Big Dogs Who Want To Be Puppies Forever

These big dogs never want to grow up, and who can blame them? Here’s a hilarious list of dogs that want to be puppies forever, and owners who let them. Just wait until you see the huge St. Bernard who thinks he’s six pounds.

Big St. Bernard Butt

Let’s cuddle like we always do… The girl on the left looks amused and happy she has a dog resting on her shoulder while the right on the right is clearly getting suffocated by a St. Bernard.

They’re nice enough to let him sit instead of shoving him off the couch like most people would.

Hold Me, Daddy

Dogs love seeing their owners when they get home from work and need rubs and pats! This dog got into the routine of sitting on his owner’s lap at night and isn’t quite ready to let that go.

His owner seems happy to humor him.

I Thought You Loved Cuddles In Bed?

It’s either early in the morning or in the middle of the night when this doggo decided to jump up on the bed and lay with his owner.

The person trying to get some shut-eye does not seem amused, however, as they have 100 pounds of dog covering most of their body

I Don’t Know Why They’re Staring…

This girl loves her dog and she loves her back. Together they share a recliner as they relax poolside. This is normal, as the “puppy” curls up on her owner’s lap.

But look at the kids to her left, looking on like it’s the circus. This pup wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Fluff Protection

This scooter isn’t designed with airbags, but that’s okay. This guy has two Old English Sheepdogs to keep him safe.

These dogs are around 22 inches long and weigh up to 100 pounds! I think he’s hit the scooter’s maximum weight capacity.

You’re Going To Break The Porch Swing

This dog appears to be a shepherd-wolf mix and was definitely a cuddler when they were a puppy.

That soft side never went away and this dog still wants to cozy up on their owner’s lap. Hopefully, that porch swing is sturdy!

Really? Fine.

Here’s another owner who doesn’t think it’s the best idea for the big dog to sit on their lap, but they go with it and humor the dog anyway.

This happy pup is cozy and content while their owner looks like she’s got about all the weight she can take on her lap.

Make Lap, Will Sit

This protective pooch loves to sit on his owner’s lap while she watches TV from her armchair. It doesn’t look comfortable for either of them, but what’s a bit of sacrifice for love?

The dog’s face says she knows she’s too big but she doesn’t need your judgment. The next huge pup loves brunch just as much as we do.

Just Chillin’ At Brunch

This dog clearly loves outings with their owner. Many people love to take their dogs out to restaurants and sit on the patio while their pup curls up under the table. Not this dog.

They want to be front and center for the action. They both look like they’re having the best day ever.

Carry Me There, Please

This husky appears to have attachment issues. They want everyone to know that they’re the baby and their owner will do anything for them.

That’s why the husky is insisting that he be picked up and carried, even though they’re at home.

This Lap’s Taken

This dude is going to have a hard time getting close to girls with a protective dog like this one. The dog’s body language says they’re confident, relaxed, and no one is getting near their owner.

Whoever he tries to date has some serious competition for his attention. Something is a little off in this next photo.

Bed, Or Butt Pillow?

In this house dogs don’t conform to their size. They don’t care about what society views as ‘normal’ for doggo behavior. They’re going be themselves, and feel fully empowered living their alternative lifestyles.

Even if that means having hardwood for a pillow.

He Just Wants to Netflix and Chill

Some girls lay on the couch, binge-watching Netflix and scrolling through social media. This dog just wants to be included, and sometimes that means getting a big fluffy dog butt in your face.

She doesn’t seem to mind that this dog doesn’t know how big he is.

Good Luck Getting Any Work Done

This woman took her dog to the office, expecting to get some work done while her dog can relax and keep her company. Well, that didn’t go as planned, as the minute this golden sees a lap, she has to sit on it.

They say dogs in the workplace can be distracting… case in point. The next dog doesn’t quite realize he’s not a puppy anymore.

This Walk Is Too Long, I’m Just A Puppy

This woman decided it was a beautiful day to go on a hike and give their husky some exercise at the same time. The husky went along with it, until they approached a hill. Not wanting to walk any further, the dog doesn’t think it’s a big deal to be carried.

They also don’t know they’re big.

Not What The Ottoman Is For

This dog is way too big for that two-seater couch. Luckily, this guy bought an ottoman, which works out perfectly, seeing that this Mastiff still thinks he’s a puppy and wants to sit on his owner’s lap.

Can this guy even see the TV?! Probably not.

Bath Time For Everyone

It’s way easier and more efficient to get things done when you can take care of multiple things at once. The boy needs a bath, and so do the puppies- but wait, here comes Rex.

This big doggo still wants to be included during bath time, even though he’s the size of the tub. The next dog is huge he doesn’t even look real!


The look on both this guy and the giant husky wolf’s face says, “what are you looking at?”

Clearly, this is a normal day for the duo – the dog doesn’t realize how big he is and the owner hasn’t seemed to notice that his pup is now bigger than he is.

Big Baby

Someone said, “Aw, look how cute the baby is sitting on the couch”, and the dog is like, “I know I’m freakin’ adorable” not realizing he’s a full grown dog and they’re referring to the bouncing bundle of joy propped up next to them.

But that’s okay, put together they’re twice as adorable. The next pup definitely thinks he’s a lap dog.

When Your Dog Takes Up The Entire Room

It must be awkward when you invite company over and they see your dog for the first time. Yes, he’s ginormous, no, he doesn’t know he is.

This dog takes up half of the living room and still insists on sitting in your lap. At least they look like a sweetheart.

I Told You I Could Still Fit In Small Places

This dog might have been able to crawl into any tight space to run around when he was a puppy, but doesn’t seem to realize that he is no longer that small.

He proved to you that he could still crawl into things but getting out seems like a whole different story.

Relaxing By The Firewood

This dog is just trying to chill with his family outside but tried to sit in a chair like his human counterparts.

He always used to be placed in chairs when he was a pup, but is trying to ignore the fact that now he can’t fit comfortably on the chair like he used to.

He Picked The Perfect Spot For The Road Trip

This Imgur user said that his dog thinks he’s a parrot. The dog apparently is trying to sit on his owner’s shoulder like it’s no big deal, but his owner doesn’t seem too pleased.

This dog is probably just too attached to his owner that he doesn’t want to leave his side!

It’s Time For Movie Night!

This dog is totally excited about movie night! She got there just in time to sit comfortably on her mom’s lap.

She probably doesn’t get why you’re taking a picture when you could be putting the movie on! Anyone up to watch Air Bud?

I Just Want To Curl Up Into A Ball

This dog has had a rough day and wants nothing more than to curl up with her mom and be held. She apparently thinks she still small enough to be curled up and fit in her mom’s lap!

But this awkward position will have to do for now. Anything to be comforted.

Still A Puppy In Both Of Their Eyes

This dog is still a puppy in his owner’s eyes. His owner has no qualms about letting his oversized dog still sit in his lap, just like when he was a pup.

In his owner’s eyes he will always be that adorable little puppy they got years ago. Some things never change.

I Just Want To Sit With You

This dog sits on this guy’s lap as if he belongs there. He doesn’t realize that he is barely sitting on the nice man’s lap because his legs are too big.

The guy knows this is awkward but doesn’t have the heart to tell the dog to get down.

This Is MY Chair!

This dog doesn’t care if that puppy and little girl are sitting in his chair. That’s his chair and he can sit in it anytime he wants to, no matter what or who is in the way.

Good luck to the little girl who now has to find a way to get out from under this shaggy dog.

This Is Where I Belong

This grandma and this dog have been together for as long as grandma still had her kids in the house! But since they’ve all gone and had kids of their own, at least she’s had her faithful companion by her side after all these years.

He will forever be a grandma’s boy.

The Puppy Shield

This puppy will help you find the perfect hiding spot during a rousing game of hide and seek. But what better spot to hide than underneath him? This doesn’t look conspicuous at all.

No one will ever be able to notice there’s a human under this puppy… that is, until you see the legs.

I Never Want To Leave This Bed

This dog is overly attached to the bed she had as a puppy. She still thinks she can sleep in it comfortably and doesn’t want her owner to get rid of it.

Just like a baby and their favorite stuffed animal, nothing else will match the comfort of things that soothed you when you were small.

You Can’t See Me!

This dog used to be able to crawl underneath the bed with no problem, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here. Either way, that didn’t stop him from trying!

Hiding underneath the bed was and always will be his favorite thing to do because the best part about it was having his owner find him.

Just Having A Relaxing Evening

This dog is just chilling out with her owner and couldn’t be more relaxed. This is how her owner likes to hold her in her lap and this is how it always will be no matter how big she grows up to be!

There is nothing stronger than this bond!

I’ll Never Be Too Old For Your Lap

This dog strolled up to this gathering with her owner but there will be no sitting on the ground for her. Nope, as her owner’s faithful companion, she is entitled to her loving owner’s lap.

But her owner seems happy to oblige at the very least. This dog truly lives like a princess.

Hold Me, Mommy!

This dalmatian loved being held by her owner, especially when it feels like her owner is paying more attention to her work than to her! Her owner has a huge soft spot for her spotty pup, so she doesn’t have the heart to tell her “No.”

Some owners will do anything for their dogs.

This Is The Best Tailgate

This dog was brought along to the tailgate party and is ready for some fun! He loves to be a part of the action, if not the life of the party!

That includes sitting on everyone’s lap and getting all the attention like he did when he was a puppy.

Work Is Over, Time To Cuddle

This dog saw that his owner brought her work home and decided that he will have none of that in this household.

His owner left him to be at work all day so now he is demanding the attention he has been waiting so patiently for. Now put away the papers!

This Is The Best Spot In The Living Room

“Don’t mind me, I’m just watching television!” Of all places for this gigantic dog to sit, he chose to sit on his owner’s feet on top of the ottoman.

This is the perfect spot for the pup to catch tonight’s episode of Jeopardy! (but everyone knows he’s just there to catch the pet commercials!).

It’s Nap Time

This dog probably saw his owner taking a nice nap and wanted to join in on the cuddles. Well, it seems that this boy was woken up with a furry surprise in his face!

This dog doesn’t know what everyone is laughing about, he’s just trying to catch up on his sleep too.

It’s Time For You To Love Me

This girl doesn’t seem that pleased that her dog decided to sit right on top of her. But her dog has missed her since she left for school and couldn’t possibly wait another second for her return!

We’re sure that the girl was happy to see her dog too but probably thinks that this was a bit unnecessary.

Going For A Ride

This poor little pupperoni refuses to admit that he’s grown a little bit too big to take a ride in his mom’s car. Instead, he pops his head out of the sun roof. “This is fine,” he says.

“Everything is totally fine.” At least until it rains, big guy!

Where Did Daddy Go?

Oh no! It would appear that this pup can’t find his father. His human dad was here a minute ago, just waiting for cuddles. Oh wait – there he is! It turns out this pupper is a bit too big to cuddle like he did when he was a puppy.

He’s completely squashed his human dad.

The Wannabe Lap Dog

This pupper used to be a very small pupper. during those days he loved to cuddle up in his human’s lap for plenty of pets. Now that this pupper is a big pupper, he still likes to cuddle up on his human’s lap.

Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work so well.

Dancing Queen

He was a dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17 (or about 2.4 years if you’re not counting in dog years).

This giant pup loves to share an intimate slow dance with his doting owner before they go out hunting together (the gun in the background?) in their matching scarves. At least that’s what we think is going on.

Fuzzy Polar Bear

What is this doing here? We were supposed to be showing off amazingly large puppers, but this appears to be a polar bear. In some ways, polar bears are pups. At least that’s what they’re called before they’re fully grown.

This looks a whole lot more like a fully grown polar bear, though. Go back to the North Pole, fluffy guy.

The Lap Dog

At one point in time, this Great Dane may have actually been a pretty great lapdog in his youth. It’s a pretty safe bet, though, that if your front legs can completely reach the ground when you’re sitting on your human, you’ve perhaps graduated out of lapdog territory.

Sorry, bud.

Still Not A Lap Dog

This black Great Dane is a really, really good boy, but maybe not the best lapdog. See, the problem started when he saw his little golden friend cuddling up on his human’s lap. His little golden friend is an appropriate size.

You’ve got to give him credit where credit is due – his gigantic size didn’t stop him from trying.

Puppy, The Adventurer

This giant bear-dog-wolf-creature-of-great-majesty isn’t just a good boy – he’s a great adventurer. This pupperooni loves going on amazing adventures with his human, and giving her plenty of hugs in the most Instagram-worthy photo ops.

The only thing this pupper forgets is that he’s pretty much twice the size of his doting human. Be careful not to knock her down!

The Bed Thief

It’s not so much that this puppy refused to grow up (though he appears to be perfectly content pretending he’s still a little dog). The main problem is that his little puppy friend decided to steal his big dog-sized bed.

Either way, as long as the big pupper can fit his head in the puppy bed, he will happily snooze.

Puppy-Sized Bed

There was a point where this boxer would snooze soundly in his puppy-sized bed, but that was a long, long time ago.

Still, you know how the saying goes – if it fits, I sits! There’s nothing that’s going to stop this adorable, oversized dog from enjoying the comforts of puppydom.

Big Pup In A Little Chair

Life used to be so easy, back when this adorable hound was a little puppy. He could sit in just about any chair he wanted.

Now, as a big pup, things are a little bit more difficult. That doesn’t stop him from enjoying this slightly, too small chair. Hey, if your backside fits, it fits!

Dinner And A Movie

This pup loves cuddling up with his human to watch some Netflix and eat some treats. Unfortunately, the pup is just a smidge bigger than he used to be, making it a little bit uncomfortable for his owner.

Still, his owner doesn’t seem to mind too, too much!

Papa’s Chair

This big dog knows that his human papa always sits in this chair. It’s papa’s TV-watching chair! Apparently, that doesn’t matter one bit because this big dog loves sitting on his human’s tummy.

It’s almost comfier than the chair, itself – just make sure not to crush him too much. You are a big dog, after all.

The Dragon

This dog is one big dog. Want to know why? He’s probably not a dog at all. This dog appears to be some kind of wolf or some kind of furry, magical dragon.

His magic powers? Giving his owner extreme cuddles and nearly cutting of the circulation of his legs with fluffy love.

Swinging Life Away

When this dog was a little pup, he loved being pushed in his baby swing. Yes, we know the swing is for human babies, but what about dog babies?

Either way, this swing isn’t really equipped to fit a fully grown dog who refuses to grow up – but that doesn’t stop him!

Don’t Ignore Me

Meatball hates being ignored. When he was a pup, it was easy to ignore him because he’d just jump on your knees.

Now as a fully grown pupper, Meatball with jump up on your back and steal your hat if you dare to insult him by not giving him enough pets. Meatball is a good dog.

Soaking Up The Sun

It’s not that this little pupperoni still thinks he’s a puppy – no! Apparently, he still thinks he’s a kitten. This adorable, pudgy boy loves sitting on his human’s lap while his human works from home.

Unfortunately, his presence is just a little bit more cumbersome than a normal kitty. You do you, big boy!

A Crate-Trained Good Boy

This Good Boy gives crate training a whole new meaning. At one point, this crate was probably akin to a castle with a California king-sized bed.

Now, this oversized pupper can’t even close the door. Is he ever going to admit he needs a bigger crate? Probably not. Growing up ain’t easy!

The Protector

This giant, big ole dog has graduated from tiny, floppy puppydom to more important things. He is now his human’s ultimate protector (and also possibly his human’s bed and/or couch cushion).

This baby looks pretty content chilling with man’s best friend, and it’s a safe bet that her lazy puppy pal will keep her safe and sleepy at all costs.

175 Pounds Of Puppy

Troy weighs 175 pounds – 175 pounds of pure wrinkles, blubber and love. While Troy is a certified Good Boy who loves cuddling with his human, his human seems to be a bit uncomfortable with Troy’s habit of ignoring the fact that he’s gigantic.

Troy, just sit next to your human. She needs to breathe!