The Hilarious Differences Between Cats and Dogs

Have you ever heard the expression “fighting like cats and dogs”? The saying means to fight or argue with someone constantly and comes from the premise that cats and dogs despise each other. Although we know that’s not necessarily the truth (there are plenty of cats and dogs who live peacefully together), there are definitely some traits that dogs have and cats don’t. And vice versa.

Although there are exceptions to every rule (we’ve all seen pictures of cats who love getting baths), there are some pretty clear differences between the way dogs typically behave and the way cats do. Here is a completely unbiased and scientific list of hilarious times that dogs were caught acting exactly like dogs, and cats at their most cat-like.

Bathtime Basics

One of the major ways that dogs and cats tend to differ is in their attitude toward taking baths. We think of dogs as being pretty cool about baths, and cats as hating them. This picture seems to provide evidence supporting that theory. Here’s a cute golden retriever pup who looks like he’s loving his bathtime. Just look at that smile!