Pets Doing Funny Things In The Bathroom

Some pets are just a riot when they are in the bathroom. You never know what to expect from them. They might be in there for a bath or they might be in there for reasons we can’t explain. Whatever the reason, sometimes it is too funny not to take a picture of. Here are some pets that will make you laugh when they’re in the bathroom.

Doggy Stairs!

Sometimes dogs need some help too! Look at how cute this is. Every time I would see this I just would be filled with smiles.

But why is he using a human toilet? Shouldn’t he be going outside or something? Some dogs just have a different lifestyle than others. Perhaps his human parents work long hours and needed to be sure he could relieve himself throughout the day.

After A Wild Night

Okay, buddy, maybe you need to slow down on the bacon treats. This is an oh-too-familiar position for those who like to have a fun night every weekend.


But wait, maybe she’s just getting a sip of water? That would be a good thing – keeping hydrated is the key to avoiding a hangover after indulging. Who knows what exactly is going on here but either way this photo is pure gold.

I’ll pass

This cat is not here for any nonsense. He is perfectly perched on the knobs of the bathtub. Going so far out of the way to avoid being bathed never looked so elegant (or so silly).

We really hope he didn’t slip at any point in this balancing act. That splash is often the worst part. Kudos to this cat for being so acrobatic… this is a really impressive balancing act.

Quick, Before Mom Gets Back

Well, this is certainly interesting. Never have we ever seen something of this caliber. We’re looking at a photo of two young dogs teaming up on a poor unsuspecting third dog, who is probably the baby of the family.

Who knows, maybe that little pup needed to be taught a lesson. But how did the other dogs figure out how to pull off a swirly? That’s a pretty hard feat to perform without hands.

Screaming For Help

Well, this is certainly an interesting before-and-after shot. This cute cat looks innocent and unknowing in the picture on the left. But just a few bubbles and splashes later you get the image on the right. It looks like a completely different cat!

Does she cry for help every single time she gets fresh and clean? If so, that is hilarious (although her owners might not be so amused). Someone get this cat a towel!

Can I Get A Belly Rub?

If this isn’t the cutest thing you’ve seen today, we would like to know what other types of things you’ve been looking at. Because this photo is seriously adorable.

This cute dog is having the time of her life as she gets all suds up in the bathroom sink. Receiving a belly rub would just be the icing on the cake, and we’re sure she got one when her bath was done!

Trapped In The Potty

This helpless-looking little pup must be stuck here. While he was trying to get a sip of water, he must have fallen in and couldn’t find a way out.

That should teach him to be sticking his head in places they don’t belong, but catching him in the act is priceless. If his parents find him in this predicament again we think maybe they should consider putting a ramp next to the toilet so he can get out!

Cat Loses Mind

This fluffy guy with the pumpkin orange eyes is about as adorable as they come. Before he was brought into the bathroom and given a bath, that is.

Once that water gets all over, his face looks like he was completely traumatized. Oh yeah, cats don’t like water, do they? Most of them really seem to hate it, judging by all the before-and-after pics we’ve seen of cats getting bathed.

Cute Bunny Getting Clean

Happy Valentine’s Day! Wouldn’t you love to get a holiday greeting from someone this cute? This baby bunny wants to be your Valentine and she uses a cute pun to let it be known.

Once she has it established that she wants to be yours, it’s time for a cleaning. Have you ever seen a bunny so happy to be receiving a bath? She must not have that fear of water that so many cats have.

Water Is Not His Friend

For some reason, this dog wants no parts of this bath. Buddy is not here for the water. He just wants to wag his tail and be cute. Leave the bathing out of it, please!


If this happens every time he gets put into the tub, then this is priceless. When will Buddy learn that the water is not going to hurt him? And does he even know that his photo went viral?

Woah, Slow Down There

When it comes to taking a bath, this dog doesn’t even want the tips of his paws to get moist! What is does he possibly think is going to happen if he touches that water?

He must have had a bad experience growing up so now water brings him to instant fear. It’s a good thing he’s so flexible and has the abdominal strength to hold his body weight up for so long.

How About, No?

Here we have another pet going to extreme lengths to avoid that dreaded bath. She isn’t even willing to show her face. Perhaps because she knows her human tormentor is going to post this online for the whole world to see.

Do you think that she just avoids the bathroom all the time or is this only a bath time act she puts on? For her sake, we hope it’s only at bath time.

Potty Time

When you have to go, you have to go. It doesn’t matter if you’re a dog in a human bathroom. You just have to make do with what you’re given in these tricky situations.

So you might as well follow suit and do as the humans do. This dog got it right and saved his people from a pretty big mess cleanup, too. We’re betting they’re pretty happy with his decision.

She Doesn’t Want A Bath

Giving a cat a bath must be a difficult task. Unless your cat likes loads of water, that is. In that case, you’re golden. But that seems to be pretty rare, based on all the pictures we’ve seen of cats getting baths.

Judging by the look on this poor cat’s face, getting thoroughly cleaned isn’t what he or she prefers. Maybe they should just let the cat stick to licking itself.

The Duck Dog

This sweet little pup has some nice bath time decorations on his backside. It’s like cuteness overload with the ducks all lined up and covered in sudsy bubbles.

Some dogs just like taking baths and this dog probably enjoys it even more because of the perks that come along with it. The number one perk being a bunch of fun ducks on his adorable little head! We love this guy!

Kitty Caught Red Handed

No roll of toilet paper is safe when this skinny Garfield is on the loose. You must make sure to leave valuable items like toilet paper out of harm’s way. When you need it most, and you find out it’s been clawed, your day will be ruined.


We don’t get it… most cats detest taking baths but they can’t seem to stay away from toilet paper. It’s like they have a love/hate relationship with bathrooms.

He’s Not Having It

Here we have another before-and-after shot of a cat turning from normal to monstrous in just a minute. At first, he looked calm and unaware of what’s about to happen next. Maybe he even thought licking himself was good enough for the humans.

But no, they wanted more. They wanted to see him with a face of fear. The second image looks like a little kid who just got on a scary roller coaster.

What’s Up, Dude?

This dog is sure living it up in the bathroom! Not only is she super cool and comfortable, but she also gets instant access to water in case she works up a thirst while she’s hanging out in the toilet bowl.

Gone are the days of waiting for a human owner to fill her bowl with fresh water. No, she wants to relax and sip toilet water at her own leisure.

Invading Your Privacy


We don’t know about you, but to us this seems like a serious invasion of privacy. “Hey, are you almost done in there? We were wondering if you could feed us once you’re finished because we’re starved!”

No, the dogs probably didn’t say that out loud but they were surely thinking it. The surprised human couldn’t believe what was taking place so just had to snap a picture as evidence.

The Cat That Sees All


We don’t know about you, but this cat looks a little upset. That, or it’s waiting to attack a certain part of this man who is just minding his own business and using the bathroom.

When cats are mad, it’s best to not provoke them any further. Or else they’ll end up in your underwear prepared to attack you. The moral of this story is do whatever it takes to keep your cat happy

Napping Anywhere

How this dog can fit behind the toilet like this is making us scratch our heads. And why he even likes to sleep like this is also puzzling. His face looks like it might be a little sore when he wakes up.

But that’s a pet for you. They give you reasons to love them more and more every day, with all their silly antics. They sure know how to charm their way into our hearts.

Duck Gets Cozy

If you think we’ve been ignoring our feathered friends, then here’s one adorable little duck coming right up. People don’t have ducks as pets often, but when they do, it is usually a complete cuteness overload. There’s just something so sweet about ducks.

This little fuzzy guy looks nice and cozy in his blue towel. It looks he could even be a mascot for Dawn dish soap. Don’t you agree?

Pug Walk

This pug just made you shed a happy tear, didn’t it? Just look at his face and the way he’s posing and tell us that you’re not melting! And this little guy’s tiny size makes this scene even better.

Whoever took this picture knew what they were doing. The owner should get this photo framed so they can hang it in their bathroom right near where it was first taken.

More Ducks Than You Can Handle

Bath Fitter/Pinterest

Okay, if you thought the first duck bath photo was adorable, then get a load of this one! A whole family of feathered friends has taken over the bathroom sink in this once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunity.

They all look so sweet and innocent, just doing their own thing. This might be the best part of the day for their human owner. We can’t think of anything that could be much better than this.

Livin’ It Up

Shannon Kenny/Pinterest

If you thought you were going to make it through the day without seeing a photo of a ferret taking a bath, then you were wrong. Talk about living the good life! These cute little critters are lounging harder than a businessman on a paid trip to Vegas with no distractions.

They both are equally soaking up the water with their little toy ducky in the background. This is how a pet should bathe.

They’re Ready For Their Close Up

Bath Fitter/Pinterest

These puppies are clearly professional pet bathers. The one on the right appears to be laughing while the other dog plants a huge kiss on her cheek. Meanwhile, they’re both all sudsy and have their bath toys nearby, ready to play.

This is a legendary bathroom pet picture. It just doesn’t get much cuter than this, folks. In fact, you should share this picture with your friends. We guarantee that they’ll appreciate it.

Whose Dog Is This?

Carolyn Mapile/Pinterest

This dog appears to be leading a more relaxing life than most people have. With the cucumbers over his eyes, the candles lit all around, and the delicious doggie treat ready for consumption, it’s safe to say this pup is in doggy heaven.

We’re not sure how long it took for this dog to get into this relaxing pose for the picture, but it was all worth it. We’d hang this one in our bathroom.

The Bunny Wins

Bath Fitter/Pinterest

Bunnies are incredibly cute animals. And the smaller they are, the better. So this teeny tiny baby bunny is about the sweetest thing you’re going to see today.

This adorable little girl is just sitting calmly as she receives a pleasant bath. Don’t you just want to pick her up and pet her all day? Or at least get a chance to snuggle with her? That would make anyone’s day better.

Don’t Get Spiked!

Bath Fitter/Pinterest

In what might be the darn cutest scene we’ve witnessed today, this little guy is winking at us! The poor little fella’ probably got some water in its eye but it looks like he’s intentionally winking for the camera.

This is an image that might never get erased from our brains. The sheer innocence of it is outstanding. It even makes us want to get a hedgehog as a pet.

Wallaby, It Wasn’t Me

Well, now we’re getting to see some really interesting animals today. This little guy was so scared he didn’t even look at the camera when he got caught. One thing you don’t want to do is waste the toilet paper!

A wallaby has to learn somehow, and this is a terrific learning experience. How many people have these as pets anyway? He looks like he would be fun to play with.

Cat Nap Really Fast

This cat is due for a long rest. Falling asleep on the toilet can only mean one thing: that he was extremely fatigued. How many rugs did this guy cut up that day?

There’s no telling how much mischief he got into before reaching this level of exhaustion, but he must have had a super busy day. Cats are really curious so maybe he spent his day exploring new things.

Double Trouble

Uh oh, here’s a case of double trouble in the bathroom. Two cats causing trouble can be way worse than you could imagine. Although they look quite harmless here, the mischief has only begun.

First, they start with the toilet paper but that’s only the beginning of what they’re going to get into. Next, they’ll probably start splashing water everywhere. Finally, they’ll claw up the shower curtain, leaving it in shreds. Bad kitties!

Staying Clean

After you use the restroom, it’s common knowledge that you should wash your paws… ahem, hands. This sweet girl has the right idea, going straight from the toilet to the sink to get washed up.

Taking this route is a great hygienic practice. We’re not saying you HAVE to do it, but you might want to follow this smart dog’s lead and wash up when you’re done using the restroom.

An Escape Route

This bathroom looks like it’s the hangout spot for all the cool cats. Their faces say “leave us alone and let us hang.” Maybe they’re about to sneak a cigarette near the open window. Either that or these funky cats are planning to bust their friend out the house.

Option B seems more likely due to the faces they’re making. And also due to the fact that cats don’t smoke.

Shhh… I’m Hiding

This little one appears to be hiding out in the trash can. He doesn’t want to be bothered and only wishes for solitude from his human companions.

He’s situated himself next to the toilet for easy access to water (clearly). He might have even placed that towel there himself to help with the stealthy act. This cat is clearly one sneaky character. You never know where he’ll end up next.

Play Time!


This cat seems to have found its true happy place. Just one roll of stolen toilet paper and he can live out all of his paper-shredding fantasies.

Now, we don’t think the cat should be playing with the roll like that or even at all, but if it makes it happy the owner has no choice. Unless they want to start locking up all the toilet paper, which isn’t the most convenient solution ever.

Hey, Me First!


By the looks of it, these cats have gotten themselves into quite a bit of trouble. They may not have known better, but still, this is pretty funny and cute.

The lighter colored cat looks like he is distress, meanwhile, the other cat is not exactly pleased, either. Catching them making fools of themselves is priceless. What would we do without cats? We’d be a lot more bored, that’s for sure.

Someone’s In Trouble


This naughty cat is doing some serious damage. The roll of toilet paper never stood a chance once this kitty caught sight of it. It was a goner from the first minute.

In disbelief, this owner probably took the picture so he or she could show everyone how bad their cat is. We don’t think we’ve ever seen a cat shred a roll of toilet paper with this much energy.

Crouching Bathing Tiger

Bath Fitter/Pinterest

If you’ve never seen a baby tiger taking bath, then today is your lucky day. Look at how innocent and sweet the tiger looks! It’s hard to imagine that this fuzzy little kitty is going to grow up to be a potential man-eater, so enjoy this adorable pic while you can.

It’s kind of funny that this big cat doesn’t seem to have the dislike of water that a lot of housecats have.