Ridiculous Animals Proving They Can Sleep Anywhere

Have you ever spent the night tossing and turning, not able to fall asleep because you’re worrying about things like work and school and bills? If so, you’re not alone. The Centers for Disease Control estimate that 50-70 million American adults suffer from some type of sleeping disorder. That’s a whole lot of tired people! There aren’t as many statistics out there about animals and sleep, but we tracked down some photos of adorable critters that prove many of them can pass out at a moment’s notice.

Laundry Is Such A Chore

Let’s face it, no one likes to do laundry. But how many of us can say that we’ve fallen asleep while putting our clothing out to dry?

This cat apparently decided to take a nap rather than do chores and she fell asleep stretched out on the laundry rack. Looks… comfortable?

This Pig “Nose” How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

OMG, can’t stand this cuteness! This little piggy has somehow fallen asleep while laying directly across her mama’s snout. And she seems to be resting peacefully as well, despite having a baby on her face.

That baby is like a “mini me” of her mom, right down to the precious blonde eyelashes. The pair of them appear to be in hog heaven right here. It’s said that pigs are really good at two main activities: sleeping and eating. This photo proves the sleeping part, at least!

Not A Safe Way To Drive

A lot of people, especially babies, can fall asleep really quickly in the car. This dog apparently fits into that category since it looks to be completely passed out behind the wheel, with its head down on the pedals. So unsafe. The two cups of coffee in the center console indicate that the dog might even have a problem with narcolepsy and needs caffeine 24/7 just to stay awake.

On second thought, look at the green wire hanging out of the dashboard. Maybe this dog is a mechanic and is down there working on the car’s electrical system? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Champagne Wishes And Kibble Dreams

Oh, to be a puppy asleep in a huge dish of food. That’s everybody’s dream, right? Maybe not, but this baby pup seems to be totally content to have passed out while in the middle of a meal. The fact that her whole body is in the bowl might indicate that she needs a smaller dish, buts she’ll probably grow into it pretty fast if she keeps eating so much food.

I mean, a dish that large would probably hold her body weight in dog kibble at this point. After eating such a huge meal just about anyone would zonk out.

Cleanup On Aisle 12

It’s really hard to tell exactly what is going on in the photo. It looks like the cat has passed out right in the laundry aisle of Target, but there are so many questions about how it ended up in this situation. Is this a human companion cat that is able to run errands for its owner but somehow ended up falling asleep on the job?


Or maybe it’s a stray that had a little too much catnip and wandered into the local 7-11. That would explain the reason it’s right in front of the chip display.

Cuppa Chippy

Here we have a nice energizing cup of hot coffee, the perfect thing to wake up someone who’s been tossing and turning in bed all night. Oh wait. That’s not coffee, it’s an adorable baby chipmunk who seems to have gotten into a camper’s cup and totally passed out.


Just look at the way he’s perfectly curled up in there… he looks completely content and unaware that he’s sleeping in something that’s better suited to hold hot liquids. We’d let the little guy stay in there as long as he wanted because he’s just too cute to evict.

That’s A Serious Nose Job

At first glance, this dog looks totally comfy. She has a nice warm bed to sleep on and is so relaxed that she’s just letting her head hang off gently with her ears back. But check out the way she has her nose pressed onto the floor.


Did she not notice that while she was drifting off to sleep? It seems like this would be a pretty painful way to take a nap. Wonder if her nose will be all pushed off to the side when she finally wakes up and lifts her head?

The Vet Was Too Much To Handle

It looks like this pup couldn’t handle yet another visit to the vet! He did the best thing he could think of and played dead so that he wouldn’t have to endure the poking and prodding of the vet’s strangely cold hands. Well, it seems as if this corgi took playing dead a little too seriously since he ended up just falling asleep in the process!

At least now, he won’t be conscious during his unbearable exam. Let’s just hope that he won’t wake up during it or else he will be in for quite a surprise!


Have you ever seen a sloth sleeping? If you’ve ever seen one awake you can probably imagine what a sleeping one looks like, since they move veeeeerrrrry slowly even when they are being active. This sloth seems to have completely conked out while walking from Point A to Point B and just had to sprawl out for a little nap to recharge.

Fun fact about sloths: you couldn’t guess by looking at them but they’re closely related to armadillos! Also, archaeologists have found skeletons of extinct sloths that were elephant-sized. Can you imagine how large those claws must have been?

Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner

Here’s an animal that blends in perfectly with its surroundings. Orange walls, orange carpet, orange cat. So did the cat go into the corner to hide, using its special indoor camouflage, and just fell asleep while it was there? Or was it sent to the corner for “time out” because of something naughty it had done?


Either way, this cat appears to be completely comfortable hanging out there with its head propped up against the wall. But it will probably have a pretty severe crick in the neck once it wakes up from that catnap.

Boring Book… Yawn

This book must have been dullsville. It couldn’t even keep this ferret engrossed. In fact, it was so boring that it completely put him to sleep. I did not realize that ferrets are avid readers, but apparently the smart ones do enjoy a good book every now and then. The book pictured is obviously not one of the “good” ones that ferrets prefer.


Maybe it’s a book about a dog or alligator or some other non-ferret animal. Yawn. The ferret looks pretty darn adorable fast asleep on top of that boring book though, doesn’t it?

Potted Hound

Now, this isn’t something you see every day… a hound dog sleeping while stretched out between outdoor pots. This photo raises two different theories. First is that the dog used to sleep in just one of those pots when he was a lot smaller. And has simply spread out to put his head in the second pot now that he can’t fit in just one.


The second theory is that the dog knows that things tend to grow in pots, so is hanging out in there hoping that he’ll become a giant that can intimidate other neighborhood dogs. He’s probably not helping those flowers he’s completely smashed though.

The Straddler

It looks like this small dog might have gotten a little too settled into his latest Netflix binge and just fallen asleep. Lots of people drift off in front of the television. What makes this sleeping dog photo unique is the way that he’s bridging the gap between the sofa and the table, with his body on the couch and head on the table.

If you look a little closer you can see that his face is right next to an inhaler. Remember people, keep all of your prescriptions away from your kids (whether they’re the furry kind or not).

The No-Frills Way To Nap

This is about as bare-bones as it gets when it comes to napping: simply lie down on the nearest hard floor and zonk out. Preferably with your paws held straight up in the air. That’s exactly what this bunny rabbit has done… no bed, no grass, no blankie needed for this sleeping professional. Hey, they say it’s good for the spine to sleep on a hard surface.


And a rabbit should know about this since a healthy spine is very important when you spend your waking hours hopping around. Maybe we should all take a cue from this wise bunny.

Blinded By The Light

They say that curiosity killed the cat. It only put the cat to sleep in this case (thank goodness). This photo of a cat that fell asleep while looking out the window, probably bird watching, is completely hilarious. You know this guy’s owner placed the kitty condo right by the window for this very reason, and it looks like a pretty relaxing place to take a snooze.


In fact, it looks just like the position you’re supposed to be in to get a massage. Perhaps there’s a masseuse on the way to further relax this sleepy kitty.

A Prickly Position

Porcupines are nocturnal, which means they’re more active at night. So during the day is when they’re likely to try and get some sleep. This prickly fellow passed out while stretched out on a tree trunk, high up in the air. It might seem like a weird place to snooze, but porcupines apparently prefer sleeping in trees, especially on hot summer days. He’s picked a perfect spot, too, since it’s nice and shaded.


Being high up in the trees will make it harder for predators to get him. Porcupine predators include wolves, bears, coyotes, and great horned owls. I would not want to end up on the losing end of a fight with a porcupine!

King Of The Jungle Doesn’t Care If He’s Cool

When you’re the king of the jungle, pretty much no one is going to try and mess with you. That explains why this lion has allowed himself to fall asleep in such a hilarious position. How absolutely un-regal of him! He’s fully splayed out on his back, with his legs sticking up into the air resting on the wall behind him.


He sure looks relaxed, at least. So relaxed we wouldn’t be surprised if he starts drooling soon. If that happened, I could picture some brave animals teasing him for it, king of the jungle or not.

Ice, Ice Baby

You might not believe it, but this cute little squirrel is sleeping in a bowl of ice. That’s right – ice, the really cold stuff that we use to keep our drinks cold. And it looks like the squirrel is in absolute bliss. It turns out that this photo was taken in Oklahoma. The state experienced a severe heat wave, and one local woman felt bad for all the squirrels who were suffering through it.


So she began leaving bowls and cups of ice out for them so they could cool off. The squirrel in this picture was so grateful that he completely passed out while he was cooling himself off.

Uh Oh, Asleep On The Job

This is one of the most unlikely places to fall asleep: on top of a sheep’s back. But that’s exactly what happened to this sheepdog! She looks completely content to snooze on the backs of the sheep she is supposed to be herding. I guess this means that she was asleep on the job.


Hopefully she doesn’t get a demerit for her innocent little nap and is allowed to keep her sheepherding gig! It would sure be a shame to get into any major trouble for doing something that’s so darn cute.

Rocky Raccoon

Well, if this sleeping beauty doesn’t take the cake. The raccoon here, we’ll call him Rocky, is just about the cutest napper alive. Even if you take away the adorable pink tongue sticking out, there are so many other terrific things about this picture.


For starters, Rocky is wearing a tiny t-shirt and is sleeping in a bed. Second, Rocky’s pillowcase is totally awesome and we want the same one! Also, Rocky appears to be an architect (the best profession for a raccoon to get into) based on the scale model of a building he’s sleeping in front of.

Watermelon Zzzzzzs

There’s a whole lot of “what?” going on in this scene. I guess these cats went to Japan to take a nap. One chose to lie on a wooden table and the other is trying to fall asleep while draped on top of a watermelon. I have no clue why a cat would choose to hang on a piece of fruit like that, but it actually looks like it’s pretty comfortable.

Maybe the watermelon cat will fall asleep soon like his lucky little friend already has. Wonder what kind of dreams you might have when you sleep on a watermelon?

Guess How Much A Giraffe Sleeps At Night

Now, this is something most of us don’t see every day! This giraffe really doesn’t look too comfortable, does he? With that looooong neck, it’s probably pretty hard to find a comfy position to sleep in. That’s a part of the reason that giraffes in the wild don’t sleep much. In fact, they only need about half an hour a day of sleep!


Their necks also make them extra vulnerable to predators which is another reason they don’t sleep a lot. Adult giraffes even sleep standing up at times, in order to get away quickly if danger approaches while they’re trying to catch some zzzzs.

Care For A Walk?

Most dogs absolutely love to walk. Both of my dogs completely freak out when I get my special “walking hat” out, and continue to bounce around until they’re leashed up and out the door. This dog seems to have a much different attitude about walking. He’s apparently so bored by the activity that he passed out right in the middle of his daily walk.


The expression on the woman’s face appears to say that she’s dealt with this exact situation before. I think it might be time for her to find a new running and/or walking partner! Leave this guy at home next time.

It’s Only Natural

At first glance you might assume that this little hedgehog might be kind of uncomfortable. After all, she’s sleeping directly in a bed of razor-sharp cacti. But wait, the hedgehog herself is completely covered with prickles. Her quills even make her look a lot like a cactus.


Come to think of it, this might be the safest place ever for a hedgehog to completely relax and veg out. No one is going to mess with her when she’s surrounded by a bed of sharp prickles! That is one clever little hedgehog right there!

Put A Bird In It

Here it appears that there’s a bird taking a nap while wearing a sweater and a jacket. Not quite. The Reddit user who submitted this photo wrote, “This is Ender, my conure.” She went on to say that Ender prefers to sleep while nestled into her chest. So it’s not really the bird wearing those clothes, he’s simply resting against his owner. It sure looks warm and comfortable in there, doesn’t it?


By the way, if you’ve never heard of a conure, you are not alone. Wikipedia says that they are a “group of small to medium-sized parrots… found in the Western Hemisphere.” Hey, you learned something new today!

Lulled To Sleep With A Movie

How many of you fall asleep easily when you’re watching a movie? It can be easy to zonk out when you’re curled up in your favorite spot on the couch with a favorite movie playing in the background. This kitty seems to have gotten it wrong here, though. Instead of watching the movies while nestled on the sofa, he’s just passed out right on the DVD rack.


That doesn’t even look comfortable but as we’ve seen, comfort while sleeping apparently doesn’t seem to matter to lots of animals. “Just pass out anywhere you want” is an apt motto for the animals in this gallery.

A Shoe Bed For A Tiny Puppy

This is pretty darn cute. The tiny puppy is so small that she can fit right into her owner’s tennis shoe. It looks like she’s comfortable and that the shoe is giving her all the neck and shoulder support she needs for good posture – something I’m sure the dog is majorly concerned about.


One other note about this sleepy scene… it’s a good thing those shoes look brand new or the odors coming from them could probably totally knock her out. Especially if the person who owns them is an avid runner. P-U!

What Better Place For A Baby Otter To Sleep?

Awww. Check out this mother otter and her baby swimming along. More accurately, the mom is swimming while the baby (called a pup) simply hitches a ride on her belly and begins to peacefully snooze. This scene is really not all that uncommon, as otters do tend to spend quite a lot of their time in the water and a mother is likely to carry her children while they’re this young.


Either way, I’m pretty sure I couldn’t fall asleep while riding on top of someone who was swimming down the river. Lucky little otter.

Cat On A Counter

How is this cat’s position even possible? Does it have a brace underneath it that is hidden from the camera? The cat appears to be straddling two counters, with its belly hanging in mid-air. So how is it not falling down? Surely the head and feet are not strong enough to grip on to the counter and hold the cat’s body up.

Maybe this feline has been doing planks and simply has abs of steel? I suppose this is a good example of the importance of core work… don’t skip it! Especially if you want to sleep on the kitchen counter like this cat.

Foxy Parking Lot

This fox seems to be way out of her natural habitat. She appears to be in the middle of a mall parking lot and is completely passed out on the windshield of a parked vehicle. This photo raises so many questions: how did the fox end up in the parking lot? Was she there to get some shopping done?


And most importantly, does she know the owner of the car that she chose as her resting place? I suppose we’ll never learn the answers to any of these questions unless the fox sees this online and writes back to us.

A Curious Squirrel

This adorable curious squirrel appears to have been checking out a photographer’s camera and passed out in the middle of his inspection. He fell asleep directly on top of the camera, and it doesn’t even look that comfortable so he must have been insanely tired! Or perhaps he was interested in trying his own hand (paw) at photography.


I’ve seen plenty of human-shot pictures OF squirrels but would love to see a book full of photos taken BY squirrels. It would become a best-seller, no doubt. Someone get this guy photography lessons pronto! Let’s get this project started!

No One Will See Me Here

This white cat seems to have thought of had a clever hiding place for a quick and interrupted snooze: the bathroom sink. After all, she blends right into the sink and counter. You might walk past the bathroom, glance in, and not even notice the fact that she’s curled up with her zzzzzzs in the sink.


But you have to wonder… is this kitty cat aware that sinks are capable of releasing water? Lots and lots of water? Since most cats don’t like getting wet, we can only assume that this cat isn’t wise to the fact that a sink might not have been the smartest place to take a nap.

I’m On A Boat!

All we know about this photo is that the sea lion pictured must have been pretty tired of swimming. He got into this boat somehow, maybe while the owners were not using it, and has totally passed out on one of the boat’s benches. We have to admit that he looks pretty comfortable and we hope that the people who discovered this zonked-out critter allowed him to finish his nap before kicking him off and back into the water.

The fact that they took a picture of him sleeping seems to indicate that they’re amused by the situation, so they probably let him continue sleeping for a while.

Vineyard Kitty

You might not be aware of this, but many vineyard owners keep cats on the premises. In fact, in an interview with Wine Business, one winery owner said, “I was having a problem with rodents in my winery barn” until he brought in some cats from the local shelter. He continued, “cats are a great natural organic rodent control!


One of them has become less shy and sometimes follows winery visitors from the tasting room to the parking lot. They seem to enjoy our winery cat.” This winery cat, however, seems to have fallen asleep on the job. Oops. Just don’t tell the boss.

What A Fluffy Place To Sleep

These two animals must be really close friends. We can’t think of any other reason that they’d end up in the situation where the elephant is actually dozing on top of the emu. He even has his trunk all curled up in her soft tail feathers. The emu appears to be acting as a lookout while her little buddy naps.


She’ll be sure to wake him up if danger approaches. Or if her bottom falls asleep from the weight of his big elephant head! They won’t be able to sleep like this once he grows too much larger… maybe they’ll switch places and she will sleep on him while he looks out for trouble!


Perhaps the wee little kitty here has a cold and was simply tired of having to get up for a tissue every five minutes. It would sure save a lot of time to just sleep directly in the box of Kleenex, that’s for sure. What’s most likely, though, is that the curious cat was snooping around in the bathroom and discovered that the tissue box was the perfect size for her to curl up and fall asleep in.


Let’s hope that none of the humans in that house have animal allergies, or they’re in for a big surprise the next time they blow their nose and find that their tissue is chock full of cat hair.

A Very Daring Fox

This fox likes to live on the edge, apparently. Not content to sleep somewhere “safe” or “normal” (like the hood of a car, haha), this fox instead climbed up the side of a house to its second-floor balcony. The height doesn’t even seem to faze him, as he’s just casually draping his tail over the dangerously close ledge.


We’re lucky that the quick-thinking homeowners saw him up there and snapped a quick photo, and we really hope that they were able to get the little guy down to safety too! Once he woke up from his “danger nap,” of course.

Burning Rubber While Catching Zzzzzzs

There’s nothing to see here, folks, move along please. It’s just your everyday horse sleeping on a pile of tires. This looks so uncomfortable. His horsey heiney is all crammed down in the middle of the tires, with all of his legs sticking out in weird angles.

Not to mention the fact that his snout is pressed right into the gravel. I’m no expert on horse sleeping positions but this doesn’t look natural to me. Someone get this horse a Sleep Number bed pronto or he’s going to need a lifetime of expensive chiropractic adjustments.

Telephone Pole Slumber

At first glance you might think that there’s something dangerous going on in this photo. After all, it’s not every day that we spot a huge bear who’s peacefully sleeping at the top of a telephone pole. But bears are actually good at balancing in tall trees, and even prefer to sleep up in high branches, where they’re out of the way of dangerous predators.


This bear probably wasn’t even aware that he had climbed a telephone pole instead of a tree, and looks to be resting comfortably up there. Let’s hope that next time he finds a real tree and not a pole that’s wired for electricity.

A Cat That Takes “Flexibility” To A Whole New Level

We can only guess that this sleeping cat takes a lot of yoga classes because snoozing in this position would give most people and animals a real pain in the back. He’s so sound asleep and relaxed that he does not even seem to notice that he’s slowly slipping out from under his purple blankie and is on track to fall directly onto his noggin.


That will sure be a rude awakening! Maybe someone will gently wake him up before then and save him a headache that is inevitable otherwise.

Flowerbox Intruder

LOL! How on earth did this raccoon end up falling asleep in a window-mounted flowerbox? It almost appears that she fell backward into it and found the position so comfortable that she couldn’t help but zonk right out.


She’s sure to have some cricks when she does wake up and extricates herself from the flower box, as it does not really look like a natural position for a raccoon (or any animal, really) to sleep in. Raccoons are usually spotted sleeping in their dens or in hollow trees, not out in the open in gardening equipment.

A Big Bowl Of Kitten

This cat fell asleep in a bowl, but it’s a wonder how she might have gotten there in the first place! If anything, her humans must have poured her into this bowl to see if she would react at all, but clearly, this cat has no qualms about sleeping in such a curled up position! Cats are the experts at curling up, after all!


She probably finds it more comfortable to have that support up against her body as she curls up into the tight ball. This cat looks super comfortable and at peace, so that’s probably why they left here there in the middle of the floor.

The Sandal Cat

This kitten seems to have fallen asleep in her human’s sandal! It looks like she was having fun attempting to crawl into the sandal, but probably got stuck and started struggling half-way through. The struggle must have been too much though since she apparently fell asleep in doing so!

This kitten looks too precious to be disturbed, which is why her humans probably didn’t do anything to let her fall asleep in a more comfortable position. But who knows? This cat probably finds this position very safe and secure since there is something wrapped around her body as if to hold her tight.

I’ll Just Wait Here Until You Get Back

We wonder how this little guy got to falling asleep up against his cage like that. Our guess would be that he was crawling around on top of his wheel, but slipped and fell inbetween the wheel and the wall of the cage. It would have been hilarious to see his little paws squirming as he tried to get himself out!


It’s too bad that no one did see that, though, because they weren’t there to help him out of this compromising position. He probably got tired during the struggle and fell asleep, ending up having to wait for someone to come save him.

The Totem Raccoon

This raccoon somehow fell asleep at the top of a pole. For one, it’s impressive that he climbed all the way up there with very little effort, but we think that it’s even more impressive how he is managing to balance himself at the top! His body is clearly too big for the circumference of this pole, but that doesn’t stop him from mastering this balancing act—all while he is sound asleep!

Let’s just hope something doesn’t startle him because if that does happen, we’re sure this raccoon is in for a painful fall and an awfully rude awakening.

The Vino Kitty

How adorable is this?! This kitten fell asleep in a wine glass and looks completely at peace! She was probably playing with her humans, who found that her small size allows her the advantage of fitting in incredibly small spaces. They probably placed her in this wine glass and the shape of the glass made her curl up into a small little fuzz ball!


The shape her body took in the glass might have reminded her of being in her mother’s womb and it probably felt so comforting that she fell fast asleep in no time.

How Is This Even Comfortable?!

This cat was probably laying out by the window, as most cats tend to do so that it can absorb the warm rays of the sun. Clearly, this cat was enjoying that a little too much because look at how comfortable he appears to be in this sleeping position! He fell asleep on the guard rails of the window but it’s a wonder how he is even managing to balance his entire body there since it doesn’t seem very supportive.

But cats are apparently very flexible and agile animals, so it looks like this guy figured it out all with his eyes closed. Pretty impressive if you ask us!

The Keeper Of The Kibble

This little guy is too cute! It seems that he fell asleep in a food dish on top of the dog food that was already in there. He was probably stuffing his face and was so full, that he ended up curling up and nestling himself into the dish! Talk about a food coma!


We don’t even think that that’s his food bowl to begin with, since there is a smaller dish filled with food that looks more suitable for this puppy’s size. But this pup think’s he’s a big boy and was having too much fun eating out of the big dog bowl.

First In Line For The Next Barbecue

We bet that the owners of this cat were probably wondering where he was the for the past few days. Figuring that he’d turn up eventually, they figured they’d go on as if everything was okay. So when they went out to the grill one night to cook dinner, they were probably pleased to find that their cat had fallen asleep there!

He probably wanted to be first in line for the next delicious round of barbecue that his humans were bound to cook up and just couldn’t miss out on that. It looks like this cat took the steadfast approach and waited where all the action was going to go down.

There’s A Kitten In My Boot!

Looks like this little kitten deserves an award for the best hiding spot! These humans found here fast asleep in someone’s right boot and they probably didn’t have the heart to remove her because look how precious this is!

Even if they did need that boot right now to go out, they probably opted to find another pair of shoes because they probably couldn’t bear to disturb their kitten in the midst of her pleasant slumber. If anything, we bet that this kitten will probably be super confused about its whereabouts when it wakes up!

This Looks Like A Strange Bed

This dog probably thought that his human’s guitar case was some sort of strangely-shaped dog bed. That’s most likely why he is sound asleep inside of it! Look how adorable this big dog looks all perfectly curled up to fit on one side of the case! The neck of the case even provided the perfect cradle for this dog’s head.


This scene was too precious to not take a picture of! The fact that it probably smelled like his human was all the more comforting to this pup, who most likely loves to curl up and fall asleep with his humans.

Big City, Little Pup

This puppy looks like he is exhausted after a day out in the city. He probably had the best day walking all around town and at the end of the day, was looking out over the city that is now his. Look at how peaceful he is after having fallen asleep on the windowsill, perfectly in a position for an Instagram-able moment!


He is probably dreaming about going out again and exploring more of what this city has to offer, if not dreaming about all the cuddles he is bound to receive by strangers who encounter his cuteness along the way!

Handy Dandy Pocket Kitten

This kitten fell asleep in her human’s tee shirt pocket and couldn’t be more adorable! This little guy is just small enough to still fit into the tiniest spaces, which is why his human had the idea to put him here! The kitten was probably so comfortable there that he dozed off, but his little head still pokes out of the top, which causes it to lean over while he’s asleep!


We wonder how long he can stay asleep like that without being woken up. Our guess would be a long time since he looks extremely zoned out and at peace!

The Perfect Bookstand

This puppy fell asleep at his human’s side while they were reading and fell asleep in the perfect position to hold open his human’s book! How adorable is that! His human was probably reading him a bedtime story and he dozed off within minutes. Now, his human can comfortably read their book without holding it, all while keeping an eye on their precious pup while he sleeps!


Let’s just hope that he doesn’t start chasing something in his dreams or else his human will probably lose their spot in the book! However, this pup looks too zoned out to make any slight moves.

Look At This Cat’s Sleeping Face

This cat was probably being cuddled and scratched by his human in a sitting-up position and was so comfortable that he fell asleep that way. Well, it looks like gravity had some role to play here because it is slowly pulling the cat’s mouth open as he sleeps, giving him one of the most hilarious facial expressions!


Even humans tend to fall asleep in this position and end up with their mouths completely open. We wouldn’t be surprised if a few minutes later, this cat had his whole tongue sticking out! That would have been even funnier to see!

Please Don’t Leave Me Behind!

This cat probably crawled into her human’s purse in the middle of the night, knowing that her human would need it in the morning the next time she left the house. But apparently, this kitty couldn’t bear to be left home alone again so she did herself a favor and planted herself right in the purse so her human wouldn’t forget to bring her!


That, or this cat doesn’t want the human to leave the house at all, knowing that her human can’t leave without the bag. It looks like this kitty has some separation anxiety, but come on, would you disrupt this adorable scene?

The Puppy That Gets Treated Like A Baby

A lot of new puppy owners treat their pup as if it is a human baby and this particular pup is no exception. This puppy was placed in a baby’s car seat for a car ride, but it seems that he fell asleep en route to the destination! We’d say that the warmth of the sun in the window and the calm of the drive lulled this puppy to sleep.


It definitely helped that he had something to cradle him. His humans probably couldn’t bear to wake him up after seeing this but they probably had to because they also wouldn’t have wanted to abandon him in the car.