You Goats To Be Kidding: These Goats Are Ridiculously Adorable

Goats are hands down the silliest creatures on the planet. They can scale a cliff at a nearly 90-degree angle and still look adorably hilarious. Let’s not even forget the adorable clickity, clackity sound they make hopping around on hardwood floors. If you don’t already think goats are the most adorable and silly animal to ever exist, these photos are definitely going to sway you.

Masters Of Climb

These goats are giving us major anxiety. It looks like their just one wrong move from plummeting to their death. How did they even climb up there anyway? They don’t even have opposable thumbs. How is this possible? Goats’ hooves are not your ordinary hooves. They are sharp and allow them to dig into the surface of cliffs. Their hooves are soft on the bottom, which allows their feet to seamlessly mold to the natural curves of the mountain. This is how they achieve their magical balance. As nerve-wracking as it is to look at, it’s unlikely these little fellows will fall down.

Goat In A Turtle Neck

This goat is ready for the cold. In fact, this goat is so ready that it has been exploring a future career as a model in an L.L. Bean catalog. Just imagine this goat donning his cable knit sweater during a crisp October morning off the coast of Nantucket. Imagine him pensively watching the waves crash against the lighthouse where you first met.

Perhaps this fall-ready little bugger has a totally different life. He’s merely walking to class on his Ivy League campus as the Connecticut weather sends a chill through his tiny, little spine. It’s never too late in the season to warm up with a PSL and a cable knit turtleneck.


Goats don’t have ears – at least not in the human sense. Sure, they hear great, but what they hear from are their floppy, little whatsits. These floppy, little whatsits are the main ingredient in an epic game of peek-a-boo (can your boring old ears play peek-a-boo). Flop their floppy little whatsits over their eyes and where did they go? Oh, wait. There they are, just calmly cuddling in your lap and allowing you to flop around their adorable little floppy whatsits. No matter how many times we say “floppy” it will never be enough to encompass the sheer adorableness of a goat playing games with its floppy, little ears.

Goat In A Backpack

This baby goat in a backpack is utterly adorable. Judging by the walking stick and hat this man is wearing, it looks like this goat is in its natural element. We wonder if he is hitching a ride, or is their goat from the farm, going out for an adventure. Either way, this goat has it made, exploring the outdoors and catching breaks in the backpack as they hike up the mountainside. Let’s just hope this little guy is uh, trained so there are no accidents in the knapsack here.

Sk8er Goat

He was a skater goat. He said see you later, goat. He wasn’t good enough for her. Some say Avril Lavigne wrote her hit song about a genuine skater boy, but others know better. This skater goat has been busy shredding the gnar and rocking out on MTV while all the other pretty, shallow goats are sticking up their noses and taking ballet classes. Side note: no goats need to take ballet classes because insane, choreographed jumping is just an inherent talent. But shredding the gnar better than your brother in his 15th hour playing Tony Hawk Pro Skater Underground – that’s impressive.

These Goats Are In A Brick Of Trouble

Is there any possible way that these goats could find their way down from this brick wall? How did they even climb up that high in the first place? If no one was there to see it happen, is it really happening? We’ve run the information and found one, simple answer: they’re goats, of course! There are certain laws of physics – rules which the entire world must follow. None of these apply to our silly, hooved friends. This pair managed to scale their way up a nearly flat brick wall better than Spiderman himself (and Spiderman needed radioactive venom to help him).

Goater Bike

No, sir. Your traditional Goater Bike isn’t at all like a motor bike. This one requires you to wear a goat like a backpack while you ride. Yes, you still have to pedal. In fact, pedaling might be even harder because of the weight of your brand new goat friend. Don’t worry, the ride is well worth it. In fact, we have a Groupon deal on Goater Bike rentals that tourists seem to love. There’s no better way to cruise around town and see all the sites. However, you still need a map. Goats cannot tell directions. Don’t be crazy!

Vincent Van Goat

This goat isn’t your average goat. He’s an artist – and so much cooler than you. Back when Vincent Van Goat got his liberal arts education, he was considered a visionary. You can bet he knew about that band everyone loves about five years before they became popular. Currently, Vincent Van Goat is squatting in some warehouse-turned-communal-living-space in Williamsburg Brooklyn. He detests your idea of the 9-to-5, but mostly because he’s never had to actually work a day in his life. His trust fund allows him to live in one of the most expensive parts of New York City while earning a meager paycheck hawking his paintings on Etsy. One day, he’s going to make millions from his art. Have faith!

Defying The Great Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemmingway once said “No animal has more liberty than the cat…The cat is the best anarchist.” Goats took those words and said, “PSYCH!” Not only is Baphomet, the occult leader, and symbol of the Church of Satan, a goat, but what goat has ever needed to call the fire department because it climbed too high? We’re not saying goats defy the laws of gravity and inherently reject the government because they’re linked with Satan, we’re just saying there’s some correlation there. It could be purely a coincidence, and frankly, goats couldn’t care less (they’re too busy scaling mountains and hanging out on top of trees).

Play It Cool, Jeff

Goat 1: Quick, Jeff. Play it cool. I don’t think they notice you’re here. You’re really blending in quite well. Maybe you should fake a smile? Yeah, smile with your teeth. Goats have bottom teeth, too. Can you make your hair a little bit more curly?

Goat 2: What if I just stand on top of him? Jeff, is this okay? You’re totally blending in, right? Let me just stand a little bit taller. Yeah, they definitely think you’re the ground, Jeff. Just act like the ground. We’ve got this.

Jeff: This is fine. This is totally fine.

Goat Rides Are For Kids Only

Horse: Dude, you’ve goats to go. They said pony rides are for kids only. I’m not getting paid enough for this kind of stuff. You think they’d raise the minimum wage for a measly farm horse. I’m basically their main attraction. No one values creative talent around here. It’s like they want you to do everything for exposure, nowadays. Hate to break it to you Old McDonald, people die from exposure. I’ve got a family to feed. I don’t need to put up with this. At least give me college credit if you’re asking me to perform.

Bro Goat (Broat)

This goat has style for days. So much so, that we will call him “Broat”, short for Bro-Goat. We haven’t come across many goats wearing hats, but this one is totally rocking it. We wonder how many hats he tried on before he found the one. This very dapper looking goat would catch anyone’s eye, and make you wonder what he’s up to. His coy grin makes him look like he’s up to something, and perhaps he is. Never trust a goat wearing a hat.

The Goatem Pole

In ancient times, goats used Goatem Poles to represent their clan and pay homage to goats who have passed on (kidding). These painted poles were intricately carved from wood and painted by hoof. In some cases, Goatem poles were created to shame and embarrass goats who committed socially abhorrent deeds like chewing up a farmers sweater or knocking over a fellow goat with sick jumps. This Goatem pole appears to be a little more modern…wait, it’s moving. Goatem poles aren’t supposed to move. Is it possessed? Are the spirits coming alive? No wait, this isn’t a Goatem pole. It’s just some goats.

Goats Got Your Tongue

This silly little goat just doesn’t know what to do with his tongue. He wants to gnaw on his human friend’s finger, but there’s just one problem – there’s no room in his little goat mouth for his little goat tongue. Instead, this silly little goat is sticking his tongue out like a kid whose mother forced them to use a thermometer. This little goat isn’t running a temperature, though. He’s pretty darn cool — at least cool enough to not look massively ridiculous with his tongue wagging around. What do fingers taste like anyway? We’re kind of okay not knowing.

The Goat King

Look, goat. Everything the light touches is your kingdom. A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, goat, the sun will set on my time here and with rise with you as the new king. This will be all yours – everything the light touches. Really though, don’t ever wander into that grey area of cliffs and bones. If you find yourself over there, you’ve goats to go. I know you like climbing rocks and stuff, but Pride Rock should totally be enough. Over there is just going to get you in trouble.

Totes McGoats

Nothing to see here – just a happy goat in a tote. Tote bags are a young goat’s preferred method of travel. Air travel is just too expensive and those cramped seats should be criminal. You know airlines are trying their best to shrink seat size even more? Busses are highly unreliable too. You never know when they’re going to show up. If there’s traffic – forget about it – but not totes. Totes are comfortable, snug and get you to where you’re going extra quick. You can even take a little snooze if you want. Go ahead – just try it!

Different Strokes For Different Folks

Not everyone is the same – but that’s okay. Though goats and sheep don’t look too different from each other, they’re certainly each a different species. Goats have 60 chromosomes, while sheep only have 54. They’ve got different tails and different hair, but when it comes down to it, are they really that different?

This adorable little goat doesn’t mind the little differences while he snuggles up close to his sheep friend. Yes, the sheep is fluffy beyond belief. We wouldn’t mind snuggling up to the living equivalent of a cloud either. Those smiles are pure bliss.

Sleep Over Party

There’s nothing more fun than a sleepover party – unless that sleepover party happens to involve goats. These adorable, little goats got their PJs on and are ready for some snuggling up and a couple games of MASH. Maybe they’ll do their nails, watch scary movies, or talk about the other goats they’ve got crushes on. Most likely, they’ll wind up running around the house, jumping off of every surface and delighting humans with their clickity-clackity heels. Next time you have a slumber party, who are you going to invite? Our guest list certainly isn’t complete without some baby goats.

Oh My Geep

Sheep are goats are different species, but on rare occasions, there’s a love connection. Some sheep and goats occasionally mate. Their offspring are even more adorable than you could have imagined. Meet the Geep. This sheep-goat hybrid has a sheep’s curly, fuzzy fur and a goat’s clompy, clicky heels. It’s got a slender body and legs that are made for jumping (we’d love to see this guy mid spin-kick). Also, look at that adorable little snout. This little guy looks like he’s wearing eyeliner and his patches of white and black fur are too cute for words. We’d let this little guy clickity-clack all over our home’s hardwood floors, and we wouldn’t even get mad at it.

The Duck Goat

This poor little rescue goat has so much anxiety. The only thing that makes her feel better is dressing up in this silly duck costume. Poor Polly has some serious medical issues – she’ blind and has neurological problems that make it hard to eat. As a result, she’s severely underweight. She also has attachment issues with her owner Lauricella. Whenever she doesn’t know where Lauricella is, she starts crying and frantically running around or sucking on the corner of a wall – but not when she’s wearing her duck costume. In her adorable little duck costume, Polly is instantly calm (and extra adorable).

Flower Crown Goat

This goat named Angel doesn’t need the flower crown filter, she enjoys wearing the real thing! This adorable goat resides on a goat sanctuary named Goats Of Anarchy where she clearly lives the best life. It’s obvious that she gets a ton of love and attention which she gratefully soaks up. Who would have thought that a goat could sit still with a flower crown and hold the pose for the camera? This is one behaved little goat who is sweet to her caretakers. One could only hope their flower crown would turn out this good!


A Sweet Goat With A Short Life

This sweet little goat was another one of the animals who lived on the goat sanctuary. Sadly he didn’t have a long life, but it was clear that he was loved every day! Even when animals are sick they do their best to comfort others, and this little guy did nothing but provide positivity and happiness to those around him. His little smile and big eyes will forever brighten days with the memories he’s made and his sweet soul captured in this image.


Family Forever


These goat siblings are named Chibs and Lyla and they are so adorable cuddled up together while taking a nap. One of the owners of Goats Of Anarchy sanctuary commented how closely bonded the two have gotten while spending time on the farm. While many might recognize the bond in human siblings, animals have a great sense of family bonds as well. Seeing how much these goats love each other can make us realize how important it is for some goats to stick together.

Not The Fastest Way To Get There

It’s goats’ natural instinct to climb things, as they originate from the Zagros Mountains in Anatolia. With that being said, goats can’t hide their habit of wanting to be just one step higher. Unfortunately for this turtle, the goat saw his shell as an opportunity to climb. Farmers have even caught their goats standing on top of horses and cows! This turtle is out of luck, because the goat will stay there until he spots something else that would be more fun to stand on.

Goat Stole Your Seat


If you leave your seat, it’s up for grabs, house rules. This goat stole their owner’s patio seat and is not apologetic about it. Their tongue hanging out shows they know what they did and they’re happy about it. Now they have to go find their own seat. The point isn’t to be seated comfortably but to have a better view. Even if it happened to be a stool or a rocking chair, our bet is that the goat would try to climb it regardless. but look at that face, how could you be upset?

Sure, I’ll Sit Here

These are two well-behaved animals! Here this beautiful Dalmatian mix is keeping the baby goat company sitting in this storage container. It’s unclear why either of them is sitting in the container, but it appears that the dog is keeping the little goat company. Both seem totally calm around each other and are probably familiar with one another. You would think it would be hard to get either of them to stay in this container box, but they both seem quite content.


That Doesn’t Look Comfy

This goat appears to have been a little worn out from running and climbing on things all day. As the sun starts to fade, he’s totally exhausted and wants to take some rest. Maybe he was trying to climb up on this structure when he realized he didn’t have any more left to give, and resorted to resting two of his legs instead of four. While he would just curl up on the grass, his goat instinct tells him to sit on something higher! We wonder if they’re ever just satisfied being on flat ground.

Two Peas In A Pod

These two cuties are relaxing in a pool of Timothy hay on the Goats of Anarchy property. Sitting in a pool of endless food is pretty much anyone’s dream, so it’s clear to see that these two have it good! (You can donate to the goat sanctuary through their website.) The charity group was voted People’s Voice Winner in the category of Animal Social Media. it’s clear to see why, as these goats are so happy and photogenic! It’s incredible how animals in need can be so loving.




This goat has the goofiest grin and they love to show it off! This goat is totally ready for the closeup, and right before the image was taken gave it his biggest pearly white grin. His gap tooth is adorable and his friendly little face shows he loves the attention that he is getting. Goat’s eyes are horizontal, where as humans are round. This gives them more peripheral vision so they can see what’s going on, on either side of them. His wide eyes and open smile make this guy totally adorable.

Oh, Hey

This cutie is kicking back in a tub of hay, looking totally relaxed. Sometimes you just have to kick back and watch the world go by. This goat looks serene, enjoying the calming nature and some tasty food. One of the caretakers on the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary came up to take a photo and you can see that the goat was happy to see them. What a sweet animal to greet you each day. Her floppy ears are amazing, and only increase her cuteness.


Goat’s Night In


These goats are named Pocket, Pippa, Polly, Frankie, and Poppy and are also part of the Goats of Anarchy Sanctuary. When they were little they lived inside. Here they’re curled up on the coach in their PJs. It looks like they decided to skip the club tonight, order food in and binge watch some Netflix. Yeah these goats aren’t going anywhere tonight, but it looks like they’ll scoot over just enough to let you have a seat with them. After two minutes curled up with these cuties, you’d probably decide to stay in too!

He Loves The Holidays

This goat is into the Halloween spirit with their orange and black witches hat. They are really hamming it up for the camera too with their adorable tongue sticking out. It looks like his ear might have been munched and he’s recovering at the goat sanctuary. But he’s not letting his past get in the way of total goat bliss. This is one happy little guy who also seems to have the habits of a human, sitting in his chair, enjoying the fall foliage.


Goats Like To Fit In Boxes Too

We thought it was only cats who followed the “if I fit, I sit” mentality, but it appears that goats love to sit in boxes too! This goat managed to get all of his legs in, but it’s going to take a bit of work getting his rear-end in there. Someone caught this goat in the act though, which looks pretty funny as they’re trying to get comfortable. So not only do they like climbing on top of things but in things. Goats are also known for their stubborn personalities, so even if this goat realizes he doesn’t quite fit in the crate, he’s probably going to keep trying anyway.

Does This Tree Grow Goats?

There are so many goats in this tree that it’s pretty incredible. Goats can climb pretty much anything, and if they see one of their goat friends climbing something, they have to one-up them. Here it looks like one of the goats started climbing the tree and the rest thought, “no, I can go higher.” And soon, there were around eight of them perched up on these branches. While they aren’t a predatory species, birds might find it weird that there are so many goats in the tree and opt to find another one. We wonder how gracefully they can get back down?!

He’s Part Of The Family

This sweet little goat appears to just be a baby and is still spending most of his time indoors. It’s not unusual for owners to have their goats indoors until they are strong and healthy enough to be outside. This little guy appears to feel right at home indoors where his dog sibling makes sure to take good care of him. It’s adorable that goats get along with other species, including the family dog. We hope these two have a long and happy life together!

Sweater Weather

These cuties are cuddled up in their pink sweaters, ready to play in the snow. Baby goats are called “kids” and just like human kids, need a little extra tender love and care. If goats don’t grow a thick enough coat, or if they are a few pounds underweight, many owners will cozy them up with a sweater to keep them warm in winter weather. These goats look totally content in their sweaters sitting in the snow. They’re clearly very well taken care of and happy to hang out together.

Bath Time

These kids are having their bath time in the yard. They’re so little both of them manage to fit in this bucket of suds with room to spare. While they seem calm and relaxed in the moment, you can only imagine the jumping and playing they’ll do in this bucket of water. Goats are very sweet when they’re little and make a great addition to the family with some yard space. These two kids will no doubt be best friends for life!

Goat Cuddles

This guy looks like he’s had a long day and is ready to be carried. His sleepy smile is adorable, combined with the one-ear-up. This guy doesn’t seem to mind holding the sleepy goat, and who would? This cutie is ready to snuggle and sleep in the cool fall weather and these people are lucky to have him. Goats are proven to put people in a relaxed, happy state, so it’s a win-win situation. Pygmy and Kinder goats are top choices for companions, growing to be between 40-80 pounds. They’re active and don’t lounge much, but when they do, they’re adorable!

Oak The Handy Goat

This Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Oak likes to spend time with his mom and help out with her daily chores around the farm. Here he’s helping her put together his hay storage box. Maybe he knows that the faster it’s put together, the quicker he’ll be fed! While many people might assume goats like to run around and do their own thing in open space, this goat shows that he likes to be around his humans and is careful with their things. What a happy place to be, even the dog is smiling in the background.


Mandi And Briar Are Besties

@freepsiritrescue posted this image on Instagram of their cat Mandi relaxing at the farm with a goat named Briar. Although the property is an equestrian rescue, these animals enjoy the land too! She commented, “Mandi hangs out in the goat pen every day. She sleeps with them, plays with them and even shares kisses with them.” It’s so nice to see animals of different breeds being so sweet to each other. It is a good reminder that even though we are all different, we all have the ability to be kind and to get along.