These Animals Are Not Amused By Their Owners’ Betrayal

Animals are supposed to be our best friends. Without question, they give their owners all of the love in their souls, and it breaks their hearts to learn they’ve been betrayed, even if their humans do it in a joking manner. Whether their owner drives past the dog park to the vet or forces their cat to take a shower, the look on a pet’s face when it knows betrayal is hilariously sad. You can’t help but laugh at what one cat does to get out of taking a bath!

Doggo For Sale

An innocent joke by this dog’s owners didn’t turn out so well. This good boy seems keenly aware that he is being put up for sale. The betrayal by owner is swift and cruel. He did nothing wrong to deserve this fate. Even if he did, that sheer look of sadness is more than enough to warrant forgiveness.

In reality, the most likely scenario of why this pup is not happy is the tape on his back. After all, it’s ridiculous to think maybe he can read. The bottom line is this dog is betrayed and has no problem letting his owner know exactly how sad that makes him. Of course sometimes being sad isn’t enough.