The Cutest Animated Animals Ever

Over the years, there have been so many adorable characters in various animated films that it’s hard to keep track of them all! And yet, there are still some that stand out among the rest. Fall in love with this list of the cutest and most loved animated characters ever!

Thumper From Bambi

Thumper is an extremely adorable grey bunny rabbit from Disney’s Bambi. Thumper gets his name from thumping his foot on the ground. Many people think that Thumper is a female due to his young voice, however, he is actually a male as realized at the end of the movie when he becomes “twitterpated” with a female rabbit. He is a close ally and friend of Bambi, and throughout their childhood shows him how things work in the forest. He is also there for Bambi after his mother is killed. While Thumper is a bit on the mischievous side, he always has good intentions. Thumper was voiced by actor Peter Behn, who was only four years old at the time.

Pua From Moana

Pua is Moana’s super cute pet pig who follows her around throughout her childhood. Although he is shown in numerous scenes with Moana as she ages, Pua does not seem to get any bigger and comes across as more puppy-like than pig-like. Pua is more than just a cute animal sidekick, however. During research for the film, the filmmakers discovered that both roosters and pigs were often companions of wayfinders on their journeys. In earlier versions of the movie, Moana saves Pua as a piglet and he also has a bigger role throughout her journey. However, in order to make her journey more “difficult” they took Pua away, which is kind of sad because he is one of her biggest and most loyal supporters.

Dug From Up

Dug is a very loveable dog sidekick from Pixar’s Up. True to life, Dug often gets distracted by things, especially squirrels. Dug is originally owned by Charles Muntz, however, after the main character Carl Fredericksen meets him he ends up having a fondness for him as well. Carl is a bit of a misanthrope and is unsure about his new dog companion, but he ends up taking a like to the Golden Retriever. Dug is always upbeat and happy-go-lucky which makes it hard not to fall in love with the adorable canine. Fans around the world also fell in love with him and he makes appearances at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney California Adventure.


Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

Toothless is quite possibly the cutest dragon ever and can be found in the movie How To Train Your Dragon. Toothless is a “Night Fury” dragon which is typically thought to be one of the scariest forms of dragons. Although dragons are commonly thought of as terrifying and menacing, take one look at Toothless and you can’t help but fall in love. Despite his adorableness he is extremely stubborn and often doesn’t take direction well. He gets his name because he has retractable teeth. Also, in a rather interesting feature, Toothless can breathe lightning bolts out of his mouth rather than fire.

Baby Po From Kung Fu Panda Two

Pandas are already adorably cute animals, but a baby panda just really takes it over the top! Baby Po is a character seen in Kung Fu Panda Two. The character is the main character of the Kung Fu Panda franchise. He is a master kung fu artist, and his full name is actually Master Po Ping. Baby Po is seen in a flashback sequence about his family, when his village is attacked. He is later adopted and cared for by a noodle-maker, Mr. Ping. Po collects action figures and if transported into the modern day culture he could probably be described as a “geek”. He also struggles with his self-esteem as a child but kung fu helps him to grow into the panda everyone loves.

Puss In Boots While Begging

Puss in Boots appears in both the Shrek film series and in his own film called Puss in Boots. He is played by actor Antonio Banderas. Puss is known for his smooth-talking ways. He also has a Spanish accent and is a bit of a debonair and a “ladies man” (or cat). He is cat but wears clothes somewhat in the style of a musketeer complete with a hat, belt and sword, a cap, and boots. While Puss can be on the greedy side, he is still guided by strong morals and urge to do the right thing. One of his most-used “weapons” to help get him out of any kind of trouble is to use his adorable talent of making his eyes appear huge and saucer-like in order to beg his way out of situations.

Pascal From Tangled

Pascal, the tiny and adorable chameleon, is the pet of Rapunzel in the movie Tangled. In the TV series version of the film, it is revealed how the two best friends first met. Pascal was a baby chameleon who was still with his mother. After his mother was attacked and killed by a snake, Pascal managed to escape. He heard Rapunzel from up in her tower and climbed up to the top. As soon as he reached the top he was attacked and killed by the snake. However, Rapunzel heard him and used the magic of her hair to heal and revive him. From then on the two, having previously been left alone in the world, agreed to remain at one another’s side as best friends. This explains why he was extremely protective over Rapunzel in the Tangled film.

Stitch From Lilo And Stitch

Stitch, or Experiment 626, is a genetic experiment by aliens. Stitch was created to be indestructible: ability to lift super heavy objects, shockproof, bulletproof and other impressive physical traits. Stitch himself has quite a destructive way about him and gets angry easily. Although, once he meets Lilo, she finds him to be adorable like a puppy and she thinks he is “cute and fluffy”. Although many other people find him unlikeable and ugly. We definitely fall into the Lilo camp of thinking Stitch is super cute. It is through his friendship with Lilo that Stich is ultimately able to reach his true potential.

Nemo From Finding Nemo

Nemo is first seen onscreen as a baby, when tragedy strikes his family and he is left with a damaged fin. He is adventurous and very curious about the world around him, and is essentially a child in fish form. He also has the drive to be brave and to do the right thing by helping those around him who he cares about most. After losing his mother as a baby, he is particularly close to his father and depends on him tremendously. Ultimately, Nemo’s own curiosity leads him to danger and he must go on an epic journey to reunite with his family.

Baby Cats In Aristocats

The Aristocats have always been some of the cutest animated Disney characters since first appearing back in 1970. And when the cats appear onscreen in their baby forms, they are particularly adorable. Their name “aristocats” comes from the fact that they are aristocratic and from a rich family. However, they are stolen by the butler who is trying to gain access to the fortune of their owner. They are then helped by a street cat. The movie is a story about classism with the use of cats as the main characters. At one point, there was supposed to be a sequel produced in 2007, however, it was canceled and has never come to fruition.

Gus Gus From Cinderella

Gus Gus is one of two mice, the other being Jaq, that are friends of Cinderella in the original 1950 film. Although they are a pair, Gus Gus is definitely the more adorable of the two, despite Jaq being the leader and more quick-witted. Yet as far as the cute contest goes, Gus wins. He is slower and might be described as “dimwitted” but he cares tremendously for his loved ones. He also has a love of food which is clearly seen by his roly-poly tummy. He is also very brave and at one point “puts up his dukes” in defense of his beloved Cinderella.

Piglet From Winnie the Pooh

Piglet is quite possibly one of the most adorable animated characters of all time. Piglet is a stuffed pig in Winnie The Pooh, perhaps conjured by the imagination of Christopher Robin. Piglet is a small pink pig, who is often the center of plots due to his small size. His small stature has also made him quite afraid of many things, although he shows immense bravery and strength in the face of adversity. Piglet lives in a large treehouse and is the best friend of Winnie the Pooh. He often goes along with Pooh Bear on his various attempts to gain honey.

Meeko From Pocahontas

Meeko, the raccoon, is one of Pocahontas’ animal sidekicks in the 1995 film. True to his raccoon nature, Meeko is greedy and often tries to get his grabby little hands on any kind of food possible. Other animal friends in the film include the hummingbird Flit and the dog Percy. Both Flit and Percy are often annoyed with Meeko’s antics, but by the end of the film, there is a consensus between the characters and even a friendship. Many have said that the animal friendships forged throughout the film are meant to symbolize the possible friendship between the indigenous Americans and the European colonizers seen in the film. Despite his mischievous nature, Pocahontas still loves him and treats him as a confidante.

Flounder The Little Mermaid

Flounder, is a tropical fish and one Ariel’s best friends in the film The Little Mermaid. While Ariel is known to push the bar, almost always getting herself into some kind of trouble, Flounder attempts to reel her back in. He often gets extremely nervous in situations like this and enters panic mode. However, despite his constant anxiety, he always comes through for his friends in their time of need. He is especially loyal to Ariel and he proves to be a friend through and through. In return, Ariel is also protective of Flounder and always tries to make sure he is safe.

Hen Wen From The Black Cauldron

Hen Wen is a pet pig, owned by Taran and Dallben in the 1985 film The Black Cauldron. Hen Wen also happens to be magical and the power to tell the future. Because of her powers, the Horned King attempts to control her and he sends his minions to capture her. Interestingly, although fantasy and medieval period films were extremely popular during the 1980s, the film did not perform as well as expected. In fact, Disney spent so much on the film that they actually took a loss and the studios were at major risk of shutting down at the time. Obviously, that did not happen and Disney remains as big as ever. Also, The Black Cauldron is now considered a cult classic.

Puppies From 101 Dalmatians

Puppies are always cute, and the titular puppies from 101 Dalmatians are certainly no exception. Pongo and Peridta have fifteen puppies of their own, that are kidnapped by Cruella De Vil with the intention of making them into coats. The two dog parents spring into action to rescue their children and also come across eighty-four other puppies who are now in need of a home. So of course, they adopt them. Amazingly, their human owners are totally okay with owning 101 Dalmatians. In real life, this would definitely break some kind of violation or city code, to say the least!

Hamm From Toy Story

Hamm is a piggy bank from Toy Story. He is close with Mr. Potato Head and is known to crack jokes that fall somewhat on the sarcastic side. He is also known to be up on the human technology being used around them. He is seen operating a baby monitor as a walkie-talkie and is also seen attempting to change batteries. Although his appearance in the first film of the series is minor, he is definitely one of the cutest toys seen throughout all the movies. One of the cutest jokes in the movie is when Mr. Potato Head rearranges his face as a reference to a Picasso painting. When the joke goes over Hamm’s head, Mr. Potato Head calls him “an uncultured swine”.

Belt From The Croods

Belt has a pretty non-creative name. He is called Belt because he literally is worn around his owner, Guy’s, waist as a belt. The Croods takes place in prehistoric times and follows a family of cavemen as they are first introduced to any form of modernity. Gus is not a caveman but rather a modern human, and the first point of contact for the cave family, The Croods. Belt is a sloth and is true to his sloth-like nature. Belt and Guy were one another’s only companions for some time so the two are very close. It is also undeniable that Belt is totally adorable! Especially with his large aqua colored eyes.

Dante From Coco

Dante is the newest character on this list, and recently appeared in the Disney/Pixar mash-up film Coco. Dante is a dog who is of the Xoloitzcuintle breed. This dog breed is hairless with brown wrinkled skin. He is also thin with long legs and a big tongue that is often sticking out. He is first discovered by Miguel when he is a stray on the street and is adopted. From then on he basically becomes the boy’s sidekick and he is extremely loyal to Miguel. Like many dogs, he loves food and especially bones, which makes for some interesting situations throughout the movie. Although Dante is at first thought to be not-so-smart, he proves otherwise. He is also able to sense spirits, which is quite important while being in the Land of the Dead.

Bob From Minions

So, although the Minions aren’t exactly “animals” they are definitely still some of the cutest animated creatures around. Out of all of the Minions throughout the series of films, Bob is definitely the cutest. Bob often carries around a teddy bear that he has named Tim. In the Minions movie he also befriends a pet rat, whom he begins to carry around much like his beloved teddy bear. He also has heterochromia which causes two different colored eyes, green and brown. Bob is also the most child-like of all the minions. He is shown to love bedtime stories, his teddy bear, and is very loving to everyone and everything around him. His innocent nature also often leads him to wander off or get lost, much to the chagrin of the other minions. His wandering at one point does lead to him becoming the King of England, so we guess it paid off!