Together

Many of the animals on our list of adorable friendships met because they were rescued after being orphaned or abandoned. This pair is no different. Meet Suryia the orangutan and Roscoe the Bluetick hound, who met in South Carolina in 2007. Roscoe followed some staffers from a local conservation center, and ended up meeting Suryia there.

The two bonded immediately and are now inseparable. People can’t seem to get enough of their story and they’ve even been featured on Oprah and Ellen! There’s even a book about Suryia and Roscoe’s close friendship.

Pretty Kitties

These sweet cats named Iris and Abyss have a really unique bond – just look how similar in appearance they are! From their downy white fur to their matching blue and green eyes, these kitties are so lucky not only to have found each other, but to have gotten the chance to grow up together.

We have to wonder if they ever tried tricking their friends or their teachers at school into thinking one cat was the other, the way human twins sometimes do!

Another Fox And Dog Story!

Dogs and foxes must become friends in real life much more frequently than we were aware of. Here’s another cute duo — meet Tinni and Sniffer. Tinni is the dog and Sniffer is the fox. The two met in the forests of Norway, where Tinni and his human companion were taking a walk one day.

The man, named Torgeir Berge, happens to be a photographer… which means we get to see all kinds of amazing pictures of the unlikely duo playing! Berge says that Tinni and Sniffer love playing together in the forest. They are truly “best friends”.

Rudy And Barclay

Some of the animal friendships here formed during the first meeting but others took more time. In the case of Barclay and Rudy, there was a definite “warming up” period after the two met before they bonded and became BFFs. Barclay is the golden retriever you see here, and Rudy is a Peking duck. When the two first became part of the same household, Rudy would frequently chase Barclay away from the duck food.

Eventually they became close though, and their human mom says they’re inseparable now… Barclay even holds Rudy in his arms as they sleep together! Awww.

She Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve

Errr, make that her chest. Check out these striking black and white kitties. They are British shorthair tuxedo sisters named Izzy & Zoë. They both have adorable nicknames suited to their personalities: Izzy is also known as “Princess Izzelina” while Zoë also answers to “The Fluff” and “Queen Of Hearts.”

We bet you can guess which cat is which based on those nicknames alone! As they’ve matured over the years it’s clear that their markings have changed somewhat, but they’re both beautiful cats and are lucky to have grown up together.

Lion And Tiger And Bear

One of the most famous song lyrics from The Wizard of Oz is “lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” and this trio from a Georgia sanctuary embodies that line. Leo the lion, Baloo the brown bear, and Shere Khan the tiger are the best of friends despite the fact that they’d probably be enemies in nature.

Staff at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Locust Grove, Georgia, affectionately refer to the three amigos as the “BLT” (bear, lion, tiger). Noah’s Ark manager Allison Hedgecoth told TODAY, “It’s really amazing that the BLT all interact like they do. As far as we know, this is the only BLT in the world.”

I Smell A Rat

… the sweetest rat in the world! This teeny little fellow is named Riff Rat, and his much larger friend is a Dutch shepherd named Osiris. Although you might at first fear for Riff Rat’s safety with a dog that size, once you hear what great buddies they are you’ll just be happy that they found each other.

The two met when Riff Raff was only four months old, and their human mother wrote this about them on Instagram: “Riff Ratt really likes licking the inside of Osiris’ mouth. I’m sure you all are wondering if we’re afraid Osiris will eat Riff – NOPE! Osiris has helped foster and care for dozens of animals and he is the gentlest dog I’ve ever met.”

Milo And His Little Friend

This Milo is a golden retriever, and his BFF comes in the unlikely form of a guinea pig named Stuart. Milo has an Instagram page with the description “Milo is a spoiled Golden Retriever from Traverse City, Michigan. This is his fun-filled life…with an occasional cameo from Stuart, the Guinea Pig.”

The two are best friends and frequently pose together for photos. As we’ve seen a lot in this gallery of unique friendships, animals seem to be able to overlook even enormous differences to become close to one another. Most of us could all stand to do a little more of that in our own lives.

A Wienerrific Tale Of Friendship

This story of an unlikely friendship is so sweet. A 500-pound lion, disabled since he was a cub, is best friends with a Dachshund dog! They’ve known each other for more than seven years and have been inseparable since their first meeting. The lion, a double amputee named Bonedigger, is cared for at the G.W. Exotic Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma. That’s where he was introduced to Milo the wiener dog.

Milo and two other Dachshunds that live on the property have a real knack for caring for sick animals, but it’s Bonedigger and Milo who share the special bond of best friendship. They do everything together, including sleeping and eating.

Don’t Call My Sister A Pig!

Meet Olive. As far as she is concerned, she’s just a normal dog living a great life with her dog siblings. But the truth, obvious to us, is that Olive is really a pig! She joined her unique family of canines (consisting of Alfie the Boston terrier, Tilly the British bulldog and Lola the French bulldog) in 2015 and they all hit it off.

Olive spends all day hanging out with her BFFs/siblings and even goes on walks with them. You could say that she’s as happy as a pig in mud.

Biddy And Charlie

Here’s yet another lovable pair of animals who forged a bond despite their differences. Charlie is a “mini mutt” dog (as described by his humans), while Biddy is a hedgehog who racked up a huge Instagram following. Unfortunately, Biddy became ill in 2015 and passed away, but she and Charlie squeezed a whole lot of love and adventure into their five years together.

From the looks of Biddy’s Instagram account, the two were as well-traveled as many humans and seemed to enjoy every last bit of living. Here, the two are shown when they first met and also a few years later.

The Cat and The Ferrets

Awwww! Who knew ferrets could be so helpful? This group of five kindhearted ferrets “adopted” an abandoned kitten when she was just five months old. A human family rescued her and brought her home, where they already had the ferrets. Named Komari, the cat seemed completely at ease with her new ferret family, and now thinks she’s one of them.

The group sleeps, eats, and even bathes together – something not all cats are comfortable with. In, the only thing Komari doesn’t do with her BFFs is play in their little ferret tunnel with them. She simply can’t fit.

Always Sharing

These two precious pups who grew up together look like their special bond might be based on the concept of “sharing is caring.” In the top photo, where the dogs are just babies, one sits on the floorboard of the car while the other one rides up in the seat. In the next photo (which was clearly taken after they’ve matured a bit), they’ve switched positions.

We’re not sure whether the floor or the seat is the more desirable way to ride, but either way these puppies are content to share with each other for life.

Two White Tigers Raised By A Chimpanzee

Absolutely heartwarming! This chimpanzee is named Anjana, and she lives at a South Carolina sanctuary for endangered species. Anjana has a very important job there – she helps her human companion take care of two white tigers. The tigers were separated from their mother in a hurricane when they were just three weeks old, and they were moved to the sanctuary. According to the sanctuary’s founder Dr Bhagavan, Anjana has a very caring nature and took to the tigers immediately.

“She gives them a bottle, lies with them and acts as a surrogate mother. She has a close contact and bond and gives them a nurturing,” said Dr. Bhagavan. Anjana must be doing a great job, based on how much they’ve grown!