Dogs Of Snapchat Will Never Let You Down

Dogs are so unintentionally hilarious sometimes, they make the best entertainment without even trying. Some are caught in the act, other dogs are straight up goofy. Here are hilarious doggo moments captured by Snapchat users.

The Perched Pup

When animals grow up alongside other animals, they often mimic behaviors. Here is a dog who grew up with two cats and is purr-fectly fine adopting some cat habits.

We’re sure he has a comfortable bed on the floor, but here this dog is down to perch with the cats.

Don’t Touch Zoey’s Pillow

This Snapchat user captured their dog, Zoey, acting out one of her favorite games, called “look but don’t touch my gratitude pillow”.

Dogs have some pretty funny quirks and Zoey likes to show her appreciation by bringing a pillow over, but not letting you touch it. We wonder what she brings you when she doesn’t like you!

One Of These Dogs Doesn’t Know What They’re Staring At

It’s normal to see dogs jump up on the couch to see who’s pulling into the driveway, or walking by the house with another dog. The dog on the right was clearly the first one to jump up and take a look.

The dog on the left doesn’t really know why they’re doing it, and just goes along with it for show.

We Have A Problem

Okay for real though, this dog’s face does look deflated! Deflated and elated, that’s one happy pooch. Maybe he’s getting belly rubs that are out of the shot.

This Shapchat user was able to capture a funny moment that is also slightly creepy, like when Milo from The Mask slips into the mask and goes wild.

Doggo Down

Dogsledding looks pretty awesome, and is definitely on the bucket list. Here someone was checking off their bucket list when one of the dogs decided that they needed a break.

So this dog went ahead and threw himself on his back while everyone else looks on, wondering what the next move is.

Having Good Boy Time

This is one of those caught-in-the-act embarrassing scenarios. This dog is staring at himself in the mirror, possibly reflecting on his life choices and the goals he’s yet to accomplish.

The owner happened to be walking by the hallway when they saw their dog perched up on the counter. So funny.

Let Her Eat Cake

Sometimes you get what you think is a really cool gift for your pet, like a fancy bed or toy, and they just ignore it. And yes, it can make you a little disappointed.

This owner hit the nail on the head with this birthday cake and everyone looks happy.

Just Chillin, You?

Having your dog break free from the yard while you’re at work is normally a very stressful situation. In this case, the owner couldn’t even be mad, because the dog is just so cute for having decided to take a dip in the neighbor’s pool.

We wonder if he was thinking about it for a long while like, “okay, today’s the day.”

One Way Trip To Dog Town

Where can we find this bus? Who’s in charge here? There are so many questions but this Snapchat user sums it up with his comment. We love how all of the dogs poked their head out for the photo.

Wherever they’re going, it looks like they’re happy to be headed there.

Best Parents Ever

This image is beyond adorable, featuring a new dog family who is happy as can be. The mother looks relaxed and happy as she nurses her new puppies while the dad stands by, looking like a proud father.

This image captures all the feels.

I See What You’re Doing

Another dog-friendly gate with hilarious results. This looks like a side yard gate to someone’s home, where these dogs love to poke their noses through the hole and look to see what other doggos are crossing the path of their home.

How polite of them to sit quietly. This is the gate of the future.

You Are Blessed

There are so many questions when your dog comes home like this. The handprint is the size of an adult’s, so you can probably assume a child wasn’t involved here.

Either they were painting a fence and forgot when they stopped to pet the dog, or this guy went on a serious adventure.

Yeah, Cats Suck

Poor doggie, getting smacked by a cat the first time examining the situation. It might be a while before this dog tries to make friends with a cat again.

Judging by her face she looks pretty sad about the encounter and has a gash on her nose that will need to heal. Bad kitty!

I Love You, I Love You, Never Ever Leave Again Ever

Both faces in this photo are absolutely hilarious. Like this dog owner and the Snapchat user said, her dog is totally obsessed with her now that she’s back from vacation. The dog’s face is of adoration while hers is, “Really? Calm down.”

This dog sure loves her owner and hopes that she never, ever leaves again.

He Works With What He’s Got

If you got it, flaunt it. This dog knows where their assets are, and he’s not afraid to show them off, even if he gets teased by his humans.

Maybe he’s trying to mimic them and sit like a person, although it looks rather awkward and not all that comfortable!

Kenny’s Too Fat

Aw, poor Kenny. It looks like neighbors and mail carriers used to spoil Kenny with treats, but now he’s on a diet. Kenny probably went to the veterinarian where they realized he should probably cut back on the treats and stick to his healthy dry food.

Kenny does not agree with the assessment and gives everyone sad eyes.

Did You Try Turning It Off And On?

Huskies are straight goofballs. This one is no different. As the Snapchat user commented, this dog looks either broken or possessed.

He’s probably tired of sitting around listening to human conversations and needed to distract people from their boring topic. It worked.

King Of The Balls

This Snapchat is epic. This down went to town on a basketball ball, was able to pop it, gut it, and get his head into it. He also has zero regrets about it.

The caption the user threw in is gold. This dog has big dreams and he’s going to chase them.

One Tough Dog

This dog is ready to see action. She’s suited up and ready to patrol on duty.

The dog’s owner was clearly stoked when they discovered the elaborate beer cozy they bought doubles as a dog vest. We’re not so sure the dog feels the same way about it.

Well Played

This dog does bear a striking resemblance to the character Sid the sloth from the Ice Age. Someone should really make sure his tongue goes back into his mouth once in a while before it falls off!

This dog definitely has some, uh, character to them.

I Will Show My Wrath With My Tongue

This owner couldn’t help but capture the moment their dog starts licking the sliding glass door after they’re done doing their business. Yep, your priorities come second now that you have a dog.

When they want to go out, you have to put them out, and when they want to come in, you better oblige.

You Sly Dog, You

Noone likes that one guy who hits on everyone’s girlfriends without a care. This is that guy in dog form. This husky knows he’s smooth with the ladies and he’s not afraid to pull out the stops, even with their boyfriend standing nearby.

The Snapchat user seems like he’s not even mad, he’s impressed.

Hey There, Neighbor

Dog-friendly fences are now a thing and we’re glad they are! Three holes in the fence is all this guy needs to check out the action on the other side.

His big nose sticking through is nothing short of comedy. Who’s a good boy?

She Likes To Garden

The text on this image says it all. Here’s a proud Corgi, sitting next to the pumpkins she grew with her own poop. Just wait until they grow to become full pumpkins, so she can eat the seeds and start the next generation.

Most dogs destroy the garden, props to this dog for helping something grow!

Throwing Shade

This is pretty funny, as this guy pokes fun at all of the girls who carry their Chihuahuas around with them whereever they go, and especially when they go shopping.

This dog doesn’t look to happy about it, looking more like he wants to go outside and be a real dog.

I Don’t Always Dig Holes, But When I Do…

Here we witness the most interesting man on earth, dog version. This dog dug an impressive hole, deep enough to slip most of his body into.

After savagely destroying their owner’s yard they sit in the hole and judge everyone else. Yeah, this dog might be kind of a jerk.

Dog Bird, Coming At Ya!

This quirky dog decided to morph into a bird halfway through his walk. Luckily his owner was able to capture the moment to share with the Snapchat world.

What is he even doing? Did he see a cat? Did he step on a crack and thinks he’ll break his back?

That’s Impressive

Some dogs can’t even fetch one ball and this good boy brought back two! He’s super adorable as he sits there, presenting the two balls he can hold in his mouth.

You’d have to think that stretching your jaw that wide would be uncomfortable, but his pride is more important.

Oopsie Daisies

This little dachshund got stuck in the sectional couch. We’re glad this Snapchat user was able to capture the moment, but we hope they helped the poor pup get out aftward! Some time will probably pass before this puppy decides to take on the couch again.

What a confusing scenario.

The Look Of Pure Fear

This fluffy pooch is not a fan of the car wash, that’s for sure. Take the fear caused by the vacuum and times it by 10. This dog is looking totally freaked out.

Hopefully this dog doesn’t have an accident in the car or they’ll have to do more than the drive-thru to get that car washed!

Mmm… Bacon!

Apparently, this dog is now in retirement because they are living the dream! A seat at the table AND bacon? Oh man.

While everyone else continued eating like it’s no big deal, this Snapchat user knew this moment had to be captured and shared. Thank you.

Pinecone, Pinecone, My Cone!

This dog is OBSESSED with pine cones. His eyes are lit up and a bit crazy looking. That is the look of obsession. Reading the user’s comment this dog lives to collect pinecones alone, and just look at how happy they make him.

It’s the simple things in life… Oh! Pinecone!!!

Are You Mocking Me?

Someone spent a day putting together an impressive Lego- Corgi, but this dog isn’t having it.

“Is this designed to replace me? He can’t even fetch. His butt is not fluffy like mine. What is wrong with you? Are you seriously taking a picture right now?!”

R U Serious?

Those of us who live with dogs that like to bark can definitely relate to this owner’s post. “My dog was barking, told him I’d take him to the pound. He stopped and looked at me…”

That look is total disbelief. The dog can’t believe his owner would even bring up such a scary subject.

Which Bakery Did He Come From?

This heavy-set dog really does look like a loaf of bread with a thick dusting of flour on it. Looks like he was having a great time just relaxing in the cool snow when he was interrupted by his owner for this shot.

You can tell that he KNOWS his owner is going to write something derogatory about him.

Sibling Rivalry

Here we see two dogs who are taking out some aggression on their brother. They’ve got him in the toilet, and it looks like they’re giving him a “swirly.”

You know, the old prank where you dunk someone’s head in the toilet and flush it? Just a rite of passage for dogs.

Fish Tank Repair

Since there’s no way to know exactly how a scenario like this happened, we’re going to assume that the German Sheperd in question is actually a fish tank repair dog.

Maybe she’s cleaning the filters or changing the tank’s lightbulb. But seriously, how did she get in there?

The Grass Is Always Greener…

Which one of you can say that you’ve never gotten a grass stain? This golden retriever was probably just enjoying a leisurely roll-around in some freshly cut grass, with no idea that she would end up looking like this.

Or perhaps this was St. Patrick’s Day and she was celebrating?

This Needs An “After” Picture

OMG, look how sad these pups are! They think they’re going to the vet and they look absolutely devastated.

We really want to see how fast their expressions changed when they realized they were actually heading to the park. Talk about sweet relief!


If you’ve ever smelled a dog fart after it has changed to a new food, you can relate to this one. The dog looks beyond disgusted at the smell that just came out of his rear end.

I don’t even know if he’ll recover from this one based on the expression on his face.

Hello? Anyone Home?

It looks like this dog got a little too courageous when he ran away from home. It didn’t take him long to realize he made a serious mistake and that he had taken everything for granted.

It’s almost like when a kid runs away from home but just ends up sitting on the curb down the street. You’re not alone doggie.

Seal Out Of Water

This dog is quite the convincing seal. But the real question is whether he got himself into this situation, or did his owner wrapped him up? We guess that we’ll never know.

But what we do know is that this dog certainly doesn’t seem to mind and will probably end up sleeping like that.

Please Take A Ticket

This is just too much. This is such a well behaved dog that it thinks it has to patiently wait in line in order to be eligible to receive a treat.

We’re not sure how you even train a dog to do this, but it looks like these owners did! The look on the dog’s face definitely looks like any human waiting in a line.

You Broke The Dog!

We all know that dogs do weird things, and that includes sleeping incredibly awkward positions that must be comfortable for them.

Some of them are understandable, but this position is out of this world. Is that one dog, two dogs, three dogs? Or is this doggo just broken?

A Fluffy Wall Mount

This dog found a hole in the wall, so obviously, his instinct was to stick his head through. With his excess fur covering the surrounding hole, it made it look like he was mounted on the wall like a trophy kill.

Although a sad thought, it’s funny because he’s alive and well.


We thought that dinosaurs were extinct! Well apparently not, because this Labrador looks like he’s ready to wreak some serious havoc.

This dog was clearly in the position for a while if the owner was able to take out their phone and snap a picture of this dog.

Serious Inquiries Only

Hi, my name’s Sheila. I’m a purebred and three years young! I like extra crunchy kibble, drinking out of the toilet, and peeing inside of the house.

I’m fun, easygoing, and looking for someone to share my backyard with me. Don’t be shy and send me a message. I don’t bite.

Caught Red-Handed

We’re sure that this is the exact look on every person’s face when they are caught in the middle of doing they’re doing something that they shouldn’t.

It looks like this dog was trying to be sly and steal $20 to go buy himself a nice new bone at the Petco down the street. Nice try, bud.

Howdy Neighbor!

Nobody really likes that one neighbor who peers over the hedge to check in at random times throughout the week, but for this guy, we’ll make an exception.

He’s just hanging out and checking out the activity next door. Hopefully, they give him treats!

What Have You Done?

Something tells us that this older golden retriever once lived a simple and peaceful life. He got all the attention he could ever want, all of the toys belonged to him, and nobody ever slept in his bed.

Then these two showed up and spoiled everything. if you couldn’t already tell, he wants his old life back.

Worth It

Dogs are a lot like babies. It doesn’t matter what you buy them, or how expensive it is, they’ll just end up playing with something else.

This dog would rather sleep on the floor rather than his bed and chew on socks rather than toys, and babies would rather chew on Tupperware than all their toys.


This dog is sleeping like a grandpa does after Thanksgiving dinner. There are probably very few things that could wake this dog up except for maybe some more food.

This could be a dog or it very well might be a polar bear, but we’re not entirely sure.

Honoring The Gods

This picture is proof that before humans walked the earth, animals lived in harmony. This dog clearly has an instinct of what its supposed to do and its place in the world.

While we think this is funny, this could very well be part of a long-lasting tradition that we are unaware of.

Pushing Limits

there really isn’t a logical explanation behind this picture. We’ve seen some pretty acrobatic moves made by dogs but nothing quite like this.

There is absolutely no way that’s comfortable, but comfort is obsolete when you’re trying to prove something to the neighborhood cats.

What A Rush

This dog definitely looks like it has somewhere to be so he told his owner to step on it. Now, he’s going so fast that he’s lost all senses, even his sight. We’re honestly not even sure if that’s really a dog or not.

Whatever it is though, it looks like it’s having a good time.

Tuckered Out

This is either the essence of love or dedication. Either these dogs agreed to share the ball with each other and sleep peacefully like this, or the fight for the ball was so ferocious and intense that they both passed out from exhaustion.

We’re going to assume that it was the latter.

Did You Say Seven Years!?

Birthdays are supposed to be a day of celebration and fun, but not for this doggo. This dog looks like he just learned that one year is equal to seven dogs years and now has to reevaluate its entire existence.

This dog should count its blessing though, not every pup gets a birthday party.

Tired Mommy

At a glance, this picture could be very misleading. But if you look closely, you’ll realize that this is one of the cutest things you’ve ever seen. There’s nothing more adorable than puppies and there’s a whole litter in this one picture.

This mom looks like she could use a break from all of her pups though.

Yay! You’re Back!

Get yourself somebody that looks at you like this dog looks at his neighbor. He’s so in love that he can’t even keep himself from drooling and you can even see the stars in his eyes. We wonder what this guy does for this dog to love him this much?

Probably sneaks him treats everytime he walks by.

It’ Always Sunny At The Market

Sometimes, when it comes to dogs looking like people, it can be a bit of a stretch. But that is not the case here.

That dog really does look like Danny DeVito especially from the television show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. We wonder if the rest of the gang is around with him.