Pets Who Owned Or Got Owned By The Cone Of Shame

We would imagine that no animal would want to have that silly cone around their head, especially cats. There are a few pets, however, who don’t particularly mind wearing that obnoxious device. Here are the pets with priceless reactions to the cone of shame.

Special Cone Not Wanted

This little pup looks like he is not enjoying this cone. Someone help get it off before she starts doing things she doesn’t want to do. Plus, we can’t stand to look at her sad little face anymore.

Pajama Cat With Cone

This isn’t the famous grumpy cat but this one looks like he could be the replacement. The look on his face says, “get this off me or else I’m going to claw your eyes out and you won’t be able to see me at all anymore.” Well, that’s if mad cats could talk. Hopefully, this cat isn’t as violent.

Get This Silly Thing Off Of Me

Yet again ( and to no surprise) another cat who isn’t fond of the cone. This cone seems to have a special design on it but that doesn’t give this cat a reason to like it. The face she has means you had better not mess with her or else something bad might happen to you.

Pretty Cone, Happy Dog

This sunflower cone seems to be just what this dog asked for! She’s all smiles and photogenic unlike some of the others from this list. Maybe all cones should be decorated with something pleasurable and the pets might be more fond of it, would you agree?

Interesting Design

This cone looks like a watermill in front of some concrete blocks and the dog is just in the middle of it all. And maybe this isn’t the right type of design that this dog prefers because she looks miserable. If not miserable then implicitly asking for help.

Drinks On Him!

This dog must be a heavy partier. A cone made strictly of beer containers is next level. The owner of this dog must be the real hardcore drinker and probably just wants to be reminded that it’s five o’clock somewhere so it’s time for a drink!

Toy Cone!

This dog officially owned the cone. All his chew toys are in one place so he’ll never have to get up and go look for them. And the way his mouth is sitting open, you can tell that he’s just waiting for a toy to land in his mouth so he can chew away the day.

Fancy Dog Alert

Someone bust out the champagne, this dog looks like she’s in the mood for a sip! We can officially say this dog owned this cone and there’s no doubt about it. Even if she had an undesirable look on her face, we wouldn’t blame it on the cone.

Friends All Signed It

When you get a cast put on, you usually have your friends all sign it wishing you a speedy recovery. Well, this dog got the same treatment with this cone and she doesn’t look too happy about it. Sorry, but the cone has owned you, pup.

More Toys On The Cone

This is highly similar to the other dog who had all the toys in his cone. It looks like putting toys in the cone is the way to go when dealing with dogs because it fills them with unbridled joy. That’s a message to you pet owners out there.

A Dog And His Pal

Give a dog a cone so you better give one to her favorite toy. That way, she won’t feel left out and the chances of her acting out or sad is greatly decreased. We aren’t sure if this dog is really enjoying it or just happy she isn’t the only one wearing one.

Dog Versus Baby

This dog was probably trying to make someone else experience what it’s like to have this cone around your head. So, he found the nearest human that could fit inside the cone, a baby. This baby seems to be enjoying this situation too so one point for the baby and dog.

Have A Drink, On Me

This is a very clever idea (even though it almost looks as if the toothpick is going through the dog’s neck). The dog has no choice but to appreciate the efforts that his owners went through to get this to happen. The shaker is even in front of him ready for action.

Flower Doggy In Full Effect

Wouldn’t it be great if we could just plant dogs and wait for them to grow into the type of breed we want? That would be a dream come true but this dog acting as a plant with his cone is priceless. He doesn’t look too happy but we bet the owners enjoyed this fully.

Flower Power

We’re unsure if this is cuter than the dog that had the sunflower cone. His pose is adorable as he looks up with his precious doggy eyes with no care that the cone is around his neck. He’s just here for the pictures to be taken and food.

All Smiles Here

A cat who is happy to have some contraction around their neck is a cat anomaly if we’ve ever seen one. As a matter of fact, we have never even seen a cat smile this huge in real life. Questions of photoshop are now entering the mind.

Would You Like Lipstick With That?

Well, we just want to say sorry to this cat on behalf of the owners who did this to her. We know this cat isn’t liking this one bit and the lipstick doesn’t make it any better for her because what cat do you know enjoys pretty lips with a cone?

A Fatal Realization

After the cone of shame was attached to this dog, we are willing to bet that this was his way of retaliating. Angry chewing and scratching attempting to get that thing off of him only resulted in the realization of punishment when the owners get home.

Fancy Cat Alert

As funny as this might be at first, you can’t help but sympathize with this poor kitty. One of the previous ones was forced to rock pretty lips while this one gets a huge mustache right under the eyes. We know he isn’t feeling this at all.

Another Toy Ambush

This is the only dog who didn’t like the toys in the cone. She probably just wants this entire thing to be over with and no amount of new toys can help with what she’s feeling. The cone of shame has officially owned the little dog.

Famous Lamp Replaced

If your dog or cat ends up in a cone of shame you can create this adorable photo on your own. As a pet owner, we have to agree that a fluffy dog wearing a cone is a much more adorable version of this logo.

Fluffy Cat In A Cone

This friendly feline not only fills out their entire cone of shame they also decided to lick their way out was a viable option. Perhaps someone should let her know that licking too much in the wrong spot was exactly what put her in the cone of shame to begin with.

I’m Catman

Either grab a marker and draw Bruce Wayne’s jawline onto your cat’s cone of shame or looking for a printout of this famous comic book hero to complete the look. Whatever method you choose, your cat will soon be running around the house in search of evil that needs to be dealt with.

Call Me Superpup

We just showed you Batcat and that meant Superpup was only a few seconds behind. We love this fabric-based cone of shame because it serves a medical purpose but can also be easily turned into a cape. If your dog is having a hard time eating or drinking because of their cone of shame, this might be a more viable option.

Deathstar Of Cuteness

If the Death Star looked this cute there is no way Luke Skywalker would have blown it up. The best part of this cone of shame is how simple it is to create. Just grab a marker and copy the design in this photo. If you have some mad photoshopping skills like this digital artist you can even re-enact the most well-known sci-fi fight scene of all time.

Bartending Is In

This dog should not be shaken or stirred because they are already recovering after a visit to the veterinarian’s office. However, they would be happy to eat those olives and cuddle on the couch while you sip on a martini. James Bond would be proud of this cone.

The Flowery Friends

This cat and dog teamed up to form the cutest flower bed we’ve ever seen in our lives. With an idyllic background and two animals who managed to pose perfectly together, these cones of shame seem less like a problem and more like a work of furry art.

Lick Your Way Out

Not every animal who rocks their cone on our list can be graceful in their approach. This little kitten realized they were being forced to wear the cone of shame and they decided to lick their way out. Maybe they are just attempting to clean the plastic around their cone to get a better view.

Monkeying Around

Human children love their favorite toys, comfort blankets, and stuffed animals they always sleep with. Dogs are a lot like small infant children and often have the same desires. This dog couldn’t live without their toy monkey so they started carrying it around in their cone of shame.

Ray Of Sunshine

We’re pretty sure this is meant to be the sun but it could also serve as a giant yellow flower. Regardless, this dog’s cone of shame really does a great job of highlighting their adorable face. Not every dog would be able to pull this cone look off.

Cone Of Christmas

We’re pretty sure this dog was posed specifically for this photo. Please don’t put breakable Christmas bulbs around your dog’s neck because only bad things will happen. But still, he made the best of this festive look but he also doesn’t look too happy about being a walking ornament.

The Wreath Of Shame

If your poor four-legged puppy friend is going to be forced into a cone of shame why not make it festive? This dog is wearing the season’s most fashionable wreath of shame. If they don’t manage to tear apart this creating within seconds of wearing it call us impressed.

That Happened Quickly

This dog didn’t need a cone of shame but they wanted one. After this bucket of shame ended up on their head we’re positive they started to question this life decision. Some dogs do things because their vet tells them it’s something they need and other dogs rebel against the man, even if they are man’s best friend.

Sign This Dog Up For Vegas

This dog is ready for the big lights and shiny cars! The colorful cone on this one is enough to brighten up anyone’s day. He has his tongue out ready for the picture to be taken so this is just perfect. This should be the mandatory cone for all pets.

Bedazzle Her!

These cones just keep getting more and more creative by the second. Sure, any human would appreciate this work of art but we wonder if this dog understands she’s a walking art project. Either way, it looks good on her and it will be a sight to see until it’s taken off.

Butterfly Dog!

Yet another adorable cone for this dog to relish. It comes complete with butterflies and flowers so this would be a perfect cone for a young girl to put on her dog. We think the dog might try and eat the flowers at some point but at least for this picture, it looks good.

The Perfect Match

If you happen to have a dog this little then this cone is exactly what you need to be fitting him or her with. It is petite, nice to look at and it really isn’t a bother to the dog and their vision. And the way this dog is sitting their just makes it perfect.

The Color Rush Cone

This cone is almost similar to the previous one but with an added rainbow effect. Also, we aren’t sure if this is technically a cone or just an experiment went right but either way we love it and want to see more! He sure is owning it.

Pick A Card, Any Card

This cone is pure genius! Teaching your dog to play spades at a young age is something all owners should get into because you never know when you can use a buddy for the card game. And why not have your best friend give you a hand or paw.

Trash Dog

Let’s be real, we don’t want our dogs digging through the trash but this cone is very clever. It satisfies the dog while also doing the job it’s supposed to be doing. Just throw some junk in their and everything will all good for the dog.

That’s Really Nice

Sometimes it’s nice to see two individuals put their differences aside to come together and go through one of the greatest evils all pets face: the cone of shame. The dog will hopefully comfort the cat when their time comes.

a cat cuddling inside a dog's cone
Photo Credit: Reddit / Kronos099904
Photo Credit: Reddit / Kronos099904

Someone Is Here For Revenge

This little guy wants his human to be very aware of the “mistake” they have made putting that blue thing around his neck! Now they both have nowhere else they can go.

a cat putting their whole cone over their owner's head
Photo Credit: Reddit / Siyfion
Photo Credit: Reddit / Siyfion

There Are Some Upsides

There is an upside to having the cone of shame on your head. It takes up so much room in the dog bed that there won’t be enough for your siblings to join you.

a dog with a cone got the whole bed
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

No One Is Safe

This poor little bird, Dexter, has had to wear the cone of shame for a little bit. That’s the tiniest cone of shame that has maybe ever existed. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to wear it for long.

a bird wearing a cone of shame
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

Those Are Some Stuck Lips

It’s hard being a dog with big lips and having them stick to your cone of shame. As if wearing that could have been any more embarrassing than it already was.

a dog with their lips stuck on their cone of shame
Photo Credit: Reddit / mccoopa
Photo Credit: Reddit / mccoopa

Looks Like There’s A Chance Of Rain

Let’s play that game where you try and see shapes in the clouds! I see a cat that looks like they’re wearing a cloud around their neck just waiting to unleash the storm of the century.

a cone of shame shaped like a cloud
Photo Credit: Reddit / PickleBugBoo
Photo Credit: Reddit / PickleBugBoo

What A Cute Cow

This cat’s humans decided that they were going to humiliate their sweet kitty further and take advantage of their spotted nature and make them look like a tiny, soft cow.

a cat wearing a cone of shame that looks like a cow
Photo Credit: Reddit / brijxxx
Photo Credit: Reddit / brijxxx

What A Beautiful Flower

Oh, who is she? She’s going to steal the show no matter where she goes. I bet when it comes time to take it off, she’s going to have a hard time parting with it.

a dog has their cone of shame looking like a flower
Photo Credit: Reddit / brijxxx
Photo Credit: Reddit / brijxxx

He’s Still In Good Spirits

You can see from the tiny smile on his face that this adorable little rat is trying to make the best of their situation. It just means their humans are looking out for them right? Like a big plastic hug.

a rat wearing a cone of shame
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

That’s Just Mean

Anything for a picture right? Even if it means teasing this poor dog with a cookie you know they’re not going to be able to get! Let’s hope after the picture was taken the cookie was shared.

a dog with a cookie on their nose
Photo Credit: Reddit / desertflower702
Photo Credit: Reddit / desertflower702