Hilarious Dog Owners Who Make Their Pups Face Look Like Their Own

Recently, there has been a new fad with people taking pictures with their dogs to make their faces look like they’re one person! Some of them are far too believable and will make you want to go home and do the same with your dog!

You’re A Dog, Harry

This guy and his dog perfectly pulled off the Albus Dumbledore look from Harry Potter. We’re waiting for him to whip out his wand and cast some sort of spell at any minute. Chances are that he’ll make dog treats appear out of thin air so he can have a snack.

A Hint Of Grey

This dog owner looks like they’ve given up on continuing to dye their beard to make themselves look youthful. They’ve accepted their age and now they’re letting it go. Although there’s some color, it’s mostly white, showing some old age and wisdom. Looks like they could use a shave too.

No Filter Necessary

This picture was so nicely timed that it could almost be mistaken for the filter of the dog on Snapchat. This photo definitely requires a double take because it’s almost a little too perfect. It looks like this dog was getting some serious belly rubs when this picture was taken which is why his tongue is almost touching the ground.

Star Wars Fanatic

This guy is clearly a Star Wars fan if you couldn’t tell by the decorations behind him. Maybe he wanted to look more like some kind of Star Wars character, which is why he decided to use his dog to help him out. We have to say, he did a pretty good job just using a dog.

Not A Happy Camper

Uh oh, looks like someone ran out of dog treats. This little pup doesn’t look too thrilled about anything going on in this picture. It’s either that or someone needs to go to a doggie dentist soon. But it’s okay, we think that it’s cute no matter what.

Perfectly Matching

Wow, all of the tones of brown match really well together in this picture. We wonder if that’s why this person bought the dog, just so they could be matching? We hope not, but it does sure make a nice picture! Kind of almost looks like an Ewok from Star Wars, in a good way.

If Ariel Had a Beard

This girl’s bright red hair certainly gives off an Ariel vibe from Disney’s Little Mermaid. We’re going to assume that’s what she was going for since they look almost identical. So, if you were ever wondering what Ariel would look like with a white beard, here you go!

Professor Pup

Here we have what looks like a dog professor that is ready to give a lecture on correct etiquette at the dog park. There’s something very sophisticated about this picture…maybe it’s the glasses, or it could be the beard. You better be on your best behavior or you don’t get any treats after class.

I Beg Your Pardon?

This owner and her dog look like they’re off to attend a meeting at parliament in the 1800s. The dog’s fur makes it look like she had a well-groomed mustache and beard. Really, the only thing that these two need are a monocle and walking stick and they’re good to go!

You Did What?

This is exactly how your mother looks at you when she learns that you were suspended from school. It’s a look of disbelief right before she gets incredibly mad at you and grounds you for a month. Luckily, the doggie beard provides a little bit of comic relief to the situation.

Did Someone Say Walk?

This looks like the dog was deeply sad until someone said the magical w-a-l-k-word and everything instantly changed. His eyes lit up and he’s never been more ready for anything in his life. Somebody get the leash and get him outside of the house already!

Is This Even A Picture?

This is one of those situations when this picture was truly meant to be. This owner and his dog look like they belong together both as dog and owner and together as one. Just from looking at this picture, we can tell that these two have a great relationship.

Balance of Opposites

This photo is particularly funny because the owner and dog are projecting two entirely different emotions. While the girl looks like she’s scared, the dog is baring its teeth to show that it means business. Hopefully, that’s just what that dog looks like, and it isn’t actually mad.

Very Realistic

This is one of the most realistic dog beards that we’ve seen yet. It’s almost like the dog knew that the point of the photo was and was happy to play along. Although it’s still cute, we think that this beard might need a wash sometime soon.

If My Calculations Are Correct…

This man’s dog makes him look like an old-school scientist in this picture. It’s as though he is working on an experiment and is looking down to see the results. he even has his hand on his chin to play with his beard as he thinks. Nice touch.

Uncontainable Happiness

Something is clearly going on behind the camera that this dog is reacting to. Maybe someone is holding up a dog treat or a leash, and we’re seeing the exact moment when the dog realized what was going on. We hope he got whatever made him so excited.

A Well-Maintained Beard

This is another very convincing beard, minus the dog’s eye that’s sticking out. But we’ll just pretend that’s not there. This girl also looks like an aristocrat during the 1800s that’s on her way to discuss an extension of the railroad that she has invested in. Gooday, m’lady.

What’s Going On Here?

This woman looks like she took this photo by accident, and was surprised by the results. For some reason, this dog and owner go really well together too. We think it’s the geometry of each other’s faces that seem to match up nicely with this picture.

A Little Moustache

This man used his little white dog to give himself a nice mustache. Even though he is using his dog, he should really consider growing a mustache for himself. It might take a few years in order for it to fully turn white but it’s worth a try!

Master Beard-Grower

What we have here is a dog owner that used his dog in order to look like he grew an extremely long beard. This is the longest beard that we’ve seen yet, and it looks pretty convincing. If it’s that long on the owner, it must drag on the floor when the dog walks!