Adorable Animals Who Became Artists

It’s not every day your average pet is a better artist than your average art school drop out. Nonetheless, these adorable animals have immense talent. Some of them have garnered spots in legitimate galleries and raised thousands of dollars with their work, while others simple like making a mess with paw paint.

From a chimpanzee who fooled the ’60s art scene into thinking he was a groundbreaking modern artist, to a horse who was given a second chance after learning to paint, these animal artists will amaze you.

Jumpy, The Impressionist Dog

Someone’s clearly been watching The Joy Of Painting because Jumpy the impressionist pup makes art so professional it wouldn’t be surprising if its hung in a vet’s office somewhere. The truth is, Jumpy and his trainer Omar von Muller are a team and one wouldn’t work without the other.

For Jumpy’s gorgeous impressionist landscapes, Von Muller is the eyes of the project. The adorable pup executes his vision after following careful directions from Von Muller’s pointer. That doesn’t mean Jumpy can’t express himself. The dog takes the reins on more abstract art by gripping the brush in his mouth and going to town. It’s too cute!