The Most Adorably Cute Cross-Species Friendships You’ll See Today

Sometimes two people get together and things just click. In the animal kingdom, such bonds are harder to come by. But when they do, they make for some of the most beautiful pairings that Mother Nature could conceive. Here are a few magical animal matches. Can you guess what animal Bubbles the elephant befriended?

Koko and Her Babies


Koko the gorilla is famous for her knowledge of sign language. This big-hearted gorilla yearned for a companion, so when she was finally given a kitten, her motherly instincts were unveiled. Koko lives in Woodside Hill in California, and although she is unable to mother any of her own babies, she adores her kitten children.

When Koko turned 44, the ape was introduced to an entire litter of kittens. After carefully interacting with them, she picked up one and cuddled it and put another on her head. In sign language, she announced that the two kittens were now her babies.