These Animals Are Not Amused By Their Owners’ Betrayal

Animals are supposed to be our best friends. Without question, they give their owners all of the love in their souls, and it breaks their hearts to learn they’ve been betrayed, even if their humans do it in a joking manner. Whether their owner drives past the dog park to the vet or forces their cat to take a shower, the look on a pet’s face when it knows betrayal is hilariously sad. You can’t help but laugh at what one cat does to get out of taking a bath!

Doggo For Sale

An innocent joke by this dog’s owners didn’t turn out so well. This good boy seems keenly aware that he is being put up for sale. The betrayal by owner is swift and cruel. He did nothing wrong to deserve this fate. Even if he did, that sheer look of sadness is more than enough to warrant forgiveness.

In reality, the most likely scenario of why this pup is not happy is the tape on his back. After all, it’s ridiculous to think maybe he can read. The bottom line is this dog is betrayed and has no problem letting his owner know exactly how sad that makes him. Of course sometimes being sad isn’t enough.

I’d Rather Be Hunting

Rarely does a dog relay so much sass and anger with a simple eye squint. This hunting dog is not jazzed by his owner’s decision to bring him on the boat for a day on the water.

Hopefully, the owner felt nothing but regret during this unanticipated boat ride. This dog looks like he’s ready to see some birds and land and get off the rocking boat of his nightmares. The owner better have packed some treats and given some good belly rubs after this trip!

The Jig Is Up

This clever feline has figured out that her owner is watching her, even when she’s away. She doesn’t look too thrilled about that fact, either. The owner probably should have hidden the camera better. At least then this betrayed beauty would think her privacy was still sacred.

We give this kitty credit for just sitting in front of the camera and staring though. This pet owner learned the hard way that this kitten does not like being watched! At least she’s not knocking everything off the counter. You know, on the bright side!

Drying Off Is The Worst

Another bath time disaster, this little pup really hates the part after where he has to get dry. He looks hilariously dismal at the realization he can’t move until his fur is fluffy again. This owner probably didn’t have to bundle into a burrito, but the opportunity for a picture was clearly too good to pass up.

Having learned his lesson, maybe this pupper will run the next time the water turns off and the towel comes out. They can take his stink, but they can never take his freedom!

Hunting Time, Please

The message in this cat’s face is clear. He wants to hunt some birds. Look how many there are! What kind of heartless owner would let their cat suffer watching birds when he could be out in the field terrorizing them? The betrayal in this cat’s expression lets their owner know exactly that. Open the window, human.

There is probably a reason this owner won’t let their cat go outside, though. They would probably end up with a “gift” hidden somewhere in there house. Cats have an interesting way of expressing their love. Maybe this cat just really wants to show its owner all of the love.

This Isn’t The Dog Park!

The worst betrayal a dog can experience is realizing they are not going to the dog park and are actually going to the vet. This poor pup has realized his owner’s betrayal far too late to protest. All he can do is hang his head in sadness, fearing for his life.

The vet’s office is a scary place. If this dog could speak, he would tell horror stories. How could his “loving” owner do this to him? What a terrible betrayal. The best part of this picture is just how boldly this dog wears his emotions on his sleeve. He’s going to need a lot of head scratches when he gets home! Our next vet victim has no tears left to give.

That Was The Dog Park! Stop!

This doggo almost had a good day. We love the progression these photos show from excitement as he sees the dog park, all the way to betrayal as it leaves his view. There is no denying where this pup is heading. Instead of getting sad, however, he gets mad. This was not a “haha funny” kind of joke in his mind.

This also isn’t the first time this owner has pulled this prank. If they were smart enough to record the dog’s reaction as they got close to the dog park, they knew exactly what was going to happen. That’s just mean. And hilarious! The cat you are about to see really wishes you couldn’t.

This Car Ride Hasn’t Gone As Planned

When your owner runs into the store for a quick second and your entire world collapses around you. We’ve never met a dog that hates car rides until now!

Photo Credit: Twitter
Photo Credit: Twitter

Perhaps he’s just freaked out because laying down in the back window of the car is not the smartest move they could have made. Either way, this little dog is holding on for dear life and they’d probably be at home relaxing.

Down With Bathing!

The last thing this cat wants to do is take a bath! We don’t know where she got the red stick from, but she is not okay with her owner’s betrayal. The owner must know this too, as they have fully prepared themselves with protective gloves. This little kitty is going to smell good, whether she likes it or not.

Still, it’s hard not to feel a little bad for this water averse feline. She thought her owner loved her, now she doesn’t know what to think. Hopefully, she doesn’t know how to use that stick, either!

Don’t Touch This Pup’s Toys

Don’t wash this good boy’s toys! He is clearly very attached to them. Just look at those big confused eyes now that his toys are slobber-free. He has a lot of work to do to get these prized possessions back into working condition. If he still wants them, that is.

That look on his face almost says, “you keep them.” It’s a ruff life out there for an older dog. He’s settled into his habits, and he sure doesn’t like clean smelling, washed toys. Next time his own will think twice. That seems to be the message here.

I’m Shocked, I Tell You

Few dogs have ever looked this betrayed in the history of betrayed pets. It’s impossible to tell what exactly happened here, but this doggo has been left in a pure state of betrayed shock! All we are left to do is guess what exactly has happened to this poor pup to cause this priceless reaction.

Maybe there is some food coming out of the oven he desperately wants but can’t have. Maybe his owner just brought home a new dog or cat! The possibilities are endless, just like the confusion this pupper is currently feeling. It’s going to take a lot of treats to win this dog’s heart back. At least he’s never had to wear the cone of shame.

The Cone Of Betrayal

The classic cone of shame has been reinvented as the cone of betrayal for this dog. Oh cruel fate, what did ever do to his owner to deserve this? His friend must know, he sure looks smug about the whole situation. It must have been a setup! Whatever happened, this dog is not happy about it.

Usually, when a dog gets the cone put on, it’s because they won’t stop licking or biting an open wound. This dog has been betrayed, but we’re sure he’ll be happy about it in the long run. He won’t wear the cone forever, after all!

Pay Attention To Us!

These betrayed cats don’t have time for their owner to understand the pain he has caused. He should never have chosen his new video game system over his fur friends. They are tired of being neglected and are fighting back in the funniest way possible.

While one betrayed cat holds him down, the other betrayed cat goes straight to his face. He can’t play his video game if he can’t see the screen! These clever cats deserve a ton kitty treats for their ingenious way to fight back against their owner’s bitter betrayal.

This Isn’t Dinner

Expecting dinner, this cat gets the surprise of her life when she sees a new addition to the family. That puppy is not food, and it might very well be eating her food. This is unacceptable. It’s so unacceptable, in fact, that the cat has pulled out the greatest weapon in her arsenal; glowing eyes.

These eyes will haunt her owner at night, keeping them from sleeping as they fear for their safety. Well, the safety of their lamps and wall portraits, anyway. Eventually, this cat will warm up to her new sibling. For now, the feeling of betrayal runs deep through her fur. She doesn’t feel nearly as betrayed as the next dog.

That Treat Wasn’t For You

Nothing is worse for this dog than the feeling of betrayal when his owner takes the last bite instead of him. The shock and betrayal on this pup’s face is classic. It’s unfortunate his owner can’t see the pain and confusion he has caused. Dog therapists aren’t cheap, but this good boy might need one before he goes bad!

Just imagine everything he needs to get off his paws to feel happy again. His owner better have enjoyed that snack, because this dog is no longer man’s best friend! Until dinner time, that is.

No Problems Here

This cat is not happy about going to the vet. Like a number of animals on this list, her feeling of betrayal can be read clearly in he expressive eyes. However, she also is using another interesting technique to avoid getting checked out. She is holding onto her brother for dear life.

Actually, she might just be trying to negotiate, “get me out of this cage or my brother gets it!” Whatever the reason, this betrayed fur friend is determined to stay in her crate and away from the hands of the “enemy.” She might refuse her fate, but our next dog has learned to accept it, kind of.

Acceptance Is A Dish Best Served Cold

At a certain age, all animals accept the inevitability of veterinary visits. This brave dog has allowed his owner to take him to the vet, and his look of defeat shows the betrayal he feels in his heart. He had better be in line for a good belly rub when all this is over.

It’s understandable why this dog feels betrayed, aside from the stink eye he is giving his owner, he looks perfectly healthy. No reason he should have to be there. None at all. Might as well just head back to the car now and pretend this act of betrayal never happened.

This Bathwater Is Cold

Bathtime is anything but fun time for this doggo. He looks absolutely miserable while getting cleaned by his owner. He has been betrayed, and it won’t be for the last time. Although, if his sad puppy dog eyes have anything to say about it, then it will be.

We wonder if there is a reason he had to take a bath. Maybe he made a skunk angry and got sprayed. Perhaps he rolled around in all of the mud at the dog park. Most likely, this dog just hates taking baths and sees them as the ultimate act of betrayal.

Our next dog only wants to give, and still his owner walks away…

Don’t Leave!

This pup just started his new life with his new family. Why then, are they already leaving him? They must know how fragile his tiny puppy ego is! He’s too small to understand that his owner must go to work to be able to keep food in his bowl and toys in his mouth.

One day this sad, betrayed little pup will understand. For now, our hearts break for him as his waves his tiny little paw goodbye. He may never see his owner again. Look at the tears forming just under his eyes! Come back, owner! Come back!

It’s So Squishy!

This cat does not like cuddling. The squished look on her face is absolutely priceless with disdain. It’s impressive to get that much emotion out of a cat! It helps that whoever is hugging her is literally squeezing the emotion out. Such betrayal will not be forgotten!

Then again, there is always a slim chance this fluff factory likes being squished. The wide eyes tell us that probably isn’t true though. Objects will be knocked off the nightstand tonight in retaliation! Oh, the cat horror! This next pet is so hungry he might as well be his own food bowl.

This Empty Food Bowl Is Unacceptable!

Food matters, and this empty bowl rings of pure betrayal to this adorable pupper! He can’t believe his owner forgot about his supper. This crime is unforgivable. There is only one thing left to do for this young dog. He must become his food bowl! Please insert food directly into mouth. Only then will his owner’s betrayal be forgiven!

Who are we kidding, this adorable mutt will forgive his owner as soon as his belly is full. It’s easy to buy a dog’s love. Until then, that look of sadness will have to do. This dog just wants his food when he decides it’s time to eat. Any other time is not okay.

Didn’t Even Know Bathtime Was A Thing

Photo Credit: MEME_RAIDER/reddit

Clearly, this little guinea pig was not aware that he was subject to baths. After all, he’s just a guinea pig so how dirty could he possibly get? Apparently, though, his owner thought it was time and this guinea pig had no clue what was in store for him.

The look of horror on this little guy’s face says it all. Wide-eyed and wet, this guinea pig knows that baths are not a thing to enjoy. He could have drowned in that so-called bath! Luckily, he didn’t but now he is left cold and shivering and will probably have nightmares about the next bath that will inevitably be in his future.

I See How It Is

Photo Credit: bexpat/reddit

This dog has faced the ultimate betrayal. Maybe his owners tricked him into going outside or maybe they let him out to do his business, but all along they knew they weren’t going to let him back in.

Sure, it’s okay that the dog gets left outside for a little bit, but this dog can clearly see why he was left to suffer the outdoors alone. The family was cooking bacon and didn’t want the dog around for any of that. This dog knows there’s bacon around and even though he’s outside, he can still smell it.

I Guess She’s Moved On

Photo Credit: janbalti/reddit

The look on this dog’s face just breaks our hearts! He was betrayed by his little human, who looks overjoyed to be carrying her new kitten. There is nothing more painful than knowing the one you love has moved on to someone else.

This dog knows the feeling all too well. He doesn’t even know what he will do with himself anymore now that this little girl has found something else fluffy to play with. Sure, her parents still love him but it’s just not the same.

Why Are You Doing This To Me?

Photo Credit: Pinkfluffycloud3/reddit

This cat is completely helpless and there’s nothing she can do about it. She thought she was being picked up to be cuddled or something but little did she know she was about to take a dip in the sink.

She’s not a fan of being submerged in water and the expression on her face makes that completely clear. But this defenseless kitty can do nothing about it as her fur slowly gets drenched in this uncomfortable liquid. What’s worse will probably be the long process of drying off.

First The Vet, Now This?!

Photo Credit: Popsi_CEO/reddit

This dog is probably thinking, “Okay guys, it’s one thing to trick me into going to the vet, but what’s with this thing around my head?!” This dog probably isn’t even aware of how long he’ll have to keep this thing on, which is why he doesn’t look completely disappointed.

Still, he can’t believe he is now in this situation and all his human is doing about it is taking a picture. Luckily, this pup looks young so this might not even be the worst form of betrayal that he could face. Just wait until a new dog comes around…

I Want To Be Loved Too

Photo Credit: ColdLeadership/reddit

This poor cat probably walked into the room to see this and felt like a dagger was forced right into her heart. She can’t believe her human was having a special moment with her cat sibling when this whole time she thought they were equals. Never in their lives has she probably received special attention like this.

Or maybe this cat saw her sibling and her human and thought that that was their special thing. Either way, what hurts her the most is the fact that it’s not her being played with. She just hopes that she’ll get her chance eventually.

What Is This Madness?!

Photo Credit: ellinorianne/reddit

If this pupper didn’t know what a bath was, well, he knows now. The look of sheer terror on his face tells us that a bath was not a fun event. He has never felt more uncomfortable than he does now with his fur all wet and stuck to his body, water still dripping away to his hind legs.

This was a frightening experience indeed and he hopes that his humans will never trick him into a bath again. Though that can’t be promised, perhaps as he grows older he’ll just learn to live with it.

You Will Pay For This!

Photo Credit: wenbunny/reddit

This cat knows it has been betrayed and she looks like she is about to have a word with her human. She knew it was a bad idea to get into her crate, but after about half an hour of trying to avoid it, the distress on her human’s face forced her to relent and go inside.

“It can’t be that bad,” she thought as the door was closed and she was brought out to the car. But soon it dawned on her that this rarely happens and when it does, she always ends up at the same place. Once it hit her, she was fuming with revenge!

If This Is The Life You Choose, I Can’t Stop You

Photo Credit: MD48/reddit

This dog tried to convince his human that cats were probably the worst cat that you could own, but all that convincing yielded no results. His human still went out and got their family a small kitten and now look. The dog is subject to the floor while this newcomer is getting a little too cozy with the main human.

All this dog can do is sit and lament over the fact that his humans have chosen a cat over him. It will only be a matter of time before that cat proves him right.

You Didn’t Have To Do This

Photo Credit: Call_Me_Liza/reddit

Liza shared this photo of her basset hound, who she said is quite stubborn. That wouldn’t be hard to believe because the look on her doggo’s face tells us that being in the bath was the last thing this dog wanted to do.

Still, Liza managed to give her doggo a bath but afterward was faced with this “accusatory glare of betrayal,” as she puts it. This dog could probably think of a million other things it would rather be doing that bathing right now.

Why You Shouldn’t Eat In Front Of Your Animals

Photo Credit: leosim22/redditBoth the cat and the dog look pretty betrayed in this photo. Their human shared this pic saying that they were eating a chicken wing, which is why these animals are sitting so intently before him.

They’re pretty upset that their human is just snacking away at an oh-so-delectable chicken wing and are probably wondering why they can’t get in on that action too. But all they can do is sit and watch and hopefully, a treat will come out of making their human feel so bad.

Why Must You Do This To Me?

Photo Credit: Regular_Sean/reddit

Dogs whose humans don’t have children probably hate when Halloween comes around. Because they don’t have adorable little kids to dress up in fun costumes, the pets often get subject to the festivities.

That’s probably what happened to this dog, who doesn’t look too pleased to be wearing a unicorn costume. She might feel a little degraded especially since the costume is already almost too tight. Hopefully, her humans don’t take her for a walk while she’s wearing this! That’d probably be worse than having to wear the costume in the first place.

No Pets Like Baths, Apparently

Photo Credit: bodom2245/reddit

We now know that dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs are not very fond of baths. Now we can confirm that hedgehogs hate them too. You can see the glare this hedgehog is giving his human after enduring said bath.

The hedgehog is probably clinging to this towel for dear life with its tiny paws hoping not to fall into the water again. This is certainly not a violent hedgehog, but the look in his eyes tells us that he will not hold back when it comes to spiking his human if this ever happens again.

Why Is This Happening To Me

Photo Credit: Lilfizz33/reddit

What could be worse for a dog than a unicorn costume? Probably a crustacean costume. At least unicorns convey a sense of majesty, but here, this corgi looks pretty upset to be dressed as an angry crustacean.

Still, you can see the corgi powering through the situation, still trying to look dignified while being subject to this ridiculous costume. The eyes on the suit look angry and they’re not far off from how this corgi probably feels. Though he’s such a good boy, he wouldn’t let his human know that.

How Could You Leave Us Behind?

Photo Credit: moonmusee/reddit

We can only imagine how our pets must feel when we leave them home alone. These dogs wasted no time in making sure their humans knew exactly how they felt. They went straight to the window and stared at their humans leaving, with looks of betrayal and sadness that can only be conveyed through a dog’s eyes.

This happens often, maybe too often, which is why these dogs went so far as to watch their humans walk away. They know they’ll be back eventually but the dogs are probably wondering why they can’t come along.

Help Me Out Of This

Photo Credit: north_by_southeast/reddit

This dog’s human dad posted this photo saying, “After two years of not allowing my wife to dress him up, she sends me this picture while I am at work.” The sense of double betrayal is thick in this photo.

Not only did the wife betray her husband by dressing up their dog, the dog feels betrayed by his human dad that he let this happen. The dog looks pretty distressed to be wearing a striped sweater, but we have to admit that the look of worry in his eyes is a little amusing.

Mr. Bunny Is Not Amused

Photo Credit: kylev/reddit

Millie is a girl who is really into cute cat videos online. Her cat, Mr. Bunny, however does not think this is funny. He’s probably thinking, “Why would she care about these random cats on this screen when she could be playing with a cat in real life?”

If that isn’t the ultimate betrayal right there, then we don’t know what is. Hopefully Mr. Bunny will get the attention he deserves and not be looked over for something on a screen. Maybe Millie will come to her senses. Otherwise, Mr. Bunny will have to live with this the rest of his life.

Really, Alice?!

Photo Credit: alice_op/reddit

Meet Oscar. His human Alice took this picture of him after she accidentally threw his ball on top of the fridge. What was a fun game of catch turned into an unnecessary disturbance to the momentum of the game.

Now by the time Alice manages to get the ball down from the fridge, one of them will lose interest in keeping up their game of catch, which is probably why Oscar looks so disappointed right now. He knows that he can’t go get the ball himself and is probably even more annoyed that he has to wait.

Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

Photo Credit: Tromboc/reddit

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, there’s no pain worse than knowing your humans have focused their attention on someone else. The betrayed pet will always wear the feeling in their eyes, as you can see here. And no, we don’t mean the happy puppy in this person’s lap.

Look a little closer and you’ll see the pet, whose look of betrayal hides in the shadows that he has voluntarily banished himself too once this puppy entered their lives. He probably hopes that his brooding will spark some sympathy in his humans. We know it worked on us.

Was This Really Necessary?

Photo Credit: ytballa24/reddit

This dog does not look pleased to be coming home from the vet. It was one thing to trick her into going to the vet, but when they got there she didn’t know she was in for some shots!

If you look deep into this dog’s eyes you will see her questioning her human as to why she had to endure any of this. She wants her human to pay for having betrayed her in this way, but how exactly? The answer will come soon enough… after the pain of these shots wears away.