Adorable Cats That Are Completely Obsessed With Sinks

Anyone who has ever owned a cat can definitely attest to the fact that even though they can be total nightmares, most of the time they’re totally hilarious. Mostly because they’re constantly doing the weirdest things. Chances are, you’ve caught your cat lounging in the sink a time or two, whether that’s in the bathroom or the kitchen. It doesn’t look comfortable at all, and yet they love it… no matter how many expensive cat beds you buy them (or comfy human beds you have in your house). These cats are loving the sink life… but it’s hard to get mad at them for getting their hair all over the bathroom. They’re just so cute!

This Insane Pose

It’s hard enough to imagine how uncomfortable it has to be to hang out in the sink, but seeing this cat in a pretzel-like pose has us wondering why this is a draw for them in the first place. With so much more space to spread out, wouldn’t this little one prefer to stretch out? Cats, man. Cats.