Pygmy Animals Are So Cute We Dare Your Heart Not To Melt

They may not be the biggest animals in the kingdom, but pygmy animals are unquestionably the cutest. It’s impossible to look a miniature marmoset and not melt a little on the inside. And have you seen the pygmy hippo? Or the pygmy seahorse? If you have a favorite animal, we guarantee there is a pocket-size version that you wish you could take home and raise yourself. The bad news is you can’t (usually). The good news is you have this gallery to keep you smiling for as long as your need. Just wait until you see the pygmy goat!

The Pygmy Mongoose Is Africa’s Smallest Carnivore

Say hello to your new best friend, the pygmy mongoose! Also known as the dwarf mongoose, this miniature version of its brothers and sisters still packs a punch! Pygmy snakes beware: this mongoose is hungry, and you’re on the menu!

Coming in at just under 12 inches long (maximum), the pygmy mongoose is Africa’s smallest carnivore. The soft fur on this cutie is brown, but the color is variable and can range from yellow to almost black.