Pets All Tucked In And Ready To Have A Lazy Sunday Like The Rest Of Us

We all love it when our pet sleeps with us because that means we can put pajamas on them, tuck them in, and just mother them to pieces. We love it, they love it, and everyone’s happy. Here are some adorable pets who don’t mind the bedtime routine one bit.

More than not minding it, these blissed-out pets look like they look forward to it. After all, who doesn’t love a good lazy Sunday cuddling with your best friend?

Just A Cat Nap On Dad

cat sleeping
Photo Credit: Vannausen / Reddit
Photo Credit: Vannausen / Reddit

This kitty sure knows the value of a good hug, and that’s something that we all can appreciate. After her owner had a long day, this cat laid down to deliver some much-needed cuddle time to her weary dad.

We can feel the healing power of a sleepy kitty curled up against your chest through this photo. This cat is sending signals that she’s done with the day and really wants to hit the hay. Or is it hit the catnip in this case?