These Pets Are Cheating On Their Owners With Their Significant Others!

Meeting your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s pet can be a make it or break it moment in a relationship. Pets really do have a sixth sense, and if they flat out disapprove of you, you might be packing your bags soon. But what if their pet likes you a little too much, so much that their owner feels like they’re being replaced? Well, here are some pets that made that decision and ruthlessly prefer their owner’s partner to them. Wait until you see the nerve of this boyfriend’s prairie dog!

I Dare You To Touch Him

This cat likes this girl’s boyfriend so much that it has become overly protective of him. Now, the girl can’t even come near her boyfriend with the cat around or else it gets defensive and looks like it wants to claw her eyes out. If I were her, I would be sure to sleep with one eye open because this cat looks like its planning a permanent way to get her out of the equation. This girl feeds this cat and takes care of it, and this is how she is repaid? Harsh.

You’re Out Of The Picture Now

Wow, this dog really wants nothing to do with his owner anymore. He’s really cutting ties here by kicking her straight in the face on camera. For the most part, we would normally assume that this was an accident, but by the look on the dog’s face, it knew exactly what it was doing. That is the look of resentment and the other dog looks like its laughing too. Look at that form too, it looks like it’s been practicing for this moment for quite some time. It probably learned this from watching karate movies with the boyfriend.

This Is My New Human

If I saw my cat doing this to another person, I would just accept my losses. That cat looks completely and utterly infatuated with this boyfriend. To try and pull it away would just be a cruel and soulless thing to do. The cat has chosen and it wants him to be his new owner. If that’s so, just make sure that you let your boyfriend know what kind of cat food it likes and how to clean the litter box so he can take over all of the responsibilities that it takes to own a cat.

And The Rest Was History

And it was at this exact moment that these two fell in love. Look at the way they are getting lost in each other’s eyes, a true romance between a man and a feline. Hopefully, this guy’s girlfriend who is also the cat’s owner doesn’t walk through the door right now because that would be awkward. If his girlfriend saw this scene, she’d probably be asking him why he doesn’t look like her like that or make him decide between her or that cat, and from this picture, it looks like he might choose the cat.


Mr. Steal Yo Girl

This dog has absolutely no shame. We’re assuming that the boyfriend is the one taking the picture, so the dog is looking directly at him letting him know who the new boss is. Look at the way that dog is positioned, he’s letting it all show while at the same time demonstrating his dominance over the situation. That paw on her leg is definitely more than just some friendly affection and if I was her boyfriend I would definitely be intimidated by this entire situation. If it makes the boyfriend feel any better, he has a total player for a dog so that’s one thing to be proud of.

What’s Going On Here?

As it turns out, this is someone’s pet prairie dog snuggling up to his girlfriend. We didn’t even know that it was legal to have prairie dogs as a pet, but now that we know, we want one. You can’t even get mad at something like this, that looks like the happiest prairie dog around, sleeping peacefully next to its favorite human. Although this is a bit of an unusual pet, we’re sure it stings just as bad when it chooses your partner over you. It sure must be scary sleeping next to something that small and precious though. Coming up, this man should have known to not get a puppy!

It’s Not What It Looks Like!

This pup was just caught red-handed by its owner. While the boyfriend is still unaware that they’ve been discovered, the dog clearly knows that the jig is up. It’s either that or the dog is looking to its owner and giving her a warning look to not dare wake him up. That would be truly ruthless if that was the case, and by the look of this entire scene, that very well might be what’s going on. Furthermore, the way the two are embracing also shows that this wasn’t the first time, and may possibly be a routine when she’s not home.

Plans To Run Away Together

Either these two are in the process of talking out all of the hitches in their relationship, or they’re discussing their plans to run away together in order to escape the constraints of his girlfriend. If they run away, they can love each other freely without always having to cover their tracks or look behind their backs. They’ll wait until she leaves for work, he’ll grab the carrier, a couple cans of wet food, the cat’s favorite toy, and they’ll drive off into the sunset together. Their bond cannot be broken and they can’t keep their love a secret for any longer!

Back Off Lady

This kind of looks like one of those pictures when the dog looks like its owner, but that’s not the point. The way this dog is positioned, with a paw slightly making its way down this man’s lower back, shows just how comfortable the two are with each other. The dog is keeping close watch over the boyfriend as he sleeps which looks like something it only does for him and probably not his real owner. We could all use a dog like this in our life, but the owner is probably a little bit jealous of this.

As Close As They Can Get

Although it is no secret that cats can be known to cuddle, this cat is taking it to the next level and really soaking it up. The way they are laying even vaguely makes out the shape of a heart, showing their love for one another. Chances are, this cat doesn’t lay like this with its owner and reserves these special cuddle sessions for his girlfriend only. Hopefully, he doesn’t take this to heart, if you’ve ever slept with cat hair in your face, you’ll know that there isn’t too much to be jealous of here. We’re sure the cat loves him in its own way too.

There’s No Talking Your Way Out Of This One

Nothing says true love like showering with your pets, especially if it’s a bird. There’s really nothing that this man can say to get him out of this predicament or to explain himself. He just got done taking a shower with a pet bird. Imagine getting out of the shower to someone taking a picture of you with the bird in the background. Something tells us that his partner doesn’t even do that with the bird. It also looks like the bird doesn’t mind being in the shower either. Maybe this is a regular occurrence?

Never Stood A Chance

Although it is sad that this guy got replaced by his own adorable puppy, he should have seen this coming from miles away. It doesn’t matter how great of a boyfriend you are or how attractive you are, the puppy will win every time. Every. Single. Time. Bringing home a dog that looks like that probably means that you’ll be sleeping on the couch so that she and the pup have enough space to sleep on the bed together. Even the puppy knows what is going on and he has a sly little grin to prove it. Have you ever seen a guy and a dog have a dinner for two?

Close The Door Behind You

It appears as though this person just walked in on her boyfriend and dog in a rather questionable situation. Yet, instead of looking as though they have just been caught in the act, the two are being relatively open about it, maybe even wondering why it took so long for her to find out. If anything, the dog looks annoyed that they have been interrupted and would appreciate it if she would give the two some privacy. Some people just have no manners these days. We hope she didn’t take it too hard, the two look like they were meant for each other.

Little Dog, Big Spoon

This is what happens when your dog loves your wife more than you and you leave her unattended in bed. Before you know it, you’ve been replaced and there’s really no switching spots with the dog at this point. The dog is literally smiling in its sleep it is so happy to be next to her. Something also tells us that if you tried to move the dog, it would hold on for dear life. It literally has all of its limbs wrapped around her to make sure that she doesn’t go anywhere while it sleeps.

Dinner For Two

If you ever walk in on your boyfriend sharing a romantic dinner for two with your dog, it might be the time that you re-evaluate your relationship with him. Not only do these two look like they are having the time of their lives, the dog even dressed up for the occasion and the two are sharing a bottle of wine. Clearly, this little fling of theirs has been going on for quite some time now and now they just aren’t afraid to hide it. This poor girl just walked in on a dog owner’s worst nightmare.

Can I Help You?

It looks like this guy was coming into the room to give his girlfriend some company only to come face to face with this situation. This dog looks like it means business and it would be in the boyfriend’s best interest to just keep on walking and act like he didn’t see anything. The paw on the knee is a nice touch and a reminder who the real good boy is in the family. It’s not every day that pet lay like this on their owners, especially with that expression on their face. We’re sorry to tell you this, but your dog just swooped on your girl.

Poor Hilary

Apparently, not even the famous Hilary Duff can keep her dog from falling for her boyfriend. The two look incredibly comfortable snuggling each other, and the dog is even smiling, knowing that it has made the right decision of who to cuddle with. You’ve been beaten, Hilary, the dog has chosen, and clearly, you are not the person it wants. You can even see the betrayal on her face but we think that dog doesn’t care one bit about that. Maybe better luck next time with a cat.

The Look Of Guilt

This cat definitely looks like it just got caught doing something it wasn’t supposed to. Wide-eyed in bed with another person, there’s no meowing its way out of this one. We think that this might cause a bit of a rift in the household and the two of them are going to have some serious explaining to do about why they were both in bed together that morning. Hopefully, they have a good explanation. Maybe the cat had a little too much catnip the night before and fell asleep while they were watching a movie. We’re sure that’s exactly what happened.

Making The First Move

It looks like this cat is making the first move on her owner’s boyfriend. That’s not a normal look that a cat gives just anybody. This cat has probably been waiting for this opportunity for a long time and finally saw the opening. Once the girlfriend left the room, the cat put its paw on his arm and gave him the “so what’s up baby?” look. We’re not sure how the boyfriend ended up responding to this, but that look seems pretty irresistible if you ask us. That cat certainly has some questionable intentions.

Move Over, Please

Apparently, moments before this picture was taken, this dog pushed his owner off of the couch in order to sit next to her boyfriend. If that isn’t a true display of dominance we don’t know what is. The sad part is that the boyfriend seems unphased by it, maybe even a little happy to know that his girlfriend’s dog loves him more than her. That’s also only a two-person couch, so the girlfriend is going to have to find somewhere else to sit. The dog won’t even look at her after it just wronged her like that.

She Won’t Let Anyone Near Him

This Reddit user joked, “So I walked in on my husband with his mistress.” That would be a pretty awkward situation to walk into — until you find out that the “mistress” in question is actually the dog. Notice how protective their pooch looks of this person’s husband. As the husband sleeps soundly, he is somehow playing little spoon to this dog’s big spoon as she looks out for any potential threats to her sleeping human. Clearly, this pup’s owner doesn’t get the same treatment from her own dog, who’d rather protect the man of the house over the one that cares for her.

Even Pigs Are Irresistible

Apparently, even a pet pig has the power to steal your partner’s love away from you. This Reddit user quipped, “Heard squealing in the bedroom, found my husband in bed with another woman.” We’d be concerned if we heard any sort of squealing coming out of our bedrooms too. Funnily enough, the squealing in question was from an actual pig! Despite how many cultures view this animal, a pig can actually make a great pet for those who are educated and equipped to handle one. Pigs are very intelligent animals and enjoy human companionship when that is the type of environment they are brought up in.

They Show No Shame For This Situation

This Reddit user said, “Came back to bed to find this [expletive] stole my boyfriend.” Although the caption does sound a bit rude, we know she meant the female-dog-version of the word. This dog apparently stole this girl’s boyfriend and as you can see, all parties are fully aware of the situation. The boyfriend doesn’t even look guilty that he managed to have his heart stolen by his girlfriend’s dog, because who could blame them after looking at those pup’s sweet eyes. We’re not sure who the girlfriend should be more upset with — her dog or her boyfriend.

When Your Dog Misses Your Boyfriend More Than You

This girl told Reddit, “My boyfriend recently had to move out and my dog really misses him. Can you tell?” Yes, we can definitely see that. Look how this dog longingly looks into the screen at her owner’s boyfriend as they FaceTime each other. Technology can be great to connect you with your loved ones, even the furry kind. This dog probably thought that her owner’s boyfriend was her new human and they probably shared some happy memories while he was living there. The saddest part is that the dog probably isn’t sure why he is gone. At least they still have a way to see each other!

This Dog Clearly Wants A New Owner

This Reddit user wrote, “My dog loves my boyfriend more than she does me. When he’s around, I’m chopped liver and she turns into a big baby. She’ll leap into his arms and can never seem to get close enough to him… or get enough belly rubs. He says I’m jealous of their relationship and will send me pictures of just the two of them hanging out while I’m stuck at work. But how can I be mad when I see how happy that face is?” We’re sure that this girl is happy her dog and her boyfriend are close, but we’d feel a little sour if they kept rubbing their relationship in our faces!

You Can’t Sit With Us!

“Trying to enjoy my coffee and cuddles with boyfriend, dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. Immediately takes my spot and gives me this look,” one Reddit user explained. Apparently, this dog knows what it wants and takes it without regard for others. Just look at the smug expression that she gave her owner! It is a cross between “don’t you dare come one inch closer” and “yes, I did just take your boyfriend away from you.” This dog has no shame and it seems like the boyfriend finds it pretty amusing. Looks like this girl has some competition if she wants to hold on to her boyfriend.

When You Interrupt A Special Moment

This Reddit user wrote, “I walked into the living room to find my boyfriend and our dog like this.” We’d feel pretty awkward if the same thing happened to us. The boyfriend is smiling sheepishly as he looks sure that his girlfriend is concerned about what is going on here. However, the dog has an expression as if to say, “Excuse me, can you please give us a moment?” Both parties are guilty as charged by neither seems to be bothered by the fact that they’ve been caught in this position. We’re not sure how exactly the girlfriend reacted, but we’re sure she backed out of the room in awkward silence.

The Best Of Friends

“I told my boyfriend the new puppy wasn’t allowed in the bed,” this Reddit user said to explain what was going on here. It seems that if the puppy can’t come to him, he will come to the puppy. This guy and his girlfriend got a new pup, but like many right-minded women, she had an opinion in letting the animal sleep in her same bed. Who is the boyfriend to say no to a rule like that? Instead of just going against his girlfriend’s wishes, he did what any new owner-obsessed-with-their-new-puppy would do and slept with them on the floor.

The Best FaceTime Call

“My dog wanted to Skype with my girlfriend,” this Reddit user explained when sharing this screenshot. This shot gives us a perfect view of those sad, puppy-dog eyes that obviously miss the girlfriend in question. This adorable interaction is so heartwarming, we’re sure that the boyfriend isn’t even mad that his dog misses his girlfriend more than it likes being with him. Dogs will always remember faces and when one of their favorite faces suddenly disappears, it’s like a part of their canine heart is missing. Once this guy’s girlfriend returns, we’re sure that they’re bound to have a heartfelt reunion.

Trying To Get On The Pet’s Good Side

Often times, people who enter new relationships have to win the approval of their partner’s pets. In this situation, you can see a new friendship budding and we’re sure that this dog is going to steal her owner’s boyfriend in a heartbeat. The boyfriend posted this picture to Reddit saying, “Took my girlfriend’s dog to the park. I think she likes me.” We think she does too! Just look at the love in those eyes. Not only is this dog happy to have found a new companion, they even took her outside to play! It won’t be long her owner starts to get jealous.

You Know You’re Close When He Shares His Ice Cream

This Reddit user posted a series of photos with this man and this corgi saying, “My sister is beginning to suspect that she may [be] her husband’s side chick.” We’d be suspicious too, especially after seeing a photo of a moment as intimate as this! This person’s brother-in-law is so close with the dog that he even lets her lick right off his own ice cream cone! That is both equally gross and concerning because we hope that is safe for the dog to eat! Although, their bond is so close that we’re sure this man wouldn’t do anything to harm the health of his canine friend.

“I Think My Dog Stole My Boyfriend From Me”

That’s exactly what one Reddit user said when she posted this picture of her dog cuddling with her boyfriend in bed. Look how snuggly the two look together! We’re sure the girlfriend woke up to this scene and was confused and probably a little jealous of what was going on. The boyfriend looks obviously oblivious to the deception that is going on here, but you can totally tell that the dog is fully aware of what she is doing. Just look at the way she is averting her guilty puppy-dog eyes. She is looking away as if to say, “Me? I’m not doing anything wrong.”

The Cat With Attachment Issues

This cat looks extra snuggly napping next to her male human, but apparently, she does this repeatedly. This Reddit user explained, “No matter where my husband falls asleep my cat finds him and naps with him.” Perhaps this cat is feeling a bit overprotective of her owner’s husband and feels the need to be with him when he falls asleep. Maybe she thinks that when he’s asleep he can’t protect himself from whatever dangers are at large, so she will be with him in case something should happen. It’s probably safe to say that this cat has a bit of an attachment issue when it comes to the husband, who she probably sees as a father figure.

“He’s Mine Now”

This is Gaia, a lapphund from the United Kingdom. Here is Gaia with her human dad on Instagram where she wrote, “What are you looking at, mam? This is my male human. What are you gonna do? Go get your own… this one is taken.” If you look closely at Gaia’s eyes, you can see that she knows she just stole her human’s husband right from under her nose. The husband, of course, is oblivious to the conniving scheme that is going on here, since he is probably just enjoying the cuddles he is getting from Gaia. We’re not sure what mom can do to win her husband back.

The Unexpected Friendship

“Suddenly my dog stole my boyfriend,” is what this Reddit user said when she shared this snap of her dog getting close to her boyfriend. The boyfriend looks as if he was at first just taking the dog out to please his girlfriend, but along the way, they grew incredibly close. Now it appears as if the girlfriend is almost out of the picture! Soon, the dog will have forgotten her owner and the boyfriend will not know what to do when he has to choose between his new furry companion and the girl that he likes. Hopefully, these two will remember to include the girl who brought them together.

She Knows What She’s Doing

Tapper the Dog on Instagram apparently knows how to steal hearts! Tapper’s human captioned this photo, “She’s got that ‘gonna steal yo man’ side eye down,” and we must admit that Tapper certainly does. Just look at the way Tapper is looking directly into the camera as she is being snuggled by her human’s boyfriend. She is aware that she stole the boyfriend’s attention and she is loving every minute of it, making sure that her human is fully aware. If this doesn’t spark jealously within Tapper’s human, we don’t know what will. However, Tapper is so cute, we’re sure that her human has a soft spot for her as well.

When Your Boyfriend Only Likes You For Your Dog

This Reddit user said, “My boyfriend likes cuddling with her more than me.” Sometimes it’s not always the pet’s fault that they stole their human’s partner’s hearts away! Many times, the partner’s are just as guilty for letting all their attention go to the furry companions of their boyfriends or girlfriends. While most people would be touched that their pets and partners are getting along just fine, we wonder how long it takes before one person starts to feel a little neglected and left out of the new budding friendship. In this particular situation, the dog isn’t sure why her partner is dismayed, but she isn’t mad about the cuddles she’s getting either.

When Your Girlfriend Remembers The Dog Before You

This Reddit user saw a giant pink stain on his dog’s head and wrote, “Fairly certain my dog got a goodbye kiss from my [girlfriend] this morning.” The dog looks unashamed to have a giant kiss mark on his forehead as it is simply evidence of the girlfriend’s love for him over his owner. The owner most likely didn’t even get a goodbye from his girlfriend, let alone a goodbye kiss. This is sure to spark jealousy, but how could we blame the girlfriend after seeing this pup’s adorable face?! This just goes to show that sometimes a dog can win your heart no matter what.

The Comfiest Spot In The House

“Found my boyfriend and dog taking a nap like this,” one girl wrote on Reddit. We’re sure that she thought this was one of the most adorable sights she has ever seen, hence why we have picture evidence of it now. We’re also sure it wasn’t long before this girl started noticing a pattern and realized that her dog and her boyfriend were attached at the hip. If anything, this boyfriend is probably pretending to sleep so that his girlfriend will walk away and allow him and the dog to play together in privacy. Hopefully, this girl figures out she is being replaced!

We Wish You Were Here

This Reddit user shared this picture with the caption, “I send my girlfriend pictures like this to make her jealous.” Like we said earlier, it’s not always the pet’s fault that your partner is stolen from you! This guy deliberately uses his dog to make his girlfriend jealous. We’re sure she sees these and does get jealous over the fact that their dog gets to spend more time with her boyfriend than she does. However, if this kind of childish behavior continues, we wouldn’t be surprised if this guy’s girlfriend dumped him. At least he has his dog to cushion the blow… unless she takes the dog too! Talk about the tables turning.

Big Dog, Little Bed

When your boyfriend is willing to give up most of the bed to snuggle with your gigantic dog, you might need new relationship goals. In all fairness to this comfortable looking guy, that dog looks like the most comfortable little spoon we’ve ever seen. This photo was captured by reddit user jeyy88 and they titled the post, “I think my dog is bigger than my boyfriend.” They failed to mention that the beast of a dog is also a much better cuddler. Sorry lady but it looks like you’re sleeping on the couch tonight.

A 14 Hour Shift And You Come Home To This

If you’ve ever worked a double shift chances are all you wanted was a warm bed to come home to. Reddit user bazzil350 was hoping for some shut-eye after a long day but arrived home at 1:33 in the morning to find their family pet snuggled up in bed. It’s one thing for your dog to sleep on the bed, it’s something completely different for them to get all cozy under the sheets with your girlfriend. Based on the look on this dog’s face we doubt they were ready to give up their comfy sleeping spot.

When That Special Connection Isn’t You

That moment when you realize the family pet just isn’t that into you. Reddit user Rica586 posted this hilarious image that shows the honest love a pet can feel for one person over another. They joke that this was the moment when they realized the family dog was more in love with their significant other. It’s one thing to get the occasional nuzzle from your dog but this is next level love. Whether standing or cuddling up on the bed, this pair might be more inseparable than the human part of the relationship. Just look how happy the dog seems to be while resting in the man’s arms.

A Morning Chat With His True Love

This woman walked in to find her husband and their family cat having a serious conversation. The fact that they found a spot with lots of natural sunlight where the cat could look out the window really added a romantic feel to their conversation. If you live with a partner who gives this much attention to your pet, you likely found a kind and caring person. On the other hand, you have to fight for their affection with a fluffy little friend who will likely win them over most of the time.

When You Get Out Of Bed First

Reddit user Rawtashk got out of bed before his wife and this was the very quick result that followed when he made his exit. We feel sorry for this guy, he has to fight for his wife’s affection with two adorable dogs who obviously want to keep her safe and feeling loved. If he’s late to bed there’s probably a fight for those coveted spots that ensues between man and dog. This is exactly why we prefer cats – they can lay on the bed and not take up 75% of the available space.

Like Daddy, Like Puppy

OMG. This would just be a typical dog stole the bed photo if doggy and daddy were not sharing the exact same pose. Whenever we run into these type of photos we’re curious if the pet managed to tuck themselves into bed or they had help from a loved one. At least this little puppy doesn’t take up so much space that both partners can’t climb into bed together. At the same time, we wouldn’t want to disturb this adorable moment even if it was time to grab some shut-eye. Wait until you see the next adorably fluffy pet that took over the bed.

The Day My Husband Realized He Was The Third Wheel

Reddit user TrudyAttitudy had no problem telling the world that her husband is the “third wheel” in their relationship. She posted this photo and said the hubby came to that realization on their very own. In all fairness to the unnamed man, this giant, fluffy dog looks like the perfect “little spoon” companion for those lazy mornings or tired nights when you don’t want to get out of bed. Anyone with a big, friendly, and cuddly dog can probably relate to this adorable photo and the Reddit users proclamation. We’re willing to bed this dogs “daddy” didn’t get his spot back anytime soon.

I Think My Dog Likes My Girlfriend

Reddit user popestwitter entered the living room to this adorable sight and they proclaimed, “I think my dog likes my girlfriend.” That might be an understatement. If this relationship doesn’t work out we fully expect a heated custody battle to ensue. Who wouldn’t want to take such a beautiful and loving dog home with them? At least this friendly dog chose to take over the couch and not the bed. This couple should probably consider just tying the knot already because they have the one person’s blessing that really matters. Our next pets teamed up to steal a girl’s boyfriend.

They Sleep Like This All The Time

Some dogs quickly attach themselves to people they like. Reddit user zerglings_ate_my_bf posted this photo and said her dogs sleep like this every single time the boyfriend stays over. We’re starting to think this guy only stops by so he can have some warm and adorable cuddles with two awesome pets. Notice there is no room on the bed for her? This seems to be a common theme among dogs who attach themselves to a single person and don’t want to share them with other humans. The next guy was completely replaced by an adorable puppy.

His Girlfriend Replaced Him And We Totally Get It

This guy took to the internet to proclaim that his girlfriend completely replaced him with this sweet little puppy. We don’t know if he was being serious but we totally get it. They say a dog is the perfect “trial baby” which explains why pet owners can so easily become attached to the little furballs that come into their lives. We don’t know anything about Reddit user “twerk” but we’re going out on a limb to say this guy never stood a chance. Pets can bring a couple together or leave one person wondering why their partner is focusing all their love on an animal.

While She’s Off At Work

One Chive user submitted this photo she snapped of a suspicious nap time scene. She included the caption, “Left for work, forgot phone. 10 minutes later, and this [dog] is already in bed with my boyfriend.” Think about how hard it is to leave the warmth of a nice snuggly bed early in the morning, and how it’s even harder when your significant other is still at home. Now imagine you come back just 10 minutes later and you’ve already been replaced by your dog. Ouch. We’d be tempted to call in sick and just skip work to cuddle instead.

She’s A Total Goner

Reddit user Slipperyfister added this hilarious photo to the site. The description he wrote: “Almost every morning I wake up to find that my wife’s lover has climbed into bed with her.” It sounds like Mr. Slipperyfister has become completely comfortable with the arrangement, and it also seems that both Mrs. Slipperyfister and the cat are happy about it. We wonder if the married couple included this scenario in their wedding vows or if this predicament was totally unexpected. Either way, as long as everyone is happy about it we guess it’s all good!

The Tag-Team Attempt

These Golden Retrievers and their black-and-white buddy appear to be pretty intent on stealing their owner’s boyfriend. And from the look on the boyfriend’s face, they are succeeding in their endeavor. After all, who can resist a big fluffy Golden? Actually, it looks like one of the Goldens in particular has plans to steal the guy from all of them, as she’s trying to push the other dogs out of the picture. “Get out of the way, he’s MINE!” It almost looks like she’s been taking ballroom dance lessons, based on her perfect poise and stance.

Sneaking In From Behind

Instagram user williamjtully posted this adorable photo to the site. In it, we see three shots of an adorable white-faced pup sneaking up behind a person. In the first one, her intentions are pretty unclear. Is she just checking out the camera? She moves a bit closer in the second frame and rests her head on his shoulder, still gazing at the camera. And next, we get the full picture of how devious this pup is as she lands a big wet one right on his face. We bet his girlfriend is pretty jealous of this one!

She Even Stole His Face

One girlfriend with a devious pet put this photo on theChive. “My cat has a habit of sleeping on my boyfriend’s face in the middle of the night. This is what I wake up to every morning.” Not only has this white cuddle-thief stolen her boyfriend’s affections, but she’s now covered the bottom of his face as well so that the girlfriend can’t even look at it. Let’s hope that this boyfriend is not allergic to cats or this could get ugly really fast. That’s a whole lotta cat fur to sleep next to.

Is This A Proposal?

OK, just what on earth is happening here? Although we’re sure it’s just a sweet picture of a dog and a woman holding hands, it almost looks like he might be proposing to her. Imagine the scenario: the dog’s owner left for a business trip for a few days. It was the first time he’d left his dog alone with his girlfriend. He came back and what did he learn but that the two of them had gotten engaged. Heartbreak! Admittedly, this is a silly and far-fetched theory but it’s just too cute a pose not to comment on.

An Absolutely Irresistable Smile

Many people say that a nice smile is one of the most attractive features in another person. The same might go for dogs, and we sure don’t know anyone who could resist this fluffy pup’s doofy and lopsided grin. The man in these photos certainly hasn’t. We’d bet that he’d willingly give up time with his girlfriend if it meant hanging out with this dog more! After all, long walks on the beach are another thing that humans cite as important in any relationship and it appears that this “couple” is on e a beach in the pictures.

Couch-Time Cuddle Thief

If this man’s girlfriend had any big ideas about cuddling with him on the couch she clearly had another thing coming. Instagram user thetattooedninja posted the incriminating photo, along with the caption “Should I be #jealous ?? #stealmyman #bailey #sexybeagle.” Hey, at least she has a sense of humor about her man being totally bogarted by a dog! But we have to admit that this guy looks pretty content to be curled up with this precious pup Bailey. After all, there’s really no better place to be on a lazy afternoon than snuggling on a comfy couch with your girlfriend’s dog.

Move On Along, You’re Not Needed

Dogs certainly don’t seem to shy away from jumping into bed with their owners’ significant others. And why not? Our beds are so warm and comfy, and are just the place to relax after a hard day of barking or digging. The large pup in this photo has taken ownership of this couple’s bed. The woman doesn’t seem to mind one bit that he’s cajoled his way into her arms. According to many sleep experts, sharing a bed with an animal is a surefire way to miss out on a good night’s sleep, but lots of us choose to make this sacrifice in order to spend quality time with our beloved pets.

No Denying This Total Girlfriend Heist

Here, we get to see the video proof of a dog stealing his owner’s girlfriend. As the man goes to give his sweetie a good-night kiss, the dog springs into action. He leaps onto the bed and protectively curls himself up around her neck and chest. He even gives her a couple of sweet kisses as the boyfriend dejectedly looks back at the camera! That dog is a cold-blooded girlfriend thief, and she doesn’t even seem to mind. Let’s hope this human couple’s relationship can hold up against this sweetly jealous dog’s affections.