In Pictures: These Teeny Tiny Babies Have Big Dog BFFs

It often takes some time for a dog to adjust to a new baby in the house. After all, they’re frequently used to being the baby of the family. They often don’t know what to make of this tiny human who is so darn noisy. Not to mention the new kids steal all of the attention. Luckily, they usually grow to be best pals. There’s nothing more adorable than seeing a little one all snuggled up to the family pooch! Especially if that dog is bigger than them. Here are some photos of big ol’ dogs with their tiny kids.

Two Friends Hanging Out Together

Tank, named so because he was the chubbiest puppy in the litter, is pretty possessive over his little buddy, who’s also a little meatball. German Shorthaired Pointers are known for being affectionate, as we can tell with Tank’s arm wrapped casually and lovingly around the seven-month-old baby.

They are also quite hyper and need a lot of exercise, so when the baby starts running around Tank will have no problem keeping up. He’ll have the perfect playmate. For now, the two like to enjoy some mellow snuggles.

The Journey Together

Everything about this photo is priceless. A long road into the unknown lies ahead, and where it leads is unknown. But as long as the boy has his best bud, he is ready to face any adventure. And with a dog of that size, he knows he will be safe. St. Bernards need companions just as much as their young human counterparts do.

In fact, if they are left alone too often, they can get depressed and destructive. So these gentle giants make great companions for little ones who like to have a constant — and very slobbery — companion.

Personal Chair

There may be plenty of chairs in the living room, but five-year-old Sophia prefers to use her chubby Golden Retriever, Uma, as a seat. And who can blame her…seven- year-old Uma makes quite the cuddly and warm cushion! The child absolutely adores all animals, but Uma has a special place in her heart.

And judging by the photo, Sophia must be pretty special to Uma, as she doesn’t seem to care even a bit that the girl is plopped on top of her. When asked to stop sitting on the dog, Sophia gets confused, and usually replies, “But she’s my girl!”

Here We Go Again

Babies find dogs fascinating. I mean, c’mon; they are big and furry and have funny floppy ears. It’s in a child’s nature to want to pinch and pull at the pup, usually much to the dog’s dismay. This dog in particular looks as if he’s been through this same scenario a million times before.

I actually think he is even rolling his eyes. “Oh god, here she goes again. Yes, yes, I have pointy teeth.” The little girl doesn’t seem to pick up on the dog’s annoyance, and is just having the best time flopping his lips around.

Ugh, Not Another Picture

While both of these sweetie pies are absolutely adorable, neither look too thrilled to have their photo taken. They are probably just sick and tired of mom and dad trying to take their picture, as the two grew up together and most likely posed for thousands of photos. The boy, two, is Lucas and the pup, Lexi (an American Pit Bull Terrier), is just a few months younger.

Every night, like clockwork, Lexi spends an hour snuggling with Lucas in bed, just to make sure her little buddy falls asleep safe and soundly. Then she heads over to her own doggie bed.

Snuggle Buddies

Victoria’s favorite snuggle buddy in the whole world is her doggie, Dusty. Dusty, an eight-year-old American Bulldog, may not always feel the same way though. While he loves his little girl, sometimes he just doesn’t want her touching him. But that is obviously not the case in this photo. Regardless, he always loves to shower her with lots of licks.

When Victoria’s parents first brought her home from the hospital, Dusty didn’t know what to make of her. And when he heard her cry for the first time, he got scared and started whimpering, and it seemed as if he was begging Mom and Dad to help her.

Who Needs A Crib?

This giant German Shepard does look like quite a cozy spot to take a nap, especially if you are teeny tiny like this little baby. They both are so peacefully asleep, probably enjoying each other’s body warmth just like wolves in a pack do. Considering that the baby is so small, this dog may not even realize the baby is on his back.

When the baby grows up, he or she will have the best protector n the world. Some say that this particular breed isn’t the most tolerant of small children, but judging from this photo, that might just be incorrect.

Sweet Kisses

Little Dimitri, who was four years old at the time of this photo, fell in love with his grandmother’s neighbor’s dog, a big and sweet yellow Lab named Fred. Fred would wander over to Dimitri’s grandmother’s house just to visit the boy every day that he was there. Dimitri loved to play with Fred, and would often show his affection by giving Fred a kiss.

And judging by Fred’s expression, he loved every second of it. Poor Dimitri’s heart broke when Fred’s family moved away, taking his big cuddly pal away with them.

Bad Habits

One of these guys is teaching the other one some bad habits. Who stuck their tongue out first, and then who was the copycat? According to the little girl’s mom, she caught the two using this silly gesture to beg for food together. It’s hard to pick which one is cuter doing it.

Dogs usually stick their tongues out as a sign of total relaxation, so maybe this Pitbull is just in his happy place with his best bud. Whatever the case may be, it makes one excellent photo op.

Just Lounging Around

It’s hard to tell if these two pals are tired, don’t feel well, are sad or are just really bored. At least they have each other. A comfortable friend to snuggle with no matter what they are feeling. Often it seems that a child this age is driving a dog crazy by laying on them, but this dog has entangled itself around its little girl even further.

She probably feels as safe as safe can be with her furry friend draped over her. Sometimes home isn’t a place, but rather a feeling.

A Boy’s Best Friend

Often, a young boy will never have a closer pal than his childhood dog. Just like Daniel and his dog Enkido, a Rottweiler/German Shepard mix here. The two were best buddies and did everything together. At the time of this photo, Daniel was four, and the pair was inseparable.

They both loved to play together in the water and with bubbles. But they especially had a blast playing in the snow together, like they are in this image. Enkidu would run after Daniel as he went down the hill on a sled.

Take A Deep Breath

Kids love to play doctor, especially after watching shows like Doc McStuffins. This little girl probably got tired of using her stuffed animals as patients, so why not play along with a real live patient like the family dog? This way she can hear an actual heartbeat. And the dog seems to be a very willing participant.

Although it’s hard to tell by its facial expression if the dog is method acting as a someone sick, or thinking, “Oh please, make this quick.” She’d make a very good doctor judging by her warm bedside matter; notice how she has her hand comfortingly on the dog’s back.

True Love

Most parents worry if their dog will accept their new child. They can prepare as much as possible: bring home blankets from the hospital for the dog to sniff before the baby comes home and play sounds of babies crying to prepare the dog. But the truth is, one can never tell how the dog will react.

It doesn’t seem that the parents of this little munchkin have anything to worry about. The way this dog is embracing the baby, well, it appears as if the dog seems to think the baby is its child.

A Picnic With My Pal

This picture is just so sweet, it almost looks like it can’t be real. The big dog’s adoring and gentle expression, coupled with its arm draped around the super happy baby, makes it appear as if this were a painting instead of a photo. Or it could be a still image out of a Disney movie.

A dog that size could crush a baby that small, but instead, the dog is perfectly gentle with its leg — just enough pressure to let the baby know he/she is loved and safe.

Say Cheese!

These two cuties strike a perfect pose for mommy and daddy to take a picture, both with sweet little smiles on their faces! Little Savannah, 10 months old, loves her dog Loki, who is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier/Lab mix, and he adores her right back. Sometimes Loki sleeps with his tongue hanging out, and Savannah likes to pull on it.

But instead of getting upset that she is disturbing his sleep and yanking his tongue, he just wakes up and licks her a few times, and goes back to sleep. The two are glued at the hip.

Giddy Up

No, that is not some large mythical beast that little boy is riding (that beautiful backdrop adds to that illusion). It is just a dog — a Newfoundland Ringo, to be exact. The boy on his back is just three years old. He simply loves hopping on the back of his oversized pup to go for a ride.

And the mammoth pooch can certainly handle it, considering he weighs 168 pounds! The average three-year-old weighs around 33 pounds, so the dog weighs about five times more than him!

Nap Time

This little baby may just be a few months old, but she already is in love. With her doggie, Sprocket, that is. Sprocket is a three-year-old Lab/Pitbull mix and is as gentle as can be with the child. Pitbulls were once considered “nanny dogs”, and Sprocket most definitely fits that description.

The two already share an amazing bond. He is extremely tender with her, though sometimes he will get confused about which toys are his and which ones are hers. The two love to nap together and snuggle together, and sometimes the baby will even grab ahold of Sprocket’s paws, and he doesn’t seem to mind at all.

Is That A Growl Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

At first glance, this photo is a bit scary. It seems as if that big pooch is pretty unhappy about the cuddles he is getting from that sweet little girl. But the truth is, he was really protecting her. The girl was two at the time and the dog, Boo Boo, belonged to her grandmother.

He was very overprotective of the child and if she was near him, he would growl at anyone that came close to her. Even though he showed his teeth when she hugged him, he would never bite her.

This Is My Baby Now

“The dog gets upset when she’s away from the baby for too long,” said the person who shared this adorable photo on Reddit. There’s nothing sweeter than seeing your newborn baby and your longtime companion getting along. But it looks like this pup is getting a bit possessive of her newborn human sister!

Which is just fine, of course, since that only tells you that this dog will do whatever it takes to protect the little one. Babies are lovely little additions to families and that goes for the pups as well, since in the long run, they’re getting a new companion to love.

I’m Cute Too!

When Winston saw his owners trying to get a photo of their adorable little girl, Simone, he just had to try and outdo her. They are a little older now than they are in this photo, and while the two spend a lot of time together, they seem to share a love/hate relationship. Or rather, they don’t hate each other, but they don’t love each other all that much either.

The best word would be “tolerate.” After all, Winston loves to steal Simone’s toys, just so she’ll chase after him. But they do have their special bonding moments, especially when Simone sneaks him some food.

The Ice Cream Truck Should Be Here Any Minute Now

This little guy and his canine buddy look like they are intently awaiting the arrival of the neighborhood ice cream truck. It’s all the better that this dog is helping his little buddy too since he’s taller and has a better sense of hearing when it comes to those iconic ice cream truck sounds.

Look how this little guy looks up to the dog as if he were a big brother (or sister!). While the dog is looking out for the ice cream truck, there might even be a possibility that he’s personally looking out for the mailman or something else to chase.

Off We Go!

This is Riku the poodle and baby Mame from Japan. Riku’s owner and Mame’s grandparent run the Instagram account @tamanegi.qoo.riku, where they share adorable photos of baby Mame and their three standard poodles. Mame is just tiny enough that she could ride Riku like a horse!

We’re sure that Riku let her indulge that wish for a little bit, but he was most likely wise and cautious enough to know that Mame is too delicate for him to actually run around with her on his back. These two best friends do everything together.

You Got This!

It looks like this husky is encouraging his baby pal with her first crawls and it seems like she’s doing a pretty good job! The husky appears to have taken on a parental role, as she is in a position that you would usually see Mom or Dad in when they are trying to get their baby to crawl over to them.

This husky must have been in the family for quite some time before Baby was born, and by the time that happened, she was ready to take on any baby-raising responsibilities that she could handle.

If We Don’t Leave, He’ll Never Come

This baby and this dog are engaged in a huge staredown. Baby wants to wait for Santa to arrive and deliver presents, but the dog has been trying to convince Baby that Santa won’t ever come around if they are there to witness it. Neither will budge and now there are there until someone breaks eye contact and wins.

We wonder who will win out? If anything, the baby might end up falling asleep at which point the dog will let Mom and Dad know so that “Santa” can deliver his presents. We’re sure this dog can’t wait to see the look on Baby’s face when he wakes up!

They Needed Each Other

This is baby Teagan and Grizley. Their story, shared on Imgur, began when Teagan’s mom was unable to have children for years until an angel in disguise blessed the mom by offering to have Teagan for her. In exchange, the mom gave Grizley to the surrogate, as Grizley was the surrogate’s dream dog.

Both Teagan and Grizley were born in the same month and in this photo, they are both turning one year old! Teagan and Grizley are pretty much siblings and the mom is forever grateful to her surrogate for the gift she always dreamed of.

Who’s Walking Who?

Brett Manippo shared this adorable photo of a baby walking his dog! Of course, there is a little discrepancy in size, but the demeanor of the dog in this photo tells us that he is aware enough that he can’t run around as fast as if a human adult was walking him.

If anything, Baby was just barely learning to walk himself, so this dog was probably there to help him! This dog is probably excited for the day that Baby is old enough to take him on walks everywhere when he’s older.

Must Be Nice

We wonder what these two could be waiting for? Perhaps the dog is waiting for Baby to be old enough to go out and play in the snow and now that we think of it, that’s probably what Baby is waiting for as well!

These two are probably just having a moment together sitting at the window, while the dog tells Baby about all the fun things they can do outside when she gets older and can walk. We’re sure that this dog will be there every step of the way during the learning process anyhow!

A Special Connection

This is baby Archie and Nora taking a nap together. Their mom, Elizabeth Spence, takes pictures of them taking naps and sometimes adds props to make the photos even more adorable. Nora was a rescue dog who came from an abusive background. When she joined Spence’s family, which included two other rescues and three cats, Nora didn’t take well to many people — except Archie.

The two were drawn together and Spence could immediately see the calming effects that their special bond had on Nora. Spence hopes that this will show families that big rescue dogs can adapt well to new families, especially those with babies.

Cuddling My Best Friend

This photo is too cute! While this huge Golden Retriever naps, the baby is having a cuddly time on his back. The smile on the baby’s face only shows how comfortable she feels next to her giant furry friend. If anything, this dog is only pretending to sleep, because maybe he’s trying to help Mom out in getting the baby to take a nap!

But this baby can hardly be tired when she’s having so much fun snuggling. But Mom and the dog know that eventually, all these snuggles will comfort Baby into the softest and most comfortable nap ever.

We’re Going On An Adventure!

These two look like they have the best of times together! After all, it is said that there is no greater bond than the one between a boy and his dog, and this is a perfect example of that. We can only imagine the type of adventures that these two go on together. This dog is huge, so the baby is obviously very tiny in comparison.

Where to next? The kitchen? The living room? It doesn’t matter as long as these two are together. No matter where they go, we’re sure that this dog will do anything to protect the baby from dangers that lie ahead.

The Adorable Justice League

Wait a minute — is that Wonder Woman, Superman, AND Batman?! Oh wait, it’s just two adorable big dogs and a baby dressed up as them! It looks like this baby Superman is ready to save the world and of course he will do a fantastic job because look who he has at his side!

Batman dog looks like he’s ready to shoulder any crime that the team encounters or that Superman baby can’t handle. They are a more powerful team together more so than when they are alone and the same can certainly be said for their adorableness!

It’s Okay, Don’t Cry!

Looks like someone is having a bad day! Good thing their furry friend is there to console them. Or maybe this baby is meeting this dog for the first time and is a little scared. But notice how the dog is trying to show the baby that there is nothing to be scared of and that they are going to be very good friends eventually.

Many dogs, especially Siberian Huskies, have a pack mentality and that extends to their human counterparts as well. So if anything, this dog is only trying to assure the baby that he is one of them and that nothing will be done to harm him.

Excited For The Holidays

These two are super excited about the holiday season! Their adorable coordinating outfits will certainly show Santa that they’ve been good all year. Not many dogs enjoy wearing clothes, so we can only imagine how this dog feels, especially since his clothes look a little tight.

But we’re sure he’s enduring it for this little guy dressed up as a reindeer. He’ll do anything as long as he gets to do it with his best friend! We bet that these two got lots of presents that year and even more cuddles as well!

I Can Show You How

This baby must be learning to crawl, and with a little encouragement, he’ll be crawling everywhere in no time! It looks like he had a little doubt about this new endeavor in his life, but this dog is here to assure him that this is what he’s meant to do.

This dog looks like a wise mentor who teaches his baby companion about many important life lessons, like a furry Mr. Miyagi. This baby looks back at his furry friend who will be there no matter how long it takes to get him to the walking stage.

Are You Ready For Some Football?!

This baby is already training up to be the next NFL MVP. Here is he is, trying to get his furry friend to go long for him so that he can work on his throwing. But they’ve probably been doing this for hours and big dogs got to rest!

This dog probably feels like a mother figure to this little guy and we wouldn’t doubt that she has helped the parents rear the baby by being the most faithful companion she can be. She can’t wait to see her baby make it to the big leagues, but maybe he needs to get through kindergarten first.

Say Cheese!

This baby looks like he came up to his best friend and said, “Get ready for a picture!” These two love their friendship and it looks like this big ol’ dog has been around since the baby was born. Although he is older and isn’t into the technology as much, here he is posing for a photo with this little guy.

We’re sure the baby will love to have this memory to look back on to show the world that lifelong best friends are forever and they usually come with four legs and a wagging tail.

Hug Me Brotha!

This baby just loves giving out hugs and this dog is loving it as well. Look how she is leaning into him to smell his lovely baby scent! It’s true that babies smell good, this dog is probably thinking. These two are probably enjoying a nice picnic at the park with Mom and Dad, who are probably so grateful that they not only have this loving family but that they also captured this incredibly precious moment!

We just love how the baby is totally unintimidated by how big this German Shepard is and also how calm the German Shepard is throughout the whole interaction!

Let’s Play!

These two have been best pals ever since the baby was born! Here they are enjoying a lovely afternoon in the backyard and probably sharing some household gossip while they play. They look as if they could be engaged in an intense game of pass-the-ball that can only happen between two best friends!

We’re sure that as they grow older, this dog will be at her human friend’s side through everything — from new relationships to devastating breakups. Best friends will be there for you through everything in life and we can certainly see that in this photo.

Read Me A Story!

Looks like this dog and baby are ready for story time! The baby’s all washed up and his furry best friend has kept him company while Mom or Dad cleaned up the house before bed. Now they’re just waiting for one of them to come and read them a story for the night so that they both can drift peacefully into dreamland.

We wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if they get to cuddle together too! Dogs make even better cuddle companions than stuffed animals because they can actually love you back and take care of you!