Tiny Kittens Found Holding Each Other Refused To Let Go

A sibling bond really is strong among all living beings, including these adorable tiny kittens. Although they were abandoned by their mom, they always protected and loved each other.

They wanted nothing but to stay together, and once found by the Rescue Chatons Montreal, they hoped for nothing more but to be adopted together forever.

Meet Ines And Bane, The Kitten Bffs Found On The Street

Photo Credit: Rescuechatonsmontreal / Facebook
Photo Credit: Rescuechatonsmontreal / Facebook

When Ines And Bane were found, they were just five weeks old, approximately. The poor little things were found together, but alone and outside. They seemed mostly healthy, but one of the kittens had a bit of an eye infection.

Mostly, they just looked and felt so lost. There was no mother or any kind of caretaker in sight. When they arrived at the shelter, they weighed no more than 600 grams, which meant they had to be monitored carefully to make sure they survived.