Hilarious Puppy Fails That Will Leave You Howling For More

Animals in very compromising situations are always sort of hilarious to see. But it’s especially funny when weird predicaments happen at the expense of adorable puppies! They always look like they don’t know that they’re in a terrible situation and think that what they did is okay because we’re laughing at them.

Behold: some of the funniest puppy fails you’ve ever seen. You probably didn’t even know that puppies could get into this kind of trouble.

Puppy Love


Seriously, is there anything sweeter than a puppy? That sweet puppy breath and those adorable little puppy bellies… it’s almost too much squealy goodness to cuddle with a pup.

But as much as we love puppies, we have to admit that they have a tendency to do some really doofy things sometimes (just like we do). We find joy in all the things (the good, the bad, and the hilarious) that our dogs do every day of the year.

Mud Whisperer

You can bet that this happened within the last minute of an hour-long hike, just before they were about to load up and drive home. This adolescent Golden Retriever looks a little too old to be pulling a stunt like this. I’ve never seen an episode of The Dog Whisperer, but from what I’ve heard, Cesar would probably recommend a training technique that involves tricking the dog into believing that he is being left behind. Say something like, “well I guess that’s it then, you stay here and live off the land, we are going back home where the people who live there don’t roll in mud and expect others to clean up after them,” and then hop in the car and drive off.

Of course, you loop around and pick up your best bud, but the message will be clear: “cleanliness is next to godliness, you doofus.”

The Pact

They say that good fences make good neighbors. This fence is a little too short to qualify as “good,” much like this creepy neighbor who insists on trampling all over your lawn. His face seems to say “what did I do wrong… I’m just a puppy,” but don’t believe it for a second.

This could be one of those tiny dogs that never gets big. For all you know he could be 50 years old. Did you ever see that movie The Pact? Imagine that this is the evil Charles Barlow, slinking around your house, eating your peanut butter when you aren’t looking. Yikes!

City Lights

Dating can be difficult, especially in the city. To those living outside of a major metropolitan center, it might seem that your options are endless. People are everywhere, there are a ton of interesting activities, and everyone is totally frustrated from spending so much time in gridlocked traffic. It should be easy, but in reality it can be quite hard. Social anxiety, stress, and the feeling that there is no time to do anything other than climb the corporate ladder can leave some of us feeling like we are out of options.

Why not take a cue from this resourceful pup and just strip naked, lie down in your most seductive pose in your apartment window, and hope Mr. or Mrs. Right is somewhere out there with a telescope?

Can’t Sit With Us

What are you doing little pupper? No, you can’t sit with us at the dinner table while we eat because you beg too much. But this is how you react? Is this your way of acting out to get attention? Yes, we know you can sit, I mean, we are the ones who taught you that, after all.

But don’t think that just because you’re sitting on the dishwasher door doesn’t mean you’re getting in the way of anything. But go ahead, keep trying to prove whatever point it is you’re trying to prove. We can wait until you move.

One Of Us

While cats and dogs are known to not get along, this is an example of quite the opposite. Despite how uncomfortable she looks, it appears that this young pupper has infiltrated the feline clowder that was starting to take over the house. She has earned their trust and is now considered one of their own.

Let’s hope that she doesn’t get too caught up in their lives and actually starts to act like one of them. Because one thing worse than a cat with an attitude is a dog that has a cat-like attitude. Seriously, they’re the worst.

You Only Did This To Yourself

Well, well, well, look what we have here. The look on this dog’s face says Help! Get me out of this mess! Well, we hate to break it to you dog, but you only did this to yourself. All we did was buy you a nice, new fluffy bed for you to have a more comfortable sleep, yet you couldn’t resist the urge to just chew it all up. AND in your cage.

Now you’re trapped in a sea of fluff and you don’t know what to do about it. Well, we know what we’re doing: snapping a photo at your expense so you can learn your lesson.

When I Grow Up

This young puppy wants to become a police dog and can’t wait for the day that he can enter the police academy and get all the training he needs. But he is a little bit ahead of himself. Sorry little puppy, but you’re just not quite old enough to enter the force yet. Yes, we know you’ve been practicing by chasing butterflies and sniffing all over the backyard for hours on end.

But being a police dog is more hard work than you think and we don’t want you to lose your innocence just yet. Wait a couple more years and then you’ll get there.

The Only Way Out Is Through

This dog looks so smug after doing what he did. Look at this mess. He’s not even sorry. If he could talk, he’d probably say something along the lines of “well, you were gone all day and you locked me inside the house. I’m an outside dog and I live for the outdoors! I looked out the window and so so many things to chase.”

“But after the mailman came and delivered your mail, I lost it. I had to get outside. And besides, I can’t tell time, but I didn’t think you’d be home for about another bajillion hours. So you can’t blame me for this.”

No, It Doesn’t Hurt

Um, we’re sure it does. This unfortunate pup just happened to be gnawing on some grass (as playful and nibbly pups tend to do), but in the process he somehow got a bee in his mouth! The result? A bee’s revenge to make your snout look kind of awkward. We feel bad for you pup, we really do, but you should have known better.

He knows he messed up, but is obviously too proud to admit it. Maybe he’s thinking, “So what if I ate a bee? I ain’t scared. I had to show the bee who’s boss. That pesky bee was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Young Diva

How can this beautiful young dog’s little mistake be considered a fail? Sure, there may have been some lapse in judgment here, but who doesn’t want to feel pretty some days? How is any well-rounded puppy supposed to watch their owner get dolled up night after night and stay out late at the club, just to bring home some boozy smelling crew that sits around laughing at you because your feet are still a little big for your body, and not want to try out a little make-up?

Oh wait, that’s pink food coloring from the frosting on a child’s birthday cake? PUPPY FAIL.


People like to say that they train their dogs. If you’re not paying attention, your dog can sometimes train you. This pup has trained their owner to eat whatever is to be found beneath the bathroom sink. It’s not highly nutritious, but it clearly will run straight through your digestive tract. And at a high rate of speed, as indicated by the fact that everything didn’t quite make it into the toilet.

The motivation for this clever pup to train their people in this way is unclear, but one thing for is for sure, if you stare into those eyes for long enough, eating an entire jar of Vaseline will start to sound like a good idea.

I’m Just Trying To Fit In

This chihuahua looks so pleased to be stuffed into a cart full of fluffy husky-looking dogs. He’s probably thinking, Why did you put me in this situation? I am not pleased. The poor pup probably has social anxiety and is overwhelmed by the other puppies’ excitability. The only thing he can do at this point is trying to fit in with the rest of them.

But you can bet that he’s counting down the moments until he can run free and be away from their overactive energy. He’s probably also like, Why did I have to come to the grocery store with you, anyway? You never get anything I like.

Please Get Off Me

The look on this cat’s face says, Look at this oblivious oaf of a puppy you got. He thinks I’m his dad or something, asking for a piggyback ride. Who does he think he is? Doesn’t he know that I run things around here? Please get him off me. Oh, no? You’re not going to do anything about and just take a picture and laugh? Great. You humans are oafs too.

The poor innocent puppy is probably thinking, If I hug her long enough maybe she’ll finally like me! I’m just going to sit here and cuddle her until she has a change of heart.

Backyard Shenanigans

You got yourself into this mess, you get yourself out. I don’t care if you thought it was a good idea to dig out from beneath the fence — the fence that we built at no small expense for your protection, and then crawl up into the green privacy lining that blocks the view of Arby’s from our backyard. I guess the food we provide is just not good enough.

Well fine. We will part ways here, and I wish you luck in your future endeavors. You certainly seem to have a good head on your shoulders. I just hope the people you hook up with in the future can provide a better life for you, Your Majesty.

Why Do You Look So Suspicious?

Look at this little guy. After incessant begging and barking, we finally took him outside. He dragged us all the way to this very particular spot and looked at us. Look how pleased he looks with himself. We know you buried something at this spot little dog. We’re just afraid to find out what it might be.

A bone? A dead bird? A rat, maybe? We’re tired of your little treasure hunts that lead us to no good. Stop looking at us with that face. It’s not going to help— oh, okay we’ll let you dig it up and show us.

A Selfish Slob

Isn’t that cute, this pup fell asleep in their dish… probably after overindulging in the sumptuous feast their owners prepared to nourish this baby’s growing body. Ever consider that someone else might want some of this food, without them having to think about your fur dragging all through it?

And what about the old classic piece of buffet wisdom: “Take all you want, but please eat all you take.” Clearly this one-percenter has never thought of anyone other than numero uno. Well, it takes all types to make the world go around, and you can look forward to this cute little canine starting world war III one day. PUPPY FAIL.

The Eternal Struggle


And people wonder why cartoon dogs are always chasing cats… Here is the answer to the mystery of why dogs and cats often have so much drama. It’s because cats are evil instigators, constantly jockeying for top position in the household. While this little shepherd pup will one day learn to politely ask to go outside to use the bathroom, this cat will insist on doing their business in a box in the kitchen.

The frustration is apparent in this young dog’s surprised expression. He was minding his own business when out of nowhere, he was maliciously attacked by this mean-spirited feline. Or at least that is what his expression will indicate when you come home to see the entire apartment torn apart. “It was the cat’s fault.”



Puppies will chew. It’s one of the top traits for which they are known. Most people hate it when their puppy chews up a prized possession. This might look like a puppy fail, but in reality this little guy is a drug dog in training. He successfully located the stash but unfortunately ate it in the process.

I’m not sure what effect psychedelic mushrooms will have on an animal this size, but we can be sure that it will get weird. This is only the beginning for this brave little mutt. Just be sure to play something mellow and give lots of hugs.

Stuck Between A Dog And A Hard Place


How did you even get yourself into this situation? This dog was probably climbing all over the furniture—which we specifically told him not to—then he lost his balance and got stuck in the cushion. We ask you pup, do you find pleasure in breaking the rules? Does it make you feel edgy?

Well look now, you’re not edgy at all. You just look kind of dumb that you can’t even get yourself out of the couch. We hope you learned your lesson. Oh, you said the kids put you there? They are annoying too but you can’t always blame everything on them.

Too Much Work


This puppy gave up after just two hours at his desk. He couldn’t handle all the emails and phone calls. He just wants to go one day where his boss isn’t breathing down his neck from the office. He’s had enough and he needs a vacation. He is only a puppy, yet he can’t seem to catch a break.

He’s probably thinking, If this is how I need to make a living then maybe it’s not worth it anymore. I just want to be like other puppies and run free and chase my tail! No, Janice, I don’t want to buy any Girl Scout cookies from your daughter, STOP ASKING ME!

Mirror, Mirror

This little beagle obviously hasn’t come face to face with a mirror yet. Look how curious he is! He thinks he’s getting to know a similar-looking puppy, but little does he realize that it’s his very own reflection!

Oh, puppies. They are so naive and innocent, that you just don’t know what to do with them sometimes. Apparently, this owner decided to let the puppy figure it out for himself. We wonder how long it took before the puppy realized that that was not another dog. Imagine the amount of shock he must have felt when he realized that that puppy was actually himself!

In A Timeout

This puppy is on a timeout. He must be doing time for chewing up his human’s brand new throw pillows. Or maybe he’s serving his sentence for having an accident all over the freshly vacuumed carpet. Whatever it is, this puppy knows what he’s done.

He may be in a timeout, but he is so over it. Look at the way he threw his head up in exasperation, probably rolling his adorable puppy eyes. Of course, the stubbornness was too much to keep up because he just fell asleep that way. Puppies sleep too much, but we can’t really blame them. Being a troublemaker must be so exhausting.


Poor little guy. There’s nothing more hilarious than when a helpless pup is being terrorized by an anal-retentive robot. Except when the lazy owners stand by cackling and taking pictures. “Look at him, he’s so scared, haw, haw, haw! I’m gonna post a video on Facebook so that all of my high school friends can see what good parents we are!”

With any luck, once this puppy is a little older, the owners will come home to find their expensive Roomba mysteriously chewed to shreds. Imagine the likes that slideshow is bound to get! Then they will have an excuse to photograph this poor creature with one of those dumb “shame signs” around his neck. “I chewed up my parents expensive Roomba for no reason at all. Now I’m an outside dog.” Do us all a favor and promise to never have children, thanks.

You’re Using It Wrong


This unfortunate pup get himself into quite the situation. Two things could have happened. He could have been super curious about all the children’s toys lying around, saw one that he liked, and started playing catch with himself. When that got tiring, he must have just started chewing on the tow and somehow got his head stuck. Poor little dummy.

Another theory about what might be going on here is that this puppy might be a victim of some evil little kids. The puppy just wanted to play with them, but they had other plans. This puppy’s face screams, They told me we were going to space and that I needed a helmet!

Puppy Pose


This little pup looks like he’s attempting some yoga. Just because there are dog references in the names of the poses doesn’t mean it’s for dogs, silly! He should really be putting more power into that upward dog, and utilizing his core! There, he just looks lazy. Maybe he forgot how to use his hind legs and now he insists on dragging himself everywhere! Good luck with that!

Look at him looking up at his owner for assistance. Those puppy dog eyes are too precious to resist! Who wouldn’t give in to this adorable little puppy fail? We know we can’t!

We Have No Words

Really, there are no words to describe what is going on here. Was this dog just gnawing at the door and gave up? Was chewing the door so exhausting that you just fell asleep in mid-chew? Well, whatever you were doing before is making you look pretty awkward now.

This dog’s teeth are bared in a way that looks neither intimidating or cute. Additionally, it looks painful to have fallen asleep with your lip up like that! Why doesn’t the owner have the heart to move the dog? When she wakes up she’s going to see this picture and be so embarrassed!

I’m A Puppy, Hear Me Roar!

Look at this adorable little puppy trying to instill fear in its mother. As the black sheep of the brood with its different color fur, it probably thinks that it’s the tough guy and that he has to keep up this edgy persona to prove that he’s different from his brothers and sisters.

Unfortunately, his mother sees right through him. The look on her face says, Sigh, it’s so cute the way you think you can stand up to me. Hopefully this puppy keeps up this rambunctious spirit as it gets older. People might not take it seriously if it stays this cute!

I’ve Fallen And I Can’t Get Up!

French bulldog puppies are so cute, with their stubby little legs and their chubby little bellies. This one, unfortunately, got on its back and now he can’t get back up! No matter how hard the little guy struggles, he can’t seem to get back up on his teeny, tiny paws! The owner kept filming in amusement as he shimmied from left to right to no avail.

Maybe if his legs weren’t so stubby and he weren’t so chunky it’d be an easier feat! But no, this little puppy was blessed with adorableness that really doesn’t help him at all. Too cute!

I Can Go To School Too!

This puppy just wants to get an education so it can grow up and find a nice job, start a family, and sent its little future puppies off to school. Well, this puppy obviously has big dreams, but she is just a little ahead of herself! She is still too young to understand Newton’s Laws of Motion and the Pythagorean Theorem.

Shakespeare’s sonnets and the history of the French Revolution will just go right over her little puppy head! Go out and do puppy things! Live while your young little puppy, the world is too complex and you’re too young to lose your innocence.

Class Is Boring Anyway

The puppy from the previous slide should take a cue from this pup! This puppy enrolled in school early, but he got over the educational system far too quickly. Look how exhausted he is. He clearly just doesn’t care anymore. Hopefully, the professor doesn’t call him out for falling asleep in class because that would be super embarrassing!

It’s not his fault that he spent all night partying on campus. Everyone was urging him to go out and he just couldn’t resist the opportunity to be adored by dozens of college girls! So what if there’s an exam coming up on Tuesday? This puppy needs to recover!

A Hen Lays a Puppy?


We’re not sure who is more confused in this situation, the hen or the puppy. It appears that the puppy somehow snuck into the chicken’s pen for a nice nap, as puppies tend to take naps every hour! And apparently, the hen doesn’t seem to mind their furry guest. Maybe the puppy looked cold and the hen thought that it would be nice to sit on him and warm him up.

The farmer must have had a good laugh when he found this situation going on. Let’s hope they can stay this amicable once the puppy is full grown!



Every year thousands of yellow labs are caught by discarded soccer goal nets. Please think of these ridiculous animals before thoughtlessly throwing your used soccer goal nets in the trash. Join our soccer goal net awareness movement and help prevent buffoons like these from being comically ensnared and humiliated in countless internet slideshows.

For just 25 cents a day, you can provide the resources that we need to mount an expensive media onslaught to bring awareness to this tragic reality that a few dogs may have vague feelings of embarrassment about. Contact the “Protect the Yellow Labs from the Soccer Goal Nets Today” fund today.


The benefits of owning a pet that is in training with Cirque du Soleil are obvious: great health insurance, getting paid to see the world, colorful outfits. But there is a dark side, too. Late nights, dictator-like coaches, and intense performing schedules are just a few elements that make this lifestyle feel intimidating for the average pet owner.

Not to mention there is an entire industry built around conning hopeful parents into believing that their puppy has talent and then bilking them out of their life savings paying for overpriced photo shoots and “agency fees.” This puppy clearly has no talent and zero balance.

A Handbag Full Of Fail


What better way to honor the memory of a beloved pet than to have its head mounted on that free tote bag you got from last year’s accounting convention in Sacramento? The answer is that there is “no better way.”

Seriously though, what is going on with all of the little dogs that get carried around in handbags by their owners? It’s not a new trend, but does the pooch have to get purse-broken as a separate aspect of training? What percentage of people carrying their dogs around like this have handbags filled with poop? Holler at us on twitter and let us know.

So Sleepy


Napping is an important activity for active young puppies. It gives them a chance to recharge after a long day of play. But these bulldogs look as if they have been drugged, possibly by some scheming thief who would like the opportunity to steal all of their riches.

As the legend goes, every bulldog carries a small bag of gold hidden somewhere within the folds of their wrinkled skin. A clever burglar can take this gold if the bulldog is caught off guard. These ridiculously tired pups will have a long road ahead of them to rebuild their lost fortunes. Sad.

Hide and Seek


This loveable doofus and its equally cute sibling have turned dinner time into a game of hide and seek. Six weeks ago this might have been a good hiding place for a little pup, but no one is fooled this time around. Or perhaps this is a way to prevent mealtime head injuries. Better safe than sorry!

Either way, playtime for these adorable little guys is always a learning experience. Exploring their environment is just the next stage in their natural development into full-grown, well-mannered adults. Maybe one day they will finally grow into those paws!



Sibling rivalry exists in the canine world, too. This looks like a classic example of dominance play where a young pup learns to assert their place in the pack. But in reality, this is just what the bottom puppy is “into.” You should hear the yips of protest the instant the other pup stops sitting on their head.

Aside from determining pack rank, puppies are also known to be very selfish when it comes to other’s needs. How many times have you been around a puppy that offered to lend a hand around the house? And if a puppy has ever helped anyone other than themselves, it was purely accidental. PUPPY FAIL.

It’s Not Our Fault


Speaking of messes, look at these two guys. “Don’t be mad at us, we were just doing some dumb, bumbling puppy-style jumping around and neglected to notice our surroundings. Hey, it’s possible that we even intentionally knocked your plant over, just because we are very curious at this age. Really it’s not our fault.”

“You should have hidden that plant from us if you didn’t want it knocked over. If you think about it, you pretty much asked for this. I mean, who gets TWO puppies and gets upset when we do something stupid on purpose. In fact, you should apologize to us. We will take our treats in the living room, thanks.”



Did you ever have one of those co-workers who was always trying to sabotage that special project for the boss you were working overtime on? Of course, you can’t report them to human resources because then you would get into trouble for drawing attention to their lack of bladder control.

That’s not what is going on here, though. This puppy clearly needed to go to the bathroom and her owner was busy waiting for this laptop from the early ’90s to boot up. In this case, our furry friend should be hailed as a hero for forcing her owner into modern computing. While she’s at it, maybe she should pee on that wallpaper, too.

Google Earth Boy


I have no idea how we as a society were able to manage without Google, and specifically Google Earth. The idea of planning out a vacation is already filled with enough anxiety, but imagine having to do that off of your traditional gas station map? Google Maps is a total gamechanger, and now that we have street view, you can really get a good handle of what you’re looking for.

Clearly, this is what I’m looking for. I need to find this good boy who followed the Google Earth guy around, because he’s obviously the best tour guide money can buy.

Chillin In The Pool

Dogs get just as hot as us when the summer months roll around. Actually, imagine all those long summer months, but instead of rocking out in your jorts and tank tops, you’re wearing your mother’s fur coat. That’s what dogs have to deal with all the time! So naturally, when the heat gets to them, they’ll find a way to cool off.

This owner originally had a bit of a panic attack when their dog escaped, but luckily a neighbor was able to snap this picture when the parched pooch found a nice swimming pool to cool down on. The look on his face says it all.

Star Boy

Put this doggo on the cover of whatever David Bowie tribute band is currently making the rounds. While his contour is literally out of this world, I can’t help but get lost in his eyes. So much expression, but there looks like a bit of pain behind those big, brown eyes. Who hurt you, good boy?

This dog got himself into the chalk bucket (who hasn’t been there before) and came out looking stunning. Hopefully, he didn’t eat any leftover chalk, because that probably doesn’t pass all that easily. Although, it would make cleaning up poop a little more colorful… which is probably a bad thing.

He’d Better Be Willing To Clean Up

Every dog out there thinks that they’re just soooo smart. When you go out for an evening to yourself, they immediately take it upon themselves to try and cook and clean for themselves (read – eating out of the kitty litter box, killing two birds with one stone). Dogs are getting ready to take their rightful place atop the food chain, and this dogs already staking his claim as top dog.

He’s already found an underling to do his bidding, and has set himself apart as the alpha of the entire breed. I, for one, welcome our new canine overlords.

No Leash, No Problem

One of the biggest problems every dog owner has to deal with is juggling all of the different pieces of equipment you need just to walk your dog. You need a leash, and poop bag, those stupid shoes for the winter time, coats… it’s a whole industry pet parents have taken to strange new heights.

Not surprisingly, some of these things go missing, and you have to improvise. This owner knew that without a leash, they’d have to keep their dog at their side at all times. If there’s anything that can do that, it’s a bag of chips.

A Traumatic Experience

You can see what both of these two are going through. Why is he on the roof? Why is he looking far off in the distance? What happened up there?

Well, according to this person’s owner, this dog is the adventurous type. He was able to open the upstairs screen door (upstairs?) and followed the cat onto the roof. Naturally, once he got up there, he realized he didn’t want to be up there, because he’s not a cat. It took some consoling, but I can only assume they were able to get him down. What did we do to deserve dogs?

For Me!?

This dog is getting his cake and without a doubt ready to eat it too. I was never really a fan of birthdays, but that was mainly my own. I’m always good for celebrating the birth of others, and few can measure up to this good boy.

Clearly, he’s been looking forward to this moment all year. It was nice of his pet parents not to bury the bone and just let him dig in instead. I’ve never seen a dog try and blow out a candle, so I’m pretty glad they just skipped over that part entirely. I’m sure there’s already enough drool on this cake to go around.

Heya’, Neighbor


These dogs are not even neighbors they are just nosey. They are taking guard dog to the next level with this one. They are probably telling each other, “you watch my back and I’ll watch yours”. Why would the owners make this possible? Why is this even an idea? The funny thing here is the way they are looking at each other.

An innocent bystander probably saw this and began busting up laughing as he or she took the picture. These Huskies mean business so you better not mess with this house or there will be a price to pay.

Swirly For The Brother

If this isn’t the most adorable thing you have seen then we want to know the type of things you look at because this is absolutely the best. Our first thought was that they were giving this poor guy a swirly, joking around with their sibling.

Then after closer examination, it appears that they are probably helping him get his head in the toilet so that he can sip the water! It is pretty smart of them if you think about it. A regular sized dog would have no problem doing this but a puppy would have a little challenge.

Selfie Game On Point


You’ve heard of Tom Brady, right? The now universally known greatest quarterback of all time has a dog and this is him. Forget about the fact that Brady has a supermodel for a wife or several Superbowl rings. He also has a dog who takes better selfies than the average human! It’s almost like this guy has the best of luck coming to him in every aspect of life. He can’t be stopped.

It even looks like the dog held the phone himself as this picture was taken. That smile is perfect and so is his hair. How lucky it is to be this pup.

Quit Playing, They’re Looking!

This dog was about to have cat food for lunch and we are not talking about Purina. That cat’s ear was seconds away from being the main dish until the dog noticed there was someone in the area. Once she saw that all bets were off and these two instantly became the best of friends.

It’s like Tom and Jerry when the homeowner catches the bulldog about to strangle Tom but he ends up playing like a good boy but once she leaves, Tom needs to run for his life! Hopefully, this cat is still alive.

Keep It Down, The Game Is On


What on earth are these dogs up to? One looks like she is keeping watch while the other stands on the table when no one is home. Something he probably only does when the folks are away. That’s the real reason why the other dog is keeping watch at what could be the front door. They probably set up some sort of signal to indicate when someone is coming.

But just what is this dog watching? He must be watching game seven of a sporting event because he is in tune! Or he could just be fulfilling out a childhood dream of standing on the tables.

Dog Remote!

If you need your dog and he’s far away all you need is a squishy toy that makes a noise. Squeeze it once and he is on his way. Look at his little face. He just can’t resist that chewy toy that squeaks whenever he chews on it. It is as if it put him under a spell.

Have you ever met a dog that didn’t like those toys? We don’t think that is possible. But even if they don’t show much enthusiasm, they will still take a couple bites of it. Remember this next time you need your dog.

Get The Bed


Don’t tempt this dog. He has a hostage and he is not afraid to do away with it. One false move and the bed gets it. He’s warning you with that look in his eye in the picture on the left. The moment the photographer got too close, it was all she wrote and that bed was as good as mangled.

Maybe next time the owner will know better than to approach this dog when he is in serious hostage mode. That bed may be finished and a new one might need to be purchased now.

Someone, Anyone, Help!

This is either an elaborate hiding spot for this dog to come out and attack someone with licks or this poor dog is trapped. Those pillows look pretty huge as well so if the dog is indeed trapped, then she is being covered by some heavy pillows probably making harder for her to escape the grasp of these pillows.

On the off chance that this is a surprise attack, it looks like his plans are spoiled. The photographer was probably the one that she wanted to surprise. Overall, it just looks like this was a pretty big fail.

Yo, Anyone Home?!

It would appear that this little guy forgot his house keys. We know his owners told him 100 times not to forget them when they let him go out on a walk on his own. He is not going to be getting extra treats tonight.

However, let’s flip it. What if that is the friend of another pup who came to ask if his buddy can come out to play? Now that crazy if you think about it really. He knows where his buddy lives thanks to his keen sense of smell so we might just go with that second theory.

Move It, Conehead!


This cat is the boss here and there are no ifs and’s or buts about it. Sure, these two could be civil friends because they live together but for the sake of the picture let us assume that these two are rivals who hate each other’s guts. “Why did they even get a dog,” thought that cat.

“Why is there a cat here,” thought the dog when he came home for the first time. When the cat saw the dog in this vulnerable position, it probably took every chance it could to pounce. Right here, the dog is the loser.

The Dogs Got Timeout


The little pug was up to no good. so much mischief was involved that they had to get another dog to stand guard so the pug wouldn’t escape. The room looks empty too as if it was a solitaire room. All the pug needs now is a straight jacket fit for a puppy. He looks devastated like he knows what he did was tragic.

Only a few know how long he was in that corner but we hope he came out a different animal and didn’t continue to commit such foul crimes against humanity. Keep your head up, pup.

Too Big

Do you think this grown dog was really trying to use this doggie door or was she trying to get some fresh air? It really is a toss-up, from the looks of this picture. It could have been a warm summer day and the inside of the house felt like 100 degrees so she did what she had to do stay cool.

Or she could have had a brain lapse by forgetting she could no longer fit her long and narrow body through the even more narrow exit. You try and figure out what went wrong here and let us know.

Strike A Pose


This beautiful dog is having the moment of his life. Either that or he is at a photo shoot. The wind blowing against his face is most likely simulates what it is like for his head to hang out the window minus the moving vehicle. If you look closely, he is even smiling a tad.

This could have been one of the best days of his life and we don’t even know if he was able to experience it again. The closest thing to this would be just getting in the car and waiting for the window to roll down.