The Hilarious Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Have you ever heard the expression “fighting like cats and dogs”? The saying means to fight or argue with someone constantly and comes from the premise that cats and dogs despise each other. Although we know that’s not necessarily the truth (there are plenty of cats and dogs who live peacefully together), there are definitely some traits that dogs have and cats don’t. And vice versa.

Although there are exceptions to every rule (we’ve all seen pictures of cats who love getting baths), there are some pretty clear differences between the way dogs typically behave and the way cats do. Here is a completely unbiased and scientific list of hilarious times that dogs were caught acting exactly like dogs, and cats at their most cat-like.

Bathtime Basics

One of the major ways that dogs and cats tend to differ is in their attitude toward taking baths. We think of dogs as being pretty cool about baths, and cats as hating them. This picture seems to provide evidence supporting that theory.

Here’s a cute golden retriever pup who looks like he’s loving his bathtime. Just look at that smile!

Not So Fast

This is not a happy cat. From the looks of it, she has just been given a bath and is drying off with a cat-sized towel. The glare on her face says it all – baths are not something she enjoys. Can you blame her? Cats usually keep themselves pretty clean, so unless she really got into something sticky or messy she probably didn’t even need to take a bath.

In her mind, she was probably tormented by her human for no reason whatsoever. Cats can also be sensitive to smells, so it’s possible she doesn’t like the smell of the shampoo on her fur.

Wanna Go For A Ride?

Many dogs are known to love car rides. What’s not to love about it (unless the destination is a veterinarian’s office)? A car ride means you’re getting to go somewhere instead of being left all alone at home. You can even hang your head out the window and bark at other dogs you might see along the way.

The pup in this photo is clearly excited about the ride he’s about to go on. He’s even wearing special sunglasses, probably to protect his eyes as he sticks his head out of the window of the car as it flies down the road.

I Prefer To Stay At Home

Felines are definitely not known for their love of travel. In fact, many cats get downright stressed if they’re put in the car. Some of them even growl, scream, or scratch if they’re faced with the prospect of a trip in the car. Many cat owners prefer to sedate their pets before attempting to place them in an auto.

This can relieve stress for both the cat and for the human companion. Other tips include talking to your cat in a soothing way and petting it as much as possible before loading it up in the car. The cat pictured here does not look psyched to be taken for a drive.

Dogs Are Nice But Can Be Jerks

Our pups are our #1 fans almost all of the time, which is exactly why people choose to get dogs. Who wouldn’t want an animal that is excited to see you all of the time? It’s no mystery that most dogs are super nice, but even the sweetest of canines can be a jerk sometimes.

While it’s hard to believe something so cute can be capable of being bad, it happens to the best of pups. Whether they eat that pair of shoes you love so much, help themselves to your dinner on the counter, or pee on the heirloom rug, dogs do have their jerky moments.

What To Do While My Human Is Away?

Do you ever wonder what your pet does while you’re away? Some pet owners use surveillance cameras to track their pet’s every movement but most of us are clueless about how Fido or Whiskers spend their days when we can’t be there with them.

Well, many people who have dogs say that their pet simply waits by the door until their human companion returns home. That appears to be what this dog is doing. He’s probably thinking “Mom! Come home now!” Then again, he might just be watching a bird outside.

Think Of All That Fur

Cats are known to be more independent than dogs, so they don’t tend to be quite as stressed when they’re left alone. In fact, they might even like having alone time to do all the things they’re not allowed to when their human parents are home!

Take this cat, for example. She’s just lounging around leisurely in her owner’s underwear drawer. Do you think she’s allowed to do this when her Dad isn’t home? Probably not… I mean, just think about all that cat hair that’s getting into his underwear. That sounds really itchy and uncomfortable.

Hey Buddy, Want A Rubdown?

Dogs are like furry little attention thieves. They will jump into your lap (even very large dogs), nudge you with their noses, push their way between you and your significant other – anything just to get some petting and scratches.

Even if you wake a dog up from a deep sleep in order to pet her, she will not mind one bit. Until you eventually stop the petting, in which case she will hound you until you start rubbing her down again. It doesn’t matter if you pet a dog’s head, back, legs, belly, or any other available body part. A dog will love every minute of it.


Cats are much more fickle about being touched, especially by people they aren’t familiar with. In fact, touching a cat who is not in the mood for petting could very well result in a nasty scratch! In DailyMail, cat researcher Daniel Mills explained the reason for this feline behavior trait. It turns out that human contact can actually make cats stressful!

“Our data suggests cats who tolerate, rather than enjoy or dislike being petted, seem to be the most stressed,” he said.

Reunited And It Feels So Good

We’ve all seen countless videos of dogs being reunited with their human companions after prolonged separations. You can find tons of YouTube compilations of soldiers returning home from overseas and being greeted by dogs who are almost frantically happy to see them.

In the photo above, the man (named Rick) has been in the hospital for a couple of weeks. He just got released and was reunited with his beloved pit bull Karma, who seems to return the feeling of admiration. This is such a sweet and touching moment.

Who Are You, Again?

So you’ve been away for a week on a work trip? Or even in the hospital for a few days? Well, don’t count on this guy to give you any warm greetings when you return. Or even acknowledge you, if he doesn’t feel like it. Although some cat owners disagree, there’s no denying that cats tend to be more aloof than dogs.

According to The Independent, Japanese researchers recently confirmed this: “Pet cats are more than capable of recognizing their owner’s voice they choose to ignore them – for reasons that are perhaps rooted in the evolutionary history of the animal.”


It’s no wonder that there are entire websites dedicated to the act of “dog shaming.” When dogs do something wrong, they tend to display feelings of guilt clearly on their faces. The pup in this photo is giving us a great example of what doggie guilt looks like. Interestingly, some animal behavior researchers believe that dogs don’t actually feel guilt – they simply put on guilty expressions to please their owners!

Scientist Elaine Henley told The Telegraph that “when [dogs] look guilty, they are reacting to their owner’s behavior — the tone of voice, the gestures, maybe even the way their owner’s smell.”

The Look Of Guilt

Here, we see a cat who is clearly full of guilt. You might be thinking “but she does not look guilty at all!” and that is our point exactly. Cats do not seem to feel guilt, an observation that’s been discussed at length in a New York Times column. In it, John Tierney said that one of the most common questions he fields from readers is whether cats feel regret or guilt.

One reader provided an amusing answer to this question: “They regret not being large enough to eat their keepers.” Another wrote that cats only feel regret for getting caught, not for behaving badly. The cat above could have just devoured the family’s pet parakeet, and she’d still be lounging contentedly like this.

Summertime Fun

Many dogs are avid fans of swimming. Whether in a lake, pond, ocean, river, or pool, dogs can’t seem to get enough time spent playing and splashing in the water. The picture above is from a doggie pool party.

You heard that right – these dogs love to swim so much that their owners arranged for them to have a swimming party together. Just look how much fun they’re having! Many pet resorts now offer swimming facilities as a standard amenity for this very reason.

Get Me Out Of Here!

Cats would not even bother to RSVP to a pool party invitation. That’s how much most of them dislike swimming. Check out this sad guy in the above photo. He’s clearly miserable and wants out of that pool NOW. Although some breeds of cats don’t seem to mind water much, many are quite averse to the wet stuff.


Cat expert John Bradshaw, Ph.D., told Mental Floss just why most cats despise being in water. “Domestic cats were descended from Arabian wild cats,” he says. “Their ancestors lived in an area with very few large bodies of water. They never had to learn how to swim. There was no advantage to it.”


Dogs have always been pack animals. This might explain why they’re more likely to get along with other dogs than cats are to get along with other cats. Just look at this photo of two precious husky puppies. They look overjoyed to be together, and each of them has a huge grin on its face! Chances are, they’ve spent the day bonding by playing together, wrestling, and chasing each other around the yard.

Fun fact: some dog breeds are even known to be friendlier with other dogs. Cocker spaniels, poodles, and golden retrievers are all on the top 10 list of dog-friendly dogs.

No Love Lost Here

Talk about sibling rivalry! Whether these cats are actually related or not, it sure looks like they’re having some kind of major disagreement at the moment. As we can see, the brown tabby cat is cruelly trying her best to give the orange cat a thorough dunking in the toilet. Have you heard of a prank called a “swirlie,” where one person dunks another person’s head in the toilet and flushes it?

Unfortunately, it appears that the poor orange kitty might become the victim of a swirlie very soon unless his tormentor changes her mind.

Not Afraid To Get Their Paws Dirty

If you want an example of an animal that doesn’t mind getting dirty, look no further than a dog. Many dogs, like the one pictured above, are not afraid to get coated from head to toe in mud. And if you’re not paying attention, they’re just as likely to try and jump into bed with you while they’re completely filthy.

In fact, it seems like some dogs prefer to be smelly and dirty. Whether it’s rolling around in the mud like this bulldog, digging holes in the garden, or jumping into stagnant pools of water, dogs are relentless in their efforts to get dirty.

The Neater Creature

This is how a cat is more likely to spend its time outside – not rolling around in the mud like a filthy animal. Everyone has seen a cat clean itself. It’s one of their most recognizable traits! Sometimes it can seem like they’re constantly licking themselves. In fact, the majority of cats really do spend about 50% of their time cleaning themselves!


That’s a lot of hours. Why do they do it so much? Turns out that cleaning has a few benefits: it cools the cat down, it wipes away food odors that could attract predators, and it improves circulation.

Loyalty Embodied

The photo above shows a dog named Maya. Maya has a trait that many dogs are known for – a great sense of loyalty to her human companion. You see, Maya’s human had to go to the hospital for surgery, and ended up needing to stay there for six days. Maya refused to leave the hospital and kept a vigil for her beloved human.

Efforts to bring her home were unsuccessful. It wasn’t until her owner was released that Maya left the hospital. “Whenever I go inside some place or another, she waits for me at the door,” Maya’s owner told The Telegraph.

Hide And Seek

This cat is doing the exact opposite of what we just saw Maya do. No, this cat actively hiding from her doting owner. The poor lady probably just wants to snuggle with the kitty that she provides food, a home, toys, and love for.

And this selfish cat wants nothing to do with her. Because what could be worse than being on the receiving end of a bunch of soothing pats and massages? And maybe even a fish-flavored treat? Nope, this cat wants none of that and prefers to hide out under the covers instead.

Dogs Think You’re The Boss

Lots of dogs look at their owners, wide-eyed, in awe of what great and generous creatures they are. You can see the gratitude in a dog’s eyes whenever their owner fills their dog bowl yet again with delicious food, throws their favorite tennis ball, and dishes out scrumptious treats.

Even poorly-behaved pups know that their owners call the shots around the house, and don’t prance around acting like they own the place. Cats on the other hand? Well, if you’re a cat owner, then you already know that’s a different story…

Meanwhile, Cats Think They’re The Boss

A dog will be forever grateful for anything you do for them. And we many anything. Give them a pat on the head? They love you. Ask them, “who’s a good boy?” They love you. Take them for a walk? Committed to you forever. But while dogs may realize that their human is the boss…cats on the other hand? Nope.

If you have a cat, you already know that the world is their oyster (er, or should we say litter box?) and you’re just living in it. Cats totally assume that because you feed them, pet them, and take care of their poo, they must be the boss! And you know what? Maybe they are.

Cats Are Jerks But Can Be Nice

One of the biggest differences between cats and dogs is their overall demeanor. As we were saying, dogs are nice but can be jerks. Cats, on the other hand, are jerks but can be nice! Unlike our lovable canine friends, cats tend to be independent, moody, and at times, downright vindictive (anyone ever have their cat knock over a glass of water on purpose?!) Despite this fact, we still love cats and will forever seek their affection.

Cat owners know that when their feline friend is being affectionate, they better enjoy it because it probably won’t last.

Hi, Hello, May I Have One Bite? Just One, Please, Hi

If one thing is true about dogs it is that they have absolutely zero shame when it comes to begging for food. Your food specifically. Even the most highly-trained pups have a hard time resisting trying to get just one little bit of their owner’s scrumptious dinner. We can’t really blame them either since a diet consisting of dry, flavorless kibbles would get a little bland after about, oh, a day.

Dogs will do just about anything to coerce you into giving them a nibble. Whether it’s barking or whimpering until it drives you nuts, or giving you that pitiful look like this pup, it’s easy for owners to cave!

Hello, Human, I Am Here For The Snack

Cats want their owners to know that they’re independent. Heaven forbid your feline ever felt like they had to rely on you for their survival. While cats may think they’re fine on their own, this doesn’t mean they’re strangers to the fine art of begging for food. Cats just have a different approach.

Cats will not give you a pitiful look ever, because, like we said, cats want to make it clear that they don’t need you. They’re here, they’re in charge, and they’re ready for their snack. It’s honestly best if you just give in now.

Slobbery Kisses

Dogs will take any chance they get to plant a big, slobbery kiss on their human’s face. Emphasis on the word slobbery. Dogs seemingly have an endless supply of love and affection to give, which mostly comes out in excited bursts where they will run in circles around you, jump at you, and of course, lick you like crazy.

While we may not always want this much affection, we have to admit it sure is nice to come home after a long day and see someone who is so excited to see us! It’s worth a little bit of slobber here and there.

Absolutely No Kisses

Ah, cats and affection. Two words that don’t always go together. While dogs are quick to show you love and affection via a slew of slobbery kisses, cats are different. Cats will rarely (and we really mean rarely) give you any kisses. Sure, every now and then a cat will give you a subtle lick, but their sandpaper-like tongues and moody demeanor are much different than their canine counterparts.

Dogs may want the same love and affection reciprocated, but cats? Absolutely not. This cat looks like they’re thinking don’t you dare come at me with an ounce of affection!

Working From Home With Dogs

Ah, the joys of working from home. Enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee and breakfast at home in the comfort of your pajamas before you walk the 15 feet to your computer. Sounds great, right? Working from home definitely has its perks, but when you add a dog into the mix, things can get a little…unproductive.

Sooner or later, your furry friend will grow tired of that peanut-butter filled toy and demand attention. Whether they’re begging to go on a walk outside or they want you to throw the ball for the umpteenth time, dogs aren’t always the best co-workers!

Working From Home With Cats

Working from home when you have a cat can be just as unproductive as working from home when you have a dog. Sure, your cat might not bark and paw at you incessantly waiting for you to take them on a walk—cats do something that is arguably worse.

Cats are obsessed with laptops and will make their way onto your keyboard at some point. Not only is this annoying but it can result in some pretty embarrassing and potentially unprofessional situations. Cat paws walking across your keyboard is a recipe for disaster!

I LOVE My Sweater!

Look at this little cutie all bundled up in her adorable holiday sweater. Since dogs tend to have such good temperaments, they’re pretty much down for whatever. This includes, but is not limited to, dressing up on Halloween and, of course, donning a stylish sweater during the winter months.

By the look on this pup’s face, not only is she totally fine with wearing a sweater—she’s embracing it and is probably forever grateful to her owner who works hard to feed her, pet her, and make sure she is the most stylish dog on the block.

What Have You Done

Uh oh. That is the look of danger. The look of what have you done? How could you have done this? When are you removing this atrocity from my body? I know where you sleep and I will revenge pee in your bed.

This little feline looks totally handsome in his red and orange sweater, but clearly, he’s not into it and wants it removed, like, five seconds ago. No matter how cold it is outside or how much his owner spent to keep him warm (and stylish), this cat is not (and will never be) grateful.

Let’s Snooze

Many of us who own dogs try our hardest to keep them off of the bed. But no matter how plush their dog bed is, nothing is more appealing to a pup than burrowing under the blankets and curling up next to their human. We have to admit, despite the drool, snuggling with your furry friend is pretty wonderful.

Waking up in the mornings can be especially tough when your cute canine companion is still tucked in beside you. This can be even harder on cold mornings. Let’s just hit snooze one more time.

It Is Time To Wake Up Human

Ah, cats. Where do they go when they sleep? It doesn’t matter if you fall asleep in your bed with your cat curled at your feet, it’s not hard to imagine them sneaking off in the middle of the night to do secret cat things. While cats can definitely be super snuggly like dogs, we think this photo shows a more accurate representation of cats in the morning.

Of course, cats need to remind us whenever they can that they’re the ones in charge around here, so when it’s time to get up, they let us know.

Dogs Eat Like It’s Their Last Meal

Just take a second and look at the cute pup above. That slightly crazed look in his eye. His tongue hanging out his mouth. His paw reaching with all of his might to get to those three measly Cheetos.

We have got to give it to dogs for being unabashedly committed when it comes to getting their food—and this canine is the perfect example of how just about every dog acts when food is on the line. Not exactly graceful or effective even, but it’s pretty dang funny!

Cats Eat Gracefully

Look at this cat eating her meal of white tuna and then think about the Corgi in the last slide. All it takes it two back-to-back photos of a dog and cat eating to show how hilariously different their feeding habits are. Sure, cats love a good meal, but they by no means will ever show that they’re desperate for food.

This is likely because they are so independent by nature that they know they can always go hunt for their next meal if they have to. Dogs on the other hand? They truly act like every meal is their last.

Owners Train Their Dogs

Each year, dog owners spend hundreds (or thousands) to train their dogs. Dog obedience training is no joke and can get expensive fast. Despite the cost, training is a great investment and can help train your pup to walk while off a leash, commands, and more.

Training ultimately lets your dog know that you’re in charge and teaches them how to obey you and respect you and others. But what about cats? It’s rare that we hear about a cat owner training their feline friend…

Cats Train Their Owners

It’s rare that we hear about a cat owner training their feline friend because unlike dogs, cats train their owners! Whether you want to believe it or not, it’s true—your cat has probably already conditioned you to act in certain ways without even noticing it. Take a minute to think about life pre-cat and now with your cat. How is it different?

We bet you have made subtle tweaks to your life (like hiding hair ties and investing in cat-friendly furniture) all or your cat friend. You may not be catering to your cat’s needs whenever they ring a bell, but it’s only a matter of time.

Exercise Is Good For The Mind And Body

This active pooch seems to enjoy a good workout. In the photo above, we see that he’s giving all he’s got to chasing and catching a ball – something that many other pets would see as a complete waste of energy.

No doubt, there’s a person standing just out of the photo who will throw the ball dozens, if not hundreds, of times to this dog. And the pup will probably go after each toss with the same enthusiasm we see here.

Making No Unnecessary Movements

Here, we see an (extreme) example of a cat at its laziest. This heavy-set orange and white kitty does not seem to enjoy exercise, or movement of any type really. He appears to be too lazy to even stand up or lift his head at meal time, preferring instead to lay on his side and shovel the food directly into his greedy mouth. No wonder he’s a little thick around the middle! He could use a little bit of exercise in his life.

Not all cats are this lazy, we just couldn’t resist including such a hilarious example of feline sloth.

Hey There, Stranger

There are two types of dogs. Those that love meeting new people and those that feel threatened by new people. Dogs that love meeting new people are either historically stranger friendly breeds or got a lot of exposure to meeting new people as a puppy. Dogs that love meeting new people will go up to them excitedly with a wagging tail!


They see new people as an opportunity to receive even more love! On the other hand, dogs that feel threatened by new people aren’t too keen to about new faces. They behave more shyly and may even bark at the stranger threatening their space.

I’m Sorry Wh-, Nvm I Don’t Care

Like dogs, Cats may like meeting new people as well. A cat that is actively exposed to meeting new people as a kitten is more likely to have a positive response as an adult. Cats that like new people will approach and greet guests. Cats differ from dogs in how they react to strangers when they feel threatened though.


A cat that doesn’t like new people or is shy may opt to hide until the new face has departed. Another potential outcome from meeting strangers that is typically unique to cats is that the cat might be completely indifferent to the stranger even being there.

Dogs’ Other Best Friend

Dogs sure do have a long list of things that they love, but did you know that dogs had their own equivalent to catnip? Throughout history, people have used Anise seeds in both food and medicine, but dogs absolutely love Anise seeds! In fact, the fake hare that Greyhounds chase after in races is covered in Anise.


Anise has been described as having a licorice type flavor and scent. Anise seeds can be grown at home or bought online, but should be used with care as too much of anything is never a good thing and an overload of Anise seeds can upset a dog’s stomach.

A Cat’s Best Friend

It is no secret that cats love catnip. This member of the mint family has been driving cats everywhere wild for years and that doesn’t seem like it’s going to change soon! Not all cats are susceptible to the effects of catnip, but cats that are, are in for a wild ride. The effects are said to last about ten minutes and cats experiencing the effects of catnip are said to act out by rubbing, drooling, licking, or rolling over. So is catnip safe?


Yes, just don’t overdo it. It can upset their stomachs if a cat is given to much catnip in a short period of time, and cats can even build a tolerance to it.

Dogs Love The Chase

Dogs love to chase things. Whether it’s a squirrel, their owner, or even their own tail, dogs love the chase. They feel exhilarated when they chase something fast or often just out of reach. Some dogs will even chase moving cars and stop the chase once the car stops.


It is believed that dogs do this because they have a high prey drive, and dogs are so obsessed with the thrill of the chase, that when chasing smaller animals, some dogs would even let the animal go when they eventually catch it. Although, a dog chasing their tail is less concerned with the thrill of the chase and is just simply bored!

Cats Love The Hunt

Unlike dogs, cats don’t chase things for the thrill of the hunt. When a cat comes detects a small animal, they are more likely to stalk, ambush or pounce on the animal with the ultimate goal of obtaining a nice snack. A domestic cat’s predatory instincts are still intact, and if given the opportunity, a cat will continue to hunt even if they are well fed and they are extremely efficient hunters.


To try and prevent their cats from hunting unnecessarily, some cat owners have attached small bells on their furry friend’s collars to alert potential prey of the cat’s presence.

Dogs Pay Their Owners Through Love

How do you know when your dog loves and accepts you? Well, they may hug you like this dog here when you’re having a bad day and don’t want to talk about it, or they may show you that they accept you in a number of other ways.


When a dog accepts you, they make it very clear through their actions and snuggling is one of the easiest and most common signs of a dog’s affection. Another way that a dog might show you their love and acceptance is by simply making eye contact with you or even smiling at you.

Cats Provide In Their Own Way

Cats haven’t exactly nailed the whole I accept you so let me show you some love thing yet, well, depending on what you’re into. Unlike dogs, cats don’t want to deal with the stress of feeling like freeloaders and to pay their owner back for all that they’ve done, cats believe in animal trophies.


Ever come home to your cat bearing the gift of a lifeless mouse? Don’t get mad, your cat accepts you and saved this tasty treat for all the hard work that you’ve done to keep them happy! Just make sure you wash your hands after dealing with your new prize and consider locking the kitty door during the day when you aren’t home.

Not All Dogs Are Party Animals

Although this dog seems to be rocking out at this birthday party, not every dog would be as enthusiastic in his situation. An interesting fear that some dogs have adopted is that of balloons. Although some dogs can be cool as a cucumber (we will talk about that next) around balloons, some dogs can’t stand them and will instead become instantly anxious, bark, whimper, or even frozen in fear when balloons are nearby.


It isn’t exactly clear what triggers this, but it could be strange way that balloons appear to sway that terrifies some dogs. Some dogs are even afraid of hot air balloons!

Speaking Of Cucumbers

By now you’ve probably seen one of the many cat videos online of cats vs cucumbers and Zucchinis. If you’ve seen the videos, then you know that cats aren’t just scared of Cucumbers. They are really scared of Cucumbers and Zucchinis. The videos basically contain owners sneaking up behind their cats, quietly placing either one of these large green objects behind their cat, and the cat eventually discovering it and leaping high into the air appearing terrified.


Behaviorists believe what is actually going on here is that the cats startle response is being triggered and that cat owners should avoid scaring their cats like this due to it causing intense amounts of stress.

Backyards Are Fun!

Dog love the opportunity to go outside and play in the backyard. That could mean digging a hole, running back and forth or playing a game with their owner. Some dogs even enjoy the luxury of having their own dog house in the backyard where they can take ownership of their own space and relax in while their owners are outside doing other stuff.


A well-trained dog knows their boundaries and learns after a while what their spatial limits are as far as the backyards beginning and ending. Take the little fella in the picture, he’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

I Run This Town!

Unlike dogs, there is no such thing as a backyard cat, as cats in the backyard take It upon themselves to makes sure their neighborhood is living up to their standards! Cats see fences as gateways to opportunity and would have their owners feeling like fences were purposely constructed as walkways for cats.


Once a cat is outside, good luck finding them until they get tired and decide to come back conveniently around dinner time. Cats really just love to go out and do their own thing. Who knows what cats do when they leave. Maybe they have multiple owners that they must visit to keep happy.

A Sticky Situation

Ever give your dog a sample of peanut butter? Then you know that it can be quite a sticky situation for them as they continue to lick themselves minutes after you take the spoon away. Dogs love peanut butter, and in moderation it can be a good source of protein and other essential vitamins and nutrients.


If you are going to feed your dog this sticky treat, just be sure try and give them unsalted Peanut butter as it’s healthier and avoid Peanut Butter with the sweetener Xylitol, as it could be very harmful to dogs and is easy to avoid as long as the owner is being diligent.

A Sticky Situation For A Cat Is Actually Scary

Those old cartoons about cats being stuck in trees are very much real, and surprisingly, cats can and do get stuck in trees fairly often. As with many things in life, cats find it extremely easy to get into their situation but way more difficult to get out of it.


Depending on how high the Cat is in the tree and how familiar you are with the Cat stuck in a tree, there are many techniques and strategies you can employ to help get them down. One of the more popular methods is using treats or laser pointers to help bring the cat down.

Getting Them Nails Done

For some owners, one of their least favorite things to do with their dog is trim the dog’s nails. The process of trimming nails could be stressful for both the dog and the owner because if the owner isn’t careful, they could end up harming the dog in the by cutting the nail down too much and hitting a sensitive are.


As a dog’s toenails are always extended, it is important to make sure they don’t get too long, as having long nails could affect a dog’s health and their ability to walk later on their lives. Trimming nails can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be! Next time it’s time to trim you pups nails, try turning it into a spa day for the two of you and bring love into the mix!

Staying Sharp

While dogs nails might always be extended, cats nails are more like a comic book character. In facts, they are hardly even referred to as nails, unlike dogs, everyone refers to cat nails as claws as they are. Cats have retractable claws that they can bring out whenever they feel necessary.


Having retractable claws helps a cat by preventing their claws from hitting the ground as they walk and thus keeping their claws sharp. Another advantage is that when they are sneaking up on prey, they don’t have to worry about the noise their claws would make hitting the ground as they make their approach.

Where Am I? How Did I Get Here?

It’s no secret that dogs have an extremely short attention span, but what about their memories? Well in short, a dog’s short-term memory last about five minutes. Dogs are the embodiment of living in the moment and that can be both good or bad depending on how you choose to see it.


Five minutes is actually very generous as a dog’s recollection of a recent event could even be gone in just seconds after it occurred! Luckily, dogs do have pretty good long-term memories, so they are unlikely to forget the scent of the person that loves them anytime soon.

Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten You

Unlike dogs, cats actually have pretty good short-term memories, especially when recalling something beneficial to them. A cat’s short-term memory is said to span a total of 16 hours! Their short-term memories are believed to be 200 times that of the average dog.


So that feeling that your cat was holding a grudge for something small that you did, is probably pretty close to the truth. If you aren’t ready to deal with the consequences of a vengeful cat, tread very lightly and be mindful of how your actions may impact them. Cats also have very strong long-term memories as well.

On The Clock

Well, it looks like it just turned 9 am, and for some dogs, it’s time to clock in! There are many jobs out there for dogs and many most seem satisfied with their career choices.


There are police dogs who work to protect the neighborhoods they live in, fire dogs who have a long history of keeping the Fire station safe, service dog who help those in need, sheepdogs who assist with the care of sheep, and infinitely more jobs out there for dogs depending on what they studied in school. Dogs are workaholics and who are we to stop them?

One Job Is Enough

Work? No, I think I’ll pass. Cats aren’t really keen to the idea of working hard. They don’t believe in a life of 9 to 5 and would rather live their life on their own terms while pursuing their dreams. Every now and then you might see a cat hard at work, but more often than not, they don’t feel that that lifestyle is for them.


They see having an owner as a job, so why would they decide to overburden themselves by picking up yet another job? If a cat’s parents ever threatened to kick them out as a result of being unemployed, the only job glamorous enough to live up to a cat, is an actor in Hollywood. Everything else is for the dogs.